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International versions?

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ignore petri's snippiness,

i think it's the grim bleakness of

finland that makes him so cranky,

he has a lot of good technical knowledge,

but a really bedside manner...

re your questions, some countries have

localised or locally enhanced versions.

i believe the UK version has some UK

product symbol libraries added, but

you would need to judge if that's

worth double the price to you.

you most likely won't get any local

support if you buy an offshore version.

good luck

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Gideon, I don't think it's fair to describe Finland as grim or bleak. I've never been there, but it looks beautiful in photos (and in the recent movie, Kukushka). And I suspect that Petri isn't at all representative. Other Finns have told us that he has a reputation as a curmudgeon there also. His comments can be entertaining if taken the right way.

Petri, you obnoxious old gas-bag, stop harassing people! (just kidding)

AQLS, it's probably a matter of licensing. If you use a US-licensed copy in the UK, you'll probably be unlicensed, just as if you had copied someone else's installation CD and authorization code, or bought a Region 1 DVD movie. You'll probably have to phone or send an e-mail to get an official answer on that. This forum is great for technical tips, but doesn't usually answer questions like that.

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The point is that if everyone buys the U.S. version, there will be no localization and no local support. Now, of course that might be a boon for independent consultants such as myself, but only a few hours of support and help at my hourly rates negates the price difference.

Consultants might also do some localization, but would only concentrate on the most profitable and "safe" aspects; they cannot develop a coordinated and considered "VW Architect UK" or "Landmark Scandinavia". Some might offer training courses, but how would they market them?

How could prospective clients and trainees ensure that what they are buying is worth the money as there is no distributor to ring to?

Yes, my manners are crap always when I have to deal with crap.

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So Petri says for the greater good I should pay twice as much. . .

. . . because the shops in England donate their extra 50% towards UK based support groups? I don't think so . . .

The Fins I've met I've really liked. It's their tango that is so crap. Ruins what should be a really sexy dance!

I've just phoned Computers Unlimited in the UK and the salesman has said a) the UK product is identical to the US - it's an american product, and b) there would be no licensing problem for useage in the UK

But c) distribution agreements between UK and US would dictate that the US retailers would not be allowed to sell me it unless I went out to US and bought it and brought it back.

Appreciate all your help on this thread.

Cuddles to Petri grin.gif


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You'll also avoid having to deal with dongles.

Sheesh. I should have known better, but - by referral - I temporarily pardoned this anal-retentive idiot, who now promotes outright piracy!

Of course I had a good belly laugh, but it wasn't really worth it. Where do these people come from?

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Interesting logic, the NNA promotes piracy in the U.S.

Just to clarify, for the dull-witted and cuddle-deprived, wanting to avoid using dongles (which take up valuable port space, are easy to lose, and bug prone) does not equate to piracy. Not using a dongle does not force you to avoid paying your licence fee. A difficult concept for some it seems.

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Due to distributorship policies and protections, you cannot buy a US copy in a country with a distributor - you must go through the local distributor.

Despite a few comments posted, there are a few local UK specific features added to some of the VectorWorks products in the UK.

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So? Ahh, I get it! Something like "Maria de Buenos Aires" (the great tango opera by Astor Piazzola - yes, I know you've never heard of it/him) is a Jolly Good Old Piece of Music?
Petri: No, actually, Nordic Tango as in the 3 songs I linked to seems diametrically opposed to the Nuevo style of Piazzolla ? with 2 l's, you illiterate savage (just kidding). AQLS is apparently a Tango aficionado but doesn't care for the Finnish style, and that made me think I might like the latter, since I don't like Argentinian Tango.
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just out curiosity.

if i am traveling to helsinki/london/madrid/rom trying to buy any version of VW, they will not sell it to me because i am from abroad. or is is that they will not sent it abroad.

or is it a license matter of NNA.

according to european right (market) this could not be.(if it is good or bad is another story)

as i said just out of couriosity.

ps. petri . i know that you are independant an as free as the wind


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Hi Peter,

You can buy anywhere in Europe, from any country in Europe. The distributors have made some agreement amongst each other to be reluctatnt about it. There is currently a misunderstanding about the role of the reseller. But if you are an enduser you can buy anywhere you want.

The UK sells quite cheap compared to the rest of Europe. If you are interested check out orangedust.co.uk, we sell through out Europe.

The USA version is undongled, it is sad that the EU versions are. There is a research report showing EU citizens having more illegal software on their computers than the rest of the world. This report shows its head during evry discussion about dongles. The report is spread by a party gaining from that outcome. There has never been any independent research to the (commercial?) USE of illegal software, compared per country.

However, it is not strange why there is a dongle, because the eu distributors wanted to protect their translations being used under a cheaper US license number. This could also have been achieved by a different set of license numbers.

Nobody has done any serious research to what a dongle does to the spread of a program, while you can feel on your water that it must be a negative effect. VW outsells any other program in Japan and New Sealand (is that still the case?) I bet the defacto exchange standard in those countries is still DWG.

Make sure you don't loose the dongle or have it insured. When you loose the dongle you will be charged for a complete license. 520,- GBP.

To get back to the original question.

There are some minor differences between the UK and the US version. The dongle being one of them. Getting it here is the difficult part. If you have a US version in Europe and want to upgrade, please contact us off list.

Gerard Jonker

Orange Dust, Lichfield, UK


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