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New Computer- Whats the most important?

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If you're running Renderworks, everything is important as it sees extra RAM and multiple cores.

For every day work in the design layers, the graphics card is important for OpenGL. As long as the graphics card has at least 1GB of video RAM you're probably good as most Apple graphics cards at that level are pretty powerful.

And eventually Vectorworks will be 64bit and multi core aware (there was an interview with NV and its supposed to appear in VW2013 or VW2014, clearly they missed VW2013).


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I'm pushing my VW on the BIM side. I get a lot of slow down in my files as I add more Viewports and Section VP's.

I find that the annotation part of a viewport changes as file size increases.

With Hidden Line Renders,

Small files maintain the hidden line render when entering annotation layer.

Large files revert back to wireframe.

I suspect this might be a memory issue?

So with large files I'm wondering if more memory is better.

Simply put is it the case that VW maxes out the memory, and when it does it has to do more processing?.

For the same money I could have a

2.9ghz, 512mb graphic, 32Gig memory


3.2ghz 1Gig Graphic 8 Gig Memory.

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Are you really using vw2011? Major improvements in viewport update speed since then.

yep 2011

Given the higher spec requirements of VW2013, there is quite some cost to move the entire office up.

I know there is background rendering of VP's what else is there that increases the speed of vps?

Do your hidden line VPS stay hidden line when you edit the annotation?

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