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  1. I see what you mean. Have you tried putting the site model into a different file, and including it as a reference? I think you can then have different z = 0 elevations.
  2. Not sure if this works in both directions. If you move your model down using 3D move command, and increase the "Start contour offset" field in the General tab of the Site Model Settings dialog box, you can preserve the contour elevation labels.
  3. In my VW2020 site model, if I move the model vertically (using the Move 3D command), the contour labels do not change.
  4. P Retondo


    I can see you have Unified View turned on, and it looks like no layers are grayed (from what I can see of your layer list) and that you are in Top/Plan view with 2D Plan. So I would guess it is the graphic content of your symbols that needs to be made consistent.
  5. @Pat Stanford I always use the Adobe PDF printer. It has an architectural D sheet. My methods have not changed. The only difference is VW 2020 instead of VW 2017. To add to the weirdness, I have a bunch of sheets set up, all architectural D size. They all appear to flip over to that 8 1/2 x 11 tiled layout, but only the initial sheet shows the page breaks – the other ones look normal, but if I edit them, they all show multiple horizontal and vertical pages in the dialog box.
  6. Hi Wes, thanks, I always have "show page breaks" on. The problem is that when I close the program the sheets are like this: And when I open it the next morning it is like this: I have to go into the sheet printer setup to correct the problem every day. I believe this is a bug. I just wondered if anyone else experiences it, because I'm pretty tired of doing all the work required to file a bug report.
  7. Yesterday this sheet was a D size architectural sheet. Today, it is this: Is anyone else having this experience, or does anyone have any insight?
  8. Try this: edit the roof planes (select and < cmd+[ >), and drag the peaks of the each polygon beyond the junction. Then join, making sure you are using the second mode as shown in the screen grab above (Dual Object Connect Mode). If that does not work, just create a new roof from a rectangle, you should be fine.
  9. This has always been a problem. I just drop the door height by 1/8”, which buries that plane in the floor. We’ve been asking for major improvements to the tools for years, all falling on deaf ears as apparently marketing and MBAs control.
  10. Try joining the two roofs, using this tool in the modes shown:
  11. @superekon Please tell us what version of VW you are using. I have never experienced the problem you describe, for what that is worth. I'm not saying your problem isn't a real thing, just that it doesn't appear to be widespread, and there might be some explanation. If you want someone like Pat to help (Pat is probably one of the most knowledgeable persons on this forum, so it's worth it), you need to describe in detail what procedure you are doing to switch between layers, and other details about your situation.
  12. Wes, it must be too early, I don't understand what you are saying!


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