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Some of my favorite renderings

Andy Broomell

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Hi everyone!


Thought I'd share some renderings I did for a TV show about a year ago (I'm finally going through some old projects and adding them to my website). These were created almost entirely in Vectorworks, with Photoshop used for final touches, i.e. lighting halos, vignetting, and some subtle lens distortion. I was pretty happy with how they turned out! Some photos and drafting of the set can be seen at http://www.andybroomell.com/#/planet-of-the-apps/ - along with uncompressed renderings.
















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3 hours ago, Mike Lamb said:

Nice renderings, thanks for sharing!  About how long did these take to process?  


I assume you're asking what the render times were for a viewport after hitting update?


For these final renderings it was probably about 2-3 hours or so each (hard to remember since it was a while ago) working on my MBP. This is with my own Render Style; I completely steer clear of FQRW. And while I'm initially working on the rendering I use a much faster, low-quality Render Style (along with a lower sheet layer DPI), then bump up the quality and DPI only for the final renders.


Most of the time on this project was spent with revisions, revision, revisions. These renderings show more or less where we landed, though it doesn't 100% match the final built/decorated set.

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