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  1. I have the same issue and its been happening for a few versions now. at least 2021, 2022 and now 2023. For me it's a constant issue with Groups in a referenced file. Snapping works fine on individual objects but it will not snap to objects that are Grouped. I also get an issue that requires me to move the pointer out of the drawings area ( somewhere over a tool pallet for example) and after that snapping works.
  2. Thanks for looking into this. I have tried both double clicking the TB object and selecting TB Manager, and clicking on the OIP TBManager button. with the same hanging crash. However I just tried to go File - TBManager and you are correct, that does not cause the crash. I'll keep trying this on my end with different files. Thanks Again. Carlos
  3. Hello Nikolay this keeps getting stranger. I opened up the file and deleted everything except for the title block and the the TB Manager worked without an issue. Same file, delete all the Design Layer elements and the TB works. I'll send you a test file that I did manage to get the error on. I'll send it to you in a Message, for some reason my files are very large sizes for a simple file.
  4. Is anyone else having an issue with the Title Block Manager in 2021? I can't seem to add an Issue Date to multiple sheets. It beach balls every time until I force quit. Even if I only select a single "sheet to use" within the Manager However, I can add it to a single sheet with no problems at all if I select the Edit Border settings. It's happened on multiple files that where previously 2020 and opened in 2021.
  5. I wish the Vectorworks Updater gave you this information when it notifies there is a new service pack available. I realize it's not hard to find the information, but I think it would be useful.
  6. Sadly I have some of those issues as well. and I'm still running 2019 on High Sierra! I have already installed the latest service pack for VW. and I saw no difference in these issues or the amount of crashes. Lines disappear from few but are still selectable. lines appear offset from the actual location where they are, so when you try to select them the highlight appears in a different place. Editing symbols makes them disappear until I restart VW. Cropping bitmaps makes the image offset from the clipping path (see image attached). And of course crash after crash after crash... It seems that there are many issues related to graphics. I wonder if there is where the issues lie. Running dual graphics cards with 6gb of memory each I would assume no graphics issues but there you go. It's not all to do with MacOS and Mojave. There has to be something else going on since there are people (relatively) successfully running VW in Mojave like Zoomer mentioned.
  7. I think the new updater too is quite useful. However it would be even more useful if when we get a notification of an update the information about what the update fixes or changes was displayed, or at least there was a link to the change log like there is when we where directed to a website to download the Service Pack.
  8. completely agree! I'm also getting many many crashes on simple tasks. just this morning it crashed 3 times while trying to add annotations text on a viewport. hope they fix this quick. 2019 has some great new features, but what's the point if we can't use the software consistently?
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