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  1. I'd just like to bump this request again. The lack of 3d returns make the use of the editable window and door tool useless. I cannot see why this has not been fixed in the last 5 years despite repeated requests and the fact that better tools exist in different regions of Vectorworks
  2. You may well be right, I lack the technical knowhow to make any judgment. I would however note that this did not occur in VW2018 through to the end of last year, some time after the Spectre exploit was patched on most machines. Even now I can run 2018 quite happily so whilst it may be an OS issue or even a hardware issue, to the un-initiated it would appear to be something introduced with VW2019 and even then its' effects are varied and intermittent.
  3. I cannot speak to anyone else' s platform but I'm using a Mac on OS 10.14. I must say that I'm a little disappointed as this problem was first reported last November and I suspect that the number of people affected is far greater than reported in this discussion group with no real sign of a fix.
  4. Strangely, with no updates to either the OS or Vectorworks, working on the same drawings has been diabolically slow today and yesterday.
  5. Ok. Day 2 and things are not perfect but at least they are better. Currently I find that initial selection of door objects can result in the wondrous spinning beachball but once this has passed, things return to normal. Will continue to see how things go.
  6. WOW!!! That made an immediate difference. I will test it out over the next few days to see if it keeps up. Thanks Alan
  7. Any news on a fix for this issue as I am about to be billed for Service Select for the next year and if this problem isn't able to be addressed, I'm not sure whether it's worth it going forward.
  8. I did check the activity monitor and it temporarily says "Vectorworks not responding" before returning to normal each time it hang. I will await the update. Thanks for the reply
  9. Has anyone solved this yet as it just seems to be getting worse. Every time I select a new type of object I get the spinning beach ball for a varied amount of time.
  10. I'm having the same problem after updating to SP2. Using VW19 on OSX 10.14.1
  11. Just an update in that the Dr Beam application price has been corrected on the website. Single user is now about $100 so I bought it as it is pretty good value for that price.
  12. Beams are almost never loaded simply. An improved beam calculator which allows you to ad/combine loads would be much more use.
  13. tguy I stand corrected, I opened up another beam program by mistake and you are correct. Unfortunately it seems to work in imperial (feet and inches). Here in the UK that would make life very awkward requiring a host of conversions. Thanks anyway :-) Any more suggestions. Thanks for everyones input BTW
  14. tguy Had a look at beamchek or at least I tried to but as I don't have Excel on here it wont work. Any more suggestions anyone?
  15. Dr Beam Pro is $299 unless you are a student. Good program though
  16. Thanks for that, I'll check it out. I suppose my gripe is that, having added the feature (some time ago), it's so limited that it is, as you said, not very useful.
  17. Well you learn something every day. I really should get out more as I used both those and never realised. I'll go back and see how good they were but I suspect that the same issues will be there too. Thanks for the info. Edit: This re-enforces my point only you'd have to go back a few issues. This hasn't been updated/improved since VW11 so am I the only one who sees this as a shortcoming.
  18. I was very pleased to see this addition to VW2008 - then I had a look at it and have to say yet again VW have disappointed. I have been a user since the MiniCAD days and each upgrade has promised and then missed the mark. That's not to say that each one has not been an improvement, just that every time I seem to be disappointed by some aspect. In this case the limit to loading variables cripples what could have been a very useful tool for me. Whilst I understand its not a priority, could we not have an improved version that at least lets us load a simple beam like it is in the real world, with a combination of loads.
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