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Smarter wall joining

Tom Klaber


One of the pushbacks on wall components is that they the graphics get funky when joining walls, and the added step of having to join components is time-consuming and annoying.

I feel like the auto-join could do a better job and auto-joining components. The simplest would be to join same classed or same name or same sized components with each other - or you could assign how each component would join in the wall settings.....

Not exactly sure - but you guys are smart - I think the tool can do better.


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Tom, I had a similar problem to you.

When I looked at your drawing a little more closely I discovered that the joining wall didn't quite align with the the thicker wall. I drew a guide line from the bottom of the thicker wall and then moved the thinner wall so it was on that line making the bottom edge of the two walls collinear. The join then works.

The join problem would have come from the very slight misalignment of the components.

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It seems to work most of the time. In the example that I sent - you can get it to work if you do it the other way - L joining the other 2 walls first then T joining the larger wall.

I seem to have about a 75%-80% success rate with that 3 wall corner condition. I will try and see if I can pick up on any common themes about the fail.

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