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Revit 2024 to VW 2024



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6 minutes ago, JuanP said:

@ifriedman Could you explain what the issue is to assist you better? If you can provide the .rvt file for testing, that will help, too. Thanks

Thanks for the answer. It is somewhat a strange one as the file just gives an error message. Even though the file was saved on a 2024 format in my Vectorworks is up-to-date on 2024 version.



Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 9.46.20 AM.png

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I would always go the way of an ifc format.

Revit is a proprietary format of a single manufacturer, whereas the ifc format is the official format for exchanging bim information. And the import into vectorworks is much faster than a revit file.

In addition, a level of detail for geometries can be created within Revit, which cannot be influenced when importing from vectorworks. It can then happen that, for example, connecting elements between ventilation units are only displayed as individual 3d only lines, but a complete geometry is stored within revit.

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I'd suggest to save your revit file into a previous version (2023 or a bit earlier). 

Beware that if the file is large, the import into VWx could take a long time. I'd suggest to get rid of all the unused elements of the model and also of the drawings. Keep just the model. 

Also, good way is a IFC export, assuming that the revit model has been set up properly (otherwise it is almost useless).





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On 11/23/2023 at 10:48 AM, zoomer said:

Just that Revit App and Revit users aren't always very ambitious in producing proper IFC exports.


My experience is that IFC is only a giva-away for the few non Revit participants

and BIM master model coordination isn't done in an IFC App but in Navisworks.

Closed BIM.




The BIM related projects that we are involvolved, only rely on IFC data exchange.

The BIM coordination is managed by an external company and they are checking all models from all participants. I.e. architects, structural engineers, hvac etc.

They use Solibri to align all models and for collision detection and issue management.


So i think there are many ways to do the job, but IFC, wether 2.3 or 4, has got defined standards that ensure a clean exchange via different cad solutions.

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On 11/24/2023 at 6:17 AM, Marco Zavagno said:

Solibri is a great software for that!

As Zoomer said, though, many times the Revit files that are based over to VWx are not accurately prepared for the task. I had terrible experiences. maybe it was just my bad luck! 🤷‍♂️


It's not just your bad luck, I have the same experience. I know Autodesk does not like to play nice with others, but I also find that the vast majority of my clients that work on Revit have no training on exporting DWG files, and much less IFC files that are useful to other consultants. Multiple times I have been asked what an IFC file is.


I always get files with 4 or 5 x-refs on top of each other, many duplicate lines and curves that are built with one thousand tiny line segments. Some of the files I get also show linework from lower levels that protrude into the slab with no differentiation at all from the level I'm working on. It's not fun selecting hundreds of lines on class "Detail - Med" and having to compare them to a PDF just to understand the layout.


Importing Revit files into VW is not quick, but sometimes is the only way to get useful data. I either wait an hour or two for a Revit file to import into VW or spend 3 hours cleaning up a DWG file. Hopefully support for importing 2024 refit files will be added soon.

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