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  1. Another way to approach this is to use data tags for the viewport where you need the larger scale, The tags will only be present in the viewport annotations and won't affect the label legend scale in another viewpüort or in design layers.
  2. Its odd that the export works when set to mm but not m, the export process converts all dimensions to mm. I'll get a bug report opened and bring it to the dev teams attention
  3. @ReMatsu Can you DM me the VWX file and the MVR created in 2024? Also are you on a windows or apple computer?
  4. Viewport., VGM and Site model caching can be turned off in the dcoument settings and the VectorCaching toggle can be found in the Vectorworks preferences.
  5. This webinar by @markdd does a brilliant job of explaining the workflow to use schematic views for custom positions
  6. Here's an excellent webinar from @markdd about how to use schematic views effectively
  7. @AStein Change the consumer components in the distro for output components and add the consumers into the hoist symbol. What connector did you add to the cable connector xml? As I don't have it at my end it seems to have defaulted back to camlock connectors for all the components
  8. At the moment the only 2 options that I'm aware of are to insert a point load (combined drop pipe and lamp weight) for calculation puposes add the drop pipe to the light as a lighting device accessory. You'll need to set the drop pipe symbol up correctly as lighting device accessory andset it as a base acessory (same as a clamp)
  9. @Alan.AHA what are your system specs and operating system version?
  10. @AStein For the cables to be able to document what hoist they are connected with you need to add a consumer electrical component. once this is done the cable will display in its 'End' field the name of the connected hoist.
  11. The easiest way is to set a class text style for the class that you insert the bridle object into. That way it will be drawn with the correct text style at creation. A second option is to use the text style dropdown in the bridle object properties after creation to change it (group select all the bridles together)
  12. @RMDiekmann Thank you for bringing this to my attention I've tested it and you're correct only the single connection mode of the cable tool is correctly connecting the cables. All three other modes are drawing the cables but not connecting them correctly at the start or end. The other options for drawing cables are still working correctly (patch by command and using the dropdowns) I've opened a bug report
  13. @Stefan B. It should be fixed in update 2 that is just about to be released, along with a number of other cablle related issues
  14. @AStein This is some really useful feedback, I'll make sure that it gets to the right people. We are actively looking into how to address many of the these workflow related issues. Some like the hanging position obscuring the trusses inside are much harder to address than others and will need time to carefully plan. But the more info and feedback you and others can povide identifying specific pain points and problems the easier for our developers to understand what needs to be addressed and what our priorities need to be.
  15. did you apply the tag to the original light on the design layer or in the schematic view? Tags will maintain the original orientation based on the view they are first inserted in, so create the tag from the lighting device, then delete it in the design layer and reapply it using the data tag tool on the schematic light.
  16. Try selecting the regular lighting device object rather than the schematic object. When you tag the schematic version of the lights, assign them to a new schematic tag class so you can control their visibility.
  17. @kdenham I just had a look at the JBL speaker symbols that you are using in the array and the problem looks to be that the data record dimensions do not match the geometry inside the symbol definition. Since I'm not really familiar with JBL speakers I'm not sure which is incorrect, the data record or the geometry. I'll put a bug report in for it
  18. @AStein Fully understand that it can be hard to work with a last minute plan changes or a design prepared by a third party, especially if you are dealing with another contractor not willing to actually do their job properly. But does this leave you open to being legally liable if something goes wrong due to the information you have provided? To me taking the extra time is worth it from a safety point of view and just as importantly, minimising potential liabilty if something goes wrong on site.
  19. Here's the link to the error message in the Vectorworks help https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2024/eng/VW2024_Guide/Braceworks/Displaying_and_correcting_errors.htm If you DM me the file I can check what is causing the issue.
  20. @AStein Is this the sort of thing you are looking for? If this is what you need it can be created by adding bridles tot he hoists and calculating them with Braceworks. Braceworks will automatically create hanging points that will document the force acting on the beam at the connection point. You can then use spotlight numbering to give the hanging points ID's based on the beam they are linked with to make reporting on them eaiser.
  21. Yes this is standard behaviour across all of the Vectorworks objects like lighting devices trusses and hoists, that are not simple symbols.
  22. The issue is that you are attaching the record to the hoist symbol, which is then buried inside the hoist object when the insertion tool inserts a hoist. This effetcively blocks access to the record attached to the symbol. The way to deal with this is to add the record to all your inserted hoists after creation, then it will be attached the the top level object and not tot he symbol inside the object.
  23. My preferred way is to create a double clamp symbol, with the clamps offset to each side of the insertion point.
  24. @Zach S Have you used a renderworks camera to create the viewport? A range of new cmaera effects and controlls have been added in 2024 and this may be causing the blurriness.
  25. @aheininen Thanks for bringing this to my attention I'll get the bug report in to get it fixed
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