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"Vectorworks 2023" is damaged and can't be opened.

Mauro Pujia




I purchased a new Macbook Pro M2 last week and did the OS migration from my old Macbook Pro Touchbar.

When I try openning VWX 2023 i get an alert saying: "Vectorworks 2023" is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash.
This file was downloaded on an unknown date.


Anyone experiencing the same problem? Still have not tried re-install. 

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I'm using an Intel Imac with 14.1.1 Sonoma and VW 2024. I had this issue with some of my older Vectorworks editions as I tend to keep them around and whilst I'm using the aforementioned 2024, these messages keep popping up. As I'm a user from the MiniCad days, and owned my earlier versions, I'm loathe to delete them now i'm subscription based. I've tried repairing which makes the message disappear for a few hours but to no avail.

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Just noticed it says underneath

" This file was created on an unknown date"

This message is the same one that appeared for some earlier versions pf VW I had ( 2017, 2019 and 2021) and I ultimately deleted them to get rid of the annoying message but now I want to know what's happening. I'm not even running those versions, just 2024.

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On 11/27/2023 at 5:25 AM, Amanda Priano said:

I had the exact same problem when switching to a Mac Studio M2 in the last few weeks. I ended up just deleting it and reinstalling VW with no further issues.

@James Carr If repairing the installation per the Updater doesn’t work, have you tried deleting and reinstalling Vw as suggested by Amanda here?

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