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  1. This is doable in c4d with mograph, but I don't think bringing the result into VW would be a good workflow. The polygon count would bog down the file.
  2. If you go through the trouble to name your viewports something understandable you can retroactively adjust this quickly using the organization dialog and switching over to the visibilities pane. But if you are not naming your viewports it's pretty much alphabet soup. Along with Andy's suggestion of setting defaults, I really wish VW would let you set up naming tokens like you can for exported pdfs. Mine would be : "Sheet Number"_"Sheet Name"_"Dwg Number"_Dwg Name"
  3. I can't get the videoscreen tool to take different fonts when setting up the classes in the PIO. I can change them in the text menu at the top of the screen. Does the newest version from Landru Design solve this?
  4. They need to be dynamic. And by that I mean fixed to a slider which allows you to move it from sheet border edge to sheet border edge. We can't trust the extents of the viewport because sometimes those are all over the place. So how do we know when we are aligned to the edge of the geometry in the viewport, or the center? By using the snapping guides a la photoshop, which make this kind of graphic design work a breeze.
  5. yes, thanks! I knew it was somewhere!
  6. I have a file with a bunch of classes, that I would like to add the prefix "main-" to, in order to get them subclassed. Is there a way to do this without manually going through each one?
  7. I would propose something like c4d does, which is to give the layer the ability to be locked (amongst other options). Zoomer is correct, the workaround is to grey out the layer, but that doesn't work for bitmaps or pdfs.
  8. I read the issue as not just flat objects, but wanting to do more mural type wall coverings. VW does not have the greatest of UV mapping tools.
  9. Edit the symbol to change their attributes globally, cmd K to explode the symbols one by one and change locally.
  10. I've done these before using lofts and/or extrude along path. In your case the middle part where there is no curve could be built as 1 pc, then the top and bottom joined up to it. Play with the options in the extrude along path dialog, those are helpful in keeping the profile oriented. Another good trick is to build the extrude along path with the curve flat on the ground, and then after it's built you can manipulate the points of the path curve to get it to move upward whilst curving.
  11. I make a "draft" layer. Isolate the symbol and rotate it so it may be drafted using orthogonal projection.
  12. Aren't M1 Imac's integrated graphics processing? Shaded render is an openGL (graphics process). Maybe that's the speed bump for you?
  13. I'm chatting w/ my hardware vendor and he's pointing out the on the tested hardware section of vectorworks.net it shows that these cards (used to be quadro) are tested and supported by vectorworks testing. Is this the case? I'm thinking about an a5000 card but have been burned way in the past by trying to use a quadro with VW.
  14. crazy but I use a piece of bond paper taped over my wacom tablet. That way I can draw on top of the tablet and get a better feel, and the bond paper works great as a mousepad. when I travel I'm fond of manila folder as my mousepad. Guess I'm a paper guy.
  15. We need some dedicated tools for theatrical productions, live and taped.
  16. Take a photo of somewhere similar and do a side by side comparison, trying to notice: -The way light hits surfaces. Your downs are very hard edged and in some the source is not visible. Getting the correct light falloff and recognizing that light does not come from an invisible source will help. .ies files are great for the lighting fixtures you are trying to emulate -Are the materials all the same or do they have different qualities. All objects reflect to varying degrees, the real difference is how much they reflect directly (sharp, visible reflections) or diffusely (soft, blurry reflections). -Ambient light vs direct light. This is an area lots of people struggle with, because rendering engines have to compromise when it comes to how much ambient light actually bounces around in the scene. GI, ambient light, and ambient occlusion are compromises. Jeff's point about props is a good one, adding in a few items to breath life into the render helps. Lots of interiors of kitchens have "still lifes" on the counter to create interest and show off reflections and textures: Wine, glass, fruit, dish towel...
  17. Be sure to actually check to see if it did update all the viewports. I find sections to be sneaky little buggers, sometimes they just don't update.
  18. It seems the only way to do this is by saving a set, which is very cumbersome if you just want to output 1 page of something. Can't we just define the output path on its own?
  19. Yes. It also just seem like such an arbitrary move to put visibility and organization of a particular object in the OIP of a viewport, when it has nothing to do with the visibility of anything in that viewport. I view the visibility of a section line as a global matter, not a local matter.
  20. How does one go about turning on and off section line instances in a better method than going to each section viewport and opening up the dialog in the OIP? This seems like a very tedious workflow...
  21. I always have to go hunting for these, seems like linking them to the section viewport itself is putting them way off in a dark corner. Doesn't it make sense to put them in the organization dialog (where we control visibilities of everything else?
  22. Thanks Joshua! If it's already selected, do I need a handle?
  23. Is there a script to change a selected item's class? Say I have a bunch of extrudes I just made and I forgot to put them in the none class. I select them all and run the script, it puts them in that class.
  24. After converting an object to an autohybrid, my section viewports do not display the correct texture in "shaded" mode. See attached file, both objects are identical except the left one in section has been placed in an autohybrid. The left renders as a blank texture, the right one correctly displays the brick texture. autohybrid chaos.vwx
  25. I have the Creator p75 from a few years back. Best laptop I've ever bought. Looking at the one you're thinking about I'd think you are in fine shape for vw and tm.
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