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  1. TANSTAAFL. That is not a service pack, but an entirely new product line. Not that I'd disagree! Item 2 is, BTW, a fascinating one: in VectorScript we have a rudimentary facility for something like this. (For us architects, walls and more recently even wall styles have had similar possibilities.) This is the future of CAD: first intelligent objects, then intelligent associations between objects. Anyway, I'm still waiting for the plain old intelligent objects... None from NNA to be seen...
  2. I believe NNA is more likely to listen to PAYING users' needs... (And even then, the needs have to be expressed in a grovelling tone.)
  3. Someone indeed has in 2003. http://www.vectordepot.com/Plugins1.shtml Print and Stamp: This menu tool will update any date and filenam [sic] stamps that existing in the file [what?]. If no stamps exist they will be created. After the stamps are updated the file will be printed. The source is open soo you may modfiy [sic] the format* of the stamps. It is intended as a replacement for the standard Print command - well, sort of. At least keyboardshortcutwise. "On open" seems redundant - and can't be done. *) Date display format.
  4. When exporting, forget sheets. Just send each layer as a separate DWG. The engineer is not (should not) be interested in your drawings, only your data, and should be able to XREF your design layers the way she or he needs.
  5. There is a feature chart somewhere at NNA's site - can't recall where. Somewhat confusing, but nevertheless useful.
  6. Quite frankly, I don't think I want to pay for another InDesign with Paragraph Styles & Character Styles and Cascading Style Sheets. Few people can use them. Yes, I can, but...
  7. Unless you tell me what is going on, you have no moral authority to request this. Can't you just place a door (factory settings) into a wall and export & import? If you have no problems, by all means report it. But by and large, I'm not at all interested in how NNA's door behaves. You could of course send me the program code: I'm interested in making MY door object IFC-friendly. EDIT. Sorry, Robert - I was shooting from the hip. Project. One wall, one door in it.
  8. So far, import has worked OK, but I have not had a real job to import, just some test files from here and there. Exporting, however, is a major headache. As I have just reported, not even NNA's Plug-in objects export correctly and the process is flawed. In many occasions there has not been any real data in the IFC file - I was this morning surprised that I got a wall and a door go through and come back. (One can open an IFC file with a text editor and view the results. I have many times had all the "general" data, but no actual entities.) The default destination (to which the export dialog jumps to every time) the VectorWorks application. No, not the "normal" application folder, but the one we see as the application. (A special type of folder that cannot be accessed.) After you walk the dialog to the wanted destination and save, you have to go and change the filename: regardless of what options I have tried, the export file gets a name like "The Job.ifc.vwx". So, you go to Finder, Get Info, change the name and convince the OS that you really, really want to use "ifc". In import the only relevant setting is, I think, Object or Project.
  9. NNA's door before and after IFC. Front views (not in same scale.) Not particularly promising.
  10. I believe it works as before: if the rectangle (or arc/circle) has a fill, you can grab the centre point; if not, you can't.
  11. Really? I have not used them since I have my own tools for this and they've always behaved well. (I still use them!)
  12. The "selection" (handles or highlighting) should exclude components in hidden classes. The current situation is most confusing to new users and an occasional problem to everyone I know. With the fast computers of today, calculating the "bounding box" on the fly should not be a huge problem.
  13. I believe there still are better tools available at VectorDepot. Have been for many years...
  14. Indeed. This is one of the aspects of VW that are incomprehensible to most users...
  15. What a terrific question! I don't think this is doable, but it certainly should be! How to control it? Well, at least a Plug-in developer should be able to query the current view or viewport rotation and adjust the text angle. Or enable a "text rotation" feature and have a tick box for "adjusted text rotation". Having every text object "adjusted" does not sound like a good idea: I have enough problems with the "adjust flipped text" global preference. By class?
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