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  1. hello all, is think its time that there is a competition for the most original and unconventional use of VWs. categories could be >>> puppet houses, food design, miscellaneous and and and the winners get a coffee mug from NEMETSCHEK peter
  2. translation for non-germans layerplane-screenplane ged?ns >>>complicated course of action that prevents a problem-solving
  3. Bruce, yes, i think it is a bug. i got the same result. double click, very slow does this uncontrolable behaivior. i could repeat this with polyline and 2d-polygon. i think the 2d-reshape(move handle) was done like this> click the vertex >drag the vertex>click at new location. if you slowy double click at the same location of the handle VW gets confused:-0 peter
  4. bruce, do you have checked in your preferences >>>EDIT>>>click drag drawing? i can reproduce this behavior only if >>>click drag drawing is switched on. peter
  5. we are working years with .OTF fonts (DIN.OTF, DINPRO.OTF). never ever had any issue withit. we use them in templates, reverences, pdf dwg export and import. i can not tell you if VW is designed for .OTF peter
  6. Thanks Petri for the link, horst vielen Dank fuer die info the funny thing is, the best way to understand a structure or a system is to build it as a mock up with cardboard or balsa wood at least for me. peter ps.
  7. i am doing right now a small mock up out of toothpicks. as a matter of fact my structural engineer here on the island have not any idea of what and why (but hes good in what we do for bread and butter) peter
  8. this is what i want to do with VW. my main issue is to create a 3d grid any ideas...? peter http://img834.imageshack.us/img834/1654/ppdraft03.jpg
  9. I have to design and built a geodesic dome with a diameter of approx.10m and a height of of 5m. the constructionmaterial shall be wood. i have done in my life airports and museums but never such a construction. so any ideas where to start ??? how to do a 3d grid how to do the workshopdrawings >>> each element or ??? any ideas? peter
  10. thats a nice one from AIGIOS VASSILIS thanks peter
  11. hello, we created a VW file with all our officestandards, such as hatches, images, walls, standard details and finaly our settings for dimensions. we created a dimensonchain with this settings in our drawing and made a >create symbol of this dimenson. this >officestandards< are added in the resource browser >>>browse drawing. you can make this also a favourite in your default drawing. if you need the settings of your dimensions (officestandards) you place a simbol of your dimensonin your drawing. done peter
  12. done with vw http://www.archdaily.com/76944/caac-paredes-pino/ nice work
  13. bruce, why don't you create from >>>toolset >>> rect. grid and than you align your objects to this grid peter
  14. thanks bruce, the command > create polygone creates more segments did you try to do it with nurbs? i think that would do it much better
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