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Chamfer with 2 setbacks

Vincent C


I would like to see an enhancement of the Chamfer tool so that it is possible to have 2 different setbacks along the subsequent axes/planes.

(When creating masses for buildings it is very common to create the roof by simply chamfering the top edges, however at the moment this is limited to 45 degrees, alternative modeling to achieve this is cumbersome in relation to what is needed.)

I would subsequently like this function to be ituitive, ie. once an edge(s) are selected simply move the cursor from one side of the edge to another to switch the setback sides in combination with a live preview. Also a checkbox for equal setbacks would be logical.


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Asymmetrical Chamfer is welcome.

For the moment,

Split Tool to cut the cube in half + 2x Taper Face Tool, works.

Or the Massing Model Tool in Landscape.

I vote for a reduced Massing Model Tool, without the whole slab and wall options.

Just pick the boundary, set number of stories with a global height value

and flat, standard or pitched roof.

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