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  1. So Petri says for the greater good I should pay twice as much. . . . . . because the shops in England donate their extra 50% towards UK based support groups? I don't think so . . . The Fins I've met I've really liked. It's their tango that is so crap. Ruins what should be a really sexy dance! I've just phoned Computers Unlimited in the UK and the salesman has said a) the UK product is identical to the US - it's an american product, and b) there would be no licensing problem for useage in the UK But c) distribution agreements between UK and US would dictate that the US retailers would not be allowed to sell me it unless I went out to US and bought it and brought it back. Appreciate all your help on this thread. Cuddles to Petri -aqls-
  2. Many thanks. All points taken. beer to both of you! -aqls-
  3. Wrong section? No room for newbies? Or are you just unpleasant? -aqls-
  4. I am about to buy vectorworks for the first time. I am in England and the UK price is about double the US price. Is there any problem buying the in the US and having it shipped over? Are they the same? Many thanks -aqls-
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