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Here's a place to make requests for new nodes/enhancements for existing nodes.

The libraries of nodes are continuously growing and changing - either to fix inadequate behaviors that have been found in general usage, or in other cases to change the way certain nodes behave (i.e. OIP Controls vs. Input Ports for variable inputs).

The best thing about Marionette Content is that, for the most part, it won't be necessary to wait for a new version to be released! In some cases, you can get new content within hours of the request - depending on how difficult implementation would be - so please report here if there's something you're looking to accomplish that can't be done with the Default Content.

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My ultimate wish is to manipulate higher level objects; walls, lights, plants, slabs, etc. So I guess this is a request to create a node for every object type in VW.

Don't worry I'm not holding my breath.

The best place to start is probably symbols. A node that can select any existing symbol and use it like a native object. Since any PIO can be made into an object that would give a work around to all the other objects.

Eventually unique nodes would give access to all a PIOs parameters. Then we can have a worksheet output of the resulting objects for analytic feedback.

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I would love a Case node. Ideally something where I can feed it an expression and a list of conditions and then only execute the nodes downstream of the correct output.

Using the attached picture of a wrapper as an example. Send it a value on the "expression" input port and a list of possible values on the "conditionlist" input port.

If the expression is equal to the first item on the list execute the nodes connected to the exec0 output port. If the expression is equal to the second item on the list execute the nodes connected to the exec1 output port.

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The node you're describing would be an awesome addition, however that's not something in the realm of how Marionette works (currently, at least).

In a network, every input/output port is executed. There's not currently a way to just get one output port to execute the way that you're imagining it. All nodes attached to the network will run in every case. There would have to be a different application of logic to have it perform how you would like.

Could you give me a more descriptive situation of what you want to accomplish? There may be another way to achieve this, but at the moment I don't think your proposed node will be the solution.

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At the most simple level, I'm looking to create a PIO that changes based on a users selection from a dropdown list. But I don't want to waste processor cycles creating everything and then deleting all but one item, which seems to be the current solution using the If node.

It's not a big deal for a simple shape but it slows things down when you have many options and the shapes get more complicated.

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What is currently lacking is a way of getting help about an individual node.

Maybe a hyperlink from the node to a short note or video explaining the use and maybe an example.

I say this because as I am not a programmer many of the node names go way over my head but a programmer would understand. Like "Is Member" and "Index Bounds" I read the description and WOW, really!

I feel the help information needs to be in layman speak. All that relates to the Current VW program I and most will understand, like Sweep and Rectangle.


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The 'Repeat' node repeats the input value n times.

For Example [a, b]

N = 3

Result: [a,a,a,b,b,b,c,c,c]

Here is a node that repeats the input as a list n times.

( [a, b, a, b, a, b] )

I suggest to rename the 'Repeat'- Node to 'Repeat Item' to avoid confusion.

By the way when the node is made to a symbol, the connections get destroyed.

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A "Pull Down" Input node could be very useful in making nodes for others.

Such a node should have an editable list of strings or values selected by a "popup" or similar dialog in the OIP. If the list could be edited in from the OIP that would be best.

This should be the start, but it's beyond my coding skills.


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