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A tagging system has been added so that you can more easily make any type of resource searchable. You'll be able to select and tag one or more resources and with whatever text will help you search through them:



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It attaches to the resource, so yes if you had shared resources the tags you add would be available for use by all users with access to that resource. I think there are also plans to add tags to things like Marionette nodes to make searching through them without needing to know the function names easier, but more on that soon.

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So in addition to the completely new Resource Manager replacing the Resource Browser, tools like Door, Window, Wall, Slab, Marionette, basically anything that might benefit from some kind of styled resource associated with it have their own mini-version of the manager baked in.

So, instead of the long text list of slab or wall styles first from the current file and then from the library, you get this much more visual UI:

This also gives tools like Marionette a built in search feature, so you no longer have to hunt down nodes manually:



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Yep, you just double-click to set that as the active style/resource for the tool until you alter it by picking another.

You can also call it up by the respective mode group button, U I O or P depending on where that text list dropdown used to be mapped to before the selector UI was added.

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