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  1. Mostly just pop in and out when I'm testing snippets of code, or setting up a new tool.
  2. Here's what I'm trying to do: User selects an object User then selects the PIO tool and inserts the PIO PIO uses info from the selected object as a parameter value. Currently: I get the handle to the user selected object using LSActLayer or FSActLayer. Use GetRField to extract the information from the object. Run GetCustomObjectInfo to get the PIO handle Write the information to the PIO using SetRField The problem I'm having is that it appears that a PIO resets(vsoGetEventInfo #3) itself 3 times before the creation is finished. On the first reset event the handle still points at the user selected object, on the second reset event the handle is empty, on the third reset the handle points to the new PIO. Short of writing the information to a file how do I get the information from a user selected object into a PIO on creation?
  3. There were a ton of resources on vectorlabs.info Unfortunately it seems to have disappeared. Anybody know where it went or if the information was archived somewhere?
  4. Everytime I exit Plug In Manager I get a pop up that says "Only Plug-in Objects in the active document have been updated. You must close and open the other documents to update them". How do I get this this warning to stop appearing? Not having a second VW file open is not a useful answer...
  5. Nik

    Phantom Records

    That gets rid of all the records not just the ones without an associated object. I have records within the file that are not associated to an object, best as I can tell.
  6. Nik

    Phantom Records

    I have a file that has "phantom" records. They only seem to appear when I "Export Database..." of that particular Record Format. If I do a search for them using the information that's in a field nothing is selected. If I generate a worksheet within VW the "phantom records" don't appear as lines in the worksheet. Any thoughts?
  7. What are some techniques folks use to keep scripts synced across several computers without needing to go to each one and reinstall?
  8. Nik

    Lightwright 6 Data Exchange issues

    LW requires continuos live access to the xml file. The small pauses of accessibility that are inevitable with any cloud based drive interrupts LW writing to the xml and then LW panics. Your best bet is to keep the xml file on your local drive.
  9. Awesome! Making the switch from vectorscript to python is a bit of a challenge!
  10. Having trouble getting vectorscript functions that require a vector as parameter to work properly. In the snippet of code below, I think that ang should equal 45°. But the dialog tells me -90° and then I get the error shown in the attached file: pt= [1,1] ang = vs.Vec2Ang(pt) vs.AlrtDialog(ang)
  11. Nik

    Printer Setup/Page Setup

    What printer to use, page size for the printer to use. I can set the printable area using the SetDrawingRect.
  12. Is there really no way to change the Page/Printer setup of a sheet layer using VectorScript without resorting to the DoMenuTextByName command? There's gotta be a way!
  13. I'm having issues with importing networks that I've wrapped up as PIO with Control Geometry. If I copy and paste the PIO into the new document it works fine. If I import it as a symbol from a different file, I get the following error(replacing XXX with the name of any wrappers in the network): Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 1277, in File "", line 614, in RunNode AttributeError: type object 'XXX' has no attribute 'Params' If I rename the wrapper it will sometimes resume working.
  14. Nik


    It would also be nice to have a comment field for a node. Something that is visible like the Name field but doesn't affect the network at all. I've been using text for commenting but that doesn't get included when wrapping a node.
  15. Nik


    At the most simple level, I'm looking to create a PIO that changes based on a users selection from a dropdown list. But I don't want to waste processor cycles creating everything and then deleting all but one item, which seems to be the current solution using the If node. It's not a big deal for a simple shape but it slows things down when you have many options and the shapes get more complicated.


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