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  1. Issue resolved today after some troubleshooting with Dave from VW tech support. We unchecked "Export as flattened 2d objects" and also unchecked every option in the 2D Fills and Files box. The exported file size went down from 65 MB to 217 KB, and every object could be imported back into VW as a circle. When exporting for CNC work, I recommend these options.
  2. I just exported a reasonably-sized drawing consisting of circles to .dwg, and it turned every object into a polygon, resulting in huge filesize bloat, plus not the object we need for CNC. Anyone have any experience with this? I can import .dwg circles as circles, why can't I export? Is there a trick to this?
  3. @Art V Some users may not see the need for Screen Plane objects, but those who use them do see the need, especially in design layers. No matter what working plane view you are in, Screen Plane is there to import and create geometry and relationships.
  4. The screen plane was the original VectorWorks 2d object mode, so I would not be surprised if it is embedded somewhere. The Layer Plane object is almost like a 3d polygon, while the Screen Plane object is the essential bridge between thoughts best expressed in 2d from any view, and 3d modeling. But if you don't like it - I hope they can fix the preference so you can avoid meeting them!
  5. Will, I had the opposite problem. No use for Layer Plane, but VW kept reverting to that preference. I finally figured out it was a bug that was triggered by editing the crop in a sheet layer viewport. That has been fixed as of VW2020. Maybe that will help you track down the problem. Everytime it happens, try to track what you just did, even if there is no apparent logical connection.
  6. P Retondo


    I make my own title blocks, so I don't know about the canned VW objects. But making your own works fine. Make them a symbol, and attach records to enter the info items you want. See "Link Text to Record" to display that information in each unique instance of your symbol. When you select a symbol set up this way, you will look at the "Data" tab in the Object Info Palette (OIP) to be able to manage your records. Here's what that will look like (you can have more than one Record Format for a symbol object): Other users may have advice tailored to the VW title block object.
  7. Under the “View” menu at the top of your VW application window, pick “Projection” and then one of 3 “Perspective” choices. Under the light bulb tool set you will find various ways to navigate.
  8. Thanks, Jeff. I wonder if it has something to do with which version of ACAD I'm exporting to. I'll check that out.
  9. @jeff prince Are you stating this as a NNA engineer?
  10. @jeff prince When you select "Export DWG layers as : layers", your layers should become separate layers in ACAD. That's the way it has worked in the past, and since it isn't working that way now, that would be a bug - correct? The behavior in v2020 is not consistent with behavior in previous versions, or at least that's what I'm trying to confirm with other users. Having all your layers come into ACAD jumbled into one layer is distinctly unhelpful to most of my collaborators.
  11. @jeff prince Jeff, thanks for your input. I worked with ACAD for 4 years, so I am well aware of the layer/class issue. My purpose in bringing this up here is to find out if this might be a bug so I could report it.
  12. Jeff, thanks. I have layers with different stories of a building in separate layers. I want the same layer structure in the exported .dwg, exactly as you describe. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed that this doesn't work any more. The way I know this is that my structural consultant complained that everything was in the same ACAD layer. I imported my .dwg back into VW, and everything came in as one layer - I don't maintain a license of ACAD anymore, but I trust that what the engineer told me is true. I had to export separate files for each story.
  13. Jeff, I don't want to export classes as separate layers in .dwg, I want to export layers as separate layers in .dwg. Used to work in the past, but now it doesn't seem to.
  14. Anyone else experiencing this problem? When I export a file, with multiple layers visible, to .dwg and select "Export as dwg layers: layers," the resulting .dwg has only one layer with all objects crammed into it.
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