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  1. Luis M Ruiz

    Spot spot spot spot...

    File updated.
  2. Luis M Ruiz

    Modelling Challenge

    I want in! Here is another approach. By combining nurbs and deform solids.
  3. Luis M Ruiz

    adjusting panoramas 2

    v2019 and v2020 panoramas got more demanding. If it was not made with the Maxon requirements then these turn yellow. Until further notice, do not use the ones that give you that ugly result. I have a few that I can share from my personal collection. https://www.dropbox.com/s/txgd6n0wturbwzm/Backgrounds %26 HDRI collection.vwx?dl=0
  4. Luis M Ruiz

    Renderworks - is it worth the effort

    When it is a static rendering, I can go two routes: 1- add some 2d png images over viewports or 2- add some flares in Photoshop. For panoramas, bloom effect helps but I wanted a little more pop on some of those light, so a little post-production helped to get me there.
  5. Luis M Ruiz

    Renderworks - is it worth the effort

    I wish we had camera perspective correction
  6. Luis M Ruiz

    Renderworks - is it worth the effort

    Hello Jeff.Kisko From the knowledge of that webinar, you'll be able to get better interior renderings from Renderworks. Here is a sample project: https://beta.vcs.vectorworks.net/presentations/11e8df8e1bed1a3eabe812a7723e44fa/
  7. Luis M Ruiz

    GoTo Meeting Sketching

    me like ūüĎć
  8. Luis M Ruiz

    Alpha Channel in v2017

    Hello rendering addicts. Creating renderings with a void background maybe something graphic designer may take for granted but this new import and export feature opened the door to a vast array of possibilities. Here is a sample I wanted to share. The front is a static rendering image of our Hive project, exported as a .png with alpha channel, then sent to a video editing software, added a motion background, some sound effect and I finished with a smile. I am curious to see what else we can come up with to improve our daily presentations. Alpha_Channel_model.mp4
  9. Luis M Ruiz

    Using light in light fixtures

    I'd recommend using Custom Lights (IES). These provide the best realism to a scene. do you have a picture of what you are trying to recreate?
  10. Luis M Ruiz

    Rendering Metal Mesh Curtains

    Also, a good idea is to check out the mtexture library. More and more I find cool goodies here. Available in v2019
  11. Luis M Ruiz

    Rendering Metal Mesh Curtains

    This video tells me there are no symbols called "metal mesh". I learned the hard way to always set the type of resource I need, then type what I am looking for.
  12. I typically keep a project folder dedicated for renderings, just to keep a record. Typically a screenshot is enough. Here is a sample of the before, during and after.
  13. Luis M Ruiz

    Rendering speed

    @John Erren Hi John. Creating renderings is always a balance between viewport size, sheet resolution and settings. For example, if you have a sheet 36"x24", 300dpi and viewport at best quality, including displacement mapping, it'll take a long, long time to process. If you are just in the process of previewing your renderings, trade size and quality for speed. Perhaps reducing those renderings to 17"x11" at 72dpi and make use of Custom Renderworks, most of them at low quality including 1 reflection. Once you are super happy with the quality, go high on Custom Renderworks and increase your sheet res to 300dpi. Some settings are different in case of interiors. Post a pict of what you are trying to create and I may have a similar file you can take a look at in terms of settings.
  14. @jamie innes If you can post a sample file, I think we can take a look at it and give you a better report.
  15. Luis M Ruiz

    Rendering Viewport turns everything black

    I am going to take a guess here. Are you using Image Effects on top of that viewport? (v2019) is that box checked when you hit update?
  16. Luis M Ruiz


    Here is a black and white rendering as I am testing all glow textures included in a working file. Recipe: -At least one light object included in the file and switched off -No ambient light -Four bounces -Ambient occlusion on -Custom Renderworks
  17. Luis M Ruiz

    Spot spot spot spot...

    @Zeno I wonder if you have some screen or plane objects not helping this viewport?
  18. Luis M Ruiz

    Linking panorama 3D to each other

    With the latest release of Service Pack 3, awesome new updates got included. One that we all requested, was a path to create linked panoramas. I had the opportunity to test it and I'd like to share my results. Click here to view the presentation
  19. Luis M Ruiz

    OpenGL Low quality

    I tested the output and for this single sheet with all those views at 300dpi res. PDF jumped to 6mb, 18mb if increased at 600dpi. Then again, That same high res pdf got exported again as a jpg for the client to see and it went down to 4.2mb and the quality was excellent (but included no vector lines) I think it is always a balance of the final intent vs quality vs size.
  20. Luis M Ruiz

    RW Style Oddity - Anti-Alias and Full-Screen Options

    @Charlie Winter Thank you for sharing the file. I did some tests and I found a few things that can help the rendering: Sheet resolution was set to default 72dpi. Ok for preview but for finals go up to 300dpi min. That takes away the graininess and makes the carpet and walls look sharper. There was no light source (sun object for example) always create one even if this one is off. That light source can be set to smooth shadows or sharp depending on the effect you are going after. I think for the look you were going after there was no need for hdri background Increase the resolution of some of those light settings, Once you are done with previewing the viewport, uncheck full screen, that'll make the rendering go faster. For quick testing of textures, try artistic cartoon other than OpenGL Add some ambient occlusion, helps to create some volume. I hope these tips may help.
  21. Luis M Ruiz

    OpenGL Low quality

    @Alex71 Recommendation. Don't be afraid of bringing those sheets with OpenGL viewports at 600dpi.
  22. Luis M Ruiz

    Renderworks texture preview different from actual result

    @Kevin Allen I almost forgot about this test. Here is in grass, thick blades but the tips are always sharp. Funny.
  23. Luis M Ruiz

    Renderworks texture preview different from actual result

    let me get on it....
  24. Luis M Ruiz

    Renderworks texture preview different from actual result

    I tried creating a pattern of black and white triangles. Here is what I was able to test. test displacement mapping.vwx


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