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With regards to your suggestion for the Curve node using Cubic/Bezier modes, since this node produces a NURBS curve, I don't think it's as simple to give those options.

I can, however, modify the poly nodes to behave in this manner, and I've already begun doing so.

NURBS Curves use a boolean called "byFit" to determine whether it's a curved index or not, and does interpolation to calculate the line, at least to my knowledge.

I'll attach the modified poly nodes to this post once I complete them.

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WOW!! I have just wasted HOURS trying to position a 3D symbol ("Symbol" node) with the output from a "Point 3D" node. About half that time was spent before I realized that the "Symbol" node only accepts X and Y coordinates, and not Z. Why in the World of 3D modeling would the "Symbol" node not comprehend the Z axis?? The other half of my time was spent trying to find a precedent script showing how to locate a 3D symbol vertically - not to be found! Then, finally, I found your "Symbol N" node - THANK YOU!

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  • Marionette Maven

Hey Kevin,

I'll have to think of the best way to word things, but yes, I can work on making that change.

There are other cases with the offset node - in your case, it seems you're talking about closed polys. It's always important to also consider open shapes - like an "S" shape, I want to believe that it follows the negative = left, positive = right, but I don't want to be incorrect on any information before I share it, and I need to think about cases like 'What if the "S" is rotated 90 degrees?'

I can certainly, for the time being, work on including a note for closed shapes.

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Thanks Marissa. I hadn't thought about open polys since I was testing it with a rectangle. In testing open polys I think its the opposite to your post. When facing the direction of the poly's flow, left is positive and right is negative. Interestingly this is not true when polys are closed. Positive means outside regardless of whether they're drawn clockwise or counterclockwise.


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On 15.1.2016 at 7:29 PM, MarissaF said:

Here's a place to make requests for new nodes/enhancements for existing nodes.

I would like to have a marionette tool that could make 3d voronois, Gyroids, G_SkeletalGraphs, other skeletal meshes or anything like the lattice you get when you give the edges in a mesh a thickness. If you convert theese to subdivision afterwards you can get beautiful organic shapes that are also applicable to architecture and design. In other words more of the same tools you find in Grashopper for Rhino (which is actually node-based) and in Wings3D and TopMod (freeware subdivision modelers)

3d voronoi.jpggyroid (1).jpgG_SkeletalGraph.pngSkeletal mesh.jpgvoronoi1.jpg

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