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Not sure if I am just reading this wrong or what but thought it worth posting. Just finished up the Vectorworks ASSOCIATE CERTIFICATIONS Exam. Question 17 just made no sense to me. Hoping someone might be able to enlighten me on what wrong here. Or if its an error in the exam I hope this helps get it fixed. Thanks

vectorworks question.jpg

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12 hours ago, Tom W. said:

Yes the question is asking 'Is a Design Layer what an object is?'


15 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

Think about it in relation to Classes.


The Layer is the _______ of the object

The Class is the _______ of the object.

These explanations make sense, and the content of the question is valuable and valid, but that is a horribly unclear way to test the understanding of the topic.

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What an appallingly bad question. 


My personal opinion is that a Layer is a "home" of an object and a class is the "sorting type" of an object. But it can vary depending upon the project. Everyone thinks differently and should use Vectorworks as it suits their workflow and their project.



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19 minutes ago, Pat Stanford said:

Every basic class has to start somewhere. The answer to this question is specifically stated in the training materials for the certification. It does not say that this is the ONLY thing it can be, but it is one way to use them.


"Home" is very close to "where"

"Sorting Type" is very close to "what"


This certification is designed for someone new to VW. If they have to understand every possible use of layers and classes before moving on they would never get to draw anything. 😉



So the answer to the question is false 😊

Since I've never become certified I was reading the question out of context. Now that I understand the context I can confirm it's a poorly written question. But many True/False questions are.


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I am in agreement with both sides here.  A large part of my job is nowing how things were originally intended to work so I can find the most appropriate off-label use for them.  


Some times you need to start with a box in order to think outside the box.


But it is good not to be shackled to those original intents.  Fortunately the community here finds 100 solutions to every problem (and sometimes 100 problems with every solution😉.). We can be sure to find many uses for our tools.

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10 hours ago, Benson Shaw said:

Layers and Classes are remarkable, flexible, and not at all limited to What or Where!


Most of us may use Layers and Classes in many ways, beyond the Where and What.

(If I use more than one Layer per Story, I use "Where" Layers already in a "What" way)


I think this is just a help (mnemonic/Eselsbrücke) for those who were used to only one

of them before starting with VW.

As both are not exactly the same (Layer Height and such) it makes sense to teach

a Where vs What.


I think it would be much easier for beginners if VW Classes would be called Layers

and VW Layers something like Levels or so.

Then starters could beginn just using their "Layers" as before and overtime adapt the

second separation system "Level/Teilbilder/...."


Also VW could just have an Object Structure Tree/Manager instead, like a 3D App or

BIM App or Viewer. Usually this allows at least the same control for visibility, sorting,

2.5D height control, .....


At least VW's, Allplan's, Bricscads, 3D Apps, .... systems allow much more control

than a limited one dimensional Layer only System like Autocad or Microstation

in the past.


The only Separation Systems inside a file structure I have never really understood or

was able to make use of, was Microstation's "Models" or Blender's "Collections"

(E.g. a Blender File can have more than one "Scenes" and an Object can be assigned

to more than one "Collection")




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  • Administrator

@JzWiley and all, thank you for your feedback and for sharing the screenshot. Rest assured, our aim is not to make the questions more difficult but rather to ensure they are clear and aligned with the learning objectives. I'll continue working closely with the University team to refine these questions collaboratively.


If you have any additional feedback in the future, please feel free to submit it directly through the Feedback option in the University. Your comments are instrumental in the continuous improvement of the University. Thanks


Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 3.24.52 PM.png

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