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  1. I can't comment on the particular problem this user is having, and I do recognize that VW uses different selection conventions from other CAD software. However, having used this program almost daily for almost 30 years, I can assure you that the selection procedures are consistent and effective. I urge the user to experiment, read the online manual, and figure out how to apply VW procedures.
  2. The simpler question first, an extrude will look like a wireframe if the object does not have a solid fill (first item on the attributes palette.
  3. Try putting the upper windows in a class, and making it invisible in the viewport. That should allow the lower windows to display as you want them to.
  4. Wacom tablet works fine, the only thing missing is the mouse scroll button. I use it constantly to keep carpal tunnel syndrome at bay.
  5. Thanks all for getting to the bottom of this. I’m on Windows, so I will wait to hear there is a solution. Can’t have laggy software.
  6. I am considering installing my 2024 upgrade, but comments like this give me pause. They also do not inspire confidence regarding the direction VW has taken - does anyone think this is an isolated case, or is performance with v2024 poor?
  7. What manufacturer does your supplier deal with?
  8. It strikes me that your model may be set to “ existing” instead of “proposed.” Check it out, that can lead to things not changing when you expect them to.
  9. Another of those annoying glitches in commonly used functions that NNA should dedicate some resources to cleaning up. The "Edit Contours" method should be made bullet-proof, instead of always problematic.
  10. I agree, lineweight. That is why it is particularly frustrating when I see VW management prioritizing new whizz bang features that never really work and sink out of sight, instead of getting down to fixing some longstanding flaws. It’s like car designers who developed grotesque tail fins instead of fixing basic flaws in transmissions.
  11. Ok, hate to be that guy, but although I have used Vectorworks for 28 years for good reason (also know AutoCAD and Archicad), all the advantages of VW were there 10 years ago, and for all I’ve paid since then I see precious little improvement. VW engineers say on this thread they are listening, but it seems like they are more interested in being praised than actually paying attention to very longstanding complaints. Give us a window PIO that creates a sill in a non-ridiculous way, or a stairs PIO that actually reflects architectural reality, and I will be happy to heap praise for the next three years. (Hint: a window sill is not a sill superimposed on a head jamb.)
  12. Check the Fill setting in the Attributes Palette. The object has to be solid to render as solid in any mode.
  13. Appreciate that, Juan, but the “roadmap” is pretty cryptic. I will email you, but if you’ve been following this board for a few years, you should surely know all the complaints about architectural PIOs and parametric objects. We can’t even get reliable wall joining, after years. There’s a decent cabinet PIO that I tried out, but it’s not worth all the extra dollars you have to pay to get it on top of what you’ve already paid for Vectorworks. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I think I should be getting something for my money.
  14. Pretty dismal. VW is now a prepaid subscription, in effect, and you don’t know what you are paying for since you have to decide on July 1 if you want to continue, and don’t know what you are getting until August or September. Based on the last several years, I haven’t been tempted to install my 2021, 22, or 23 versions because none of them offer fixes for longstanding issues with doors, windows, stairs, cabinets or anything else. After paying many $,1000s over the years, I’d say the subscription is worth $200, max, not the over $600 I pay per seat. I’m hoping 2024 proves an exception to this lackluster performance, but if there is yet again no response to the many complaints, I’m going to conclude a dysfunctional corporate culture has taken over there.
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