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  1. Jim, I had this problem with VW18. Go to Font Book in applications. Select all the fonts, then select File > Validate Fonts. This will identify any non-validated fonts and you can remove the checked ones. I also manually deleted any duplicate fonts. Be sure to restart VW after running through that. Basically what VW told me was that the program was creating duplicate, bad font files which were causing issues. I haven't had the issue since. Hope that works for you!
  2. I'm mac based: I've not had this problem since running a font validation and deleting all of the bad fonts. Somehow vectorworks was duplicating fonts and they were corrupt... or something like that. It seemed to clear everything up.
  3. VW18 seems to be causing some issues with the font library - Font Book on a mac. We've had to go into Font Book, validate all the fonts, remove the ones with issues, then restart. For some reason, there were a lot of duplicates that seemed to be causing issues. Even after that, I had to delete the fonts I'm using in VW18 even though they didn't come appear to have issues in Font Book, and then reinstall them. Since doing that, I haven't had any issues. Hope that helps.
  4. Nevermind. I figured it out. Styled windows...
  5. I'm looking to download the Marvin window library. I see Pella in the list of downloads, but no Marvin. Within VW18, I only have the universal Marvin window, not the library.
  6. Thanks Jim. I've tried both of those things. The rasterizing still leads to a look that isn't quite right. And I've done the font validation with no success.
  7. After downloading VW18, I’m having trouble with my fonts changing between VW and PDFs when using the Publish command. I'm only trying to use Arial & Times New Roman... nothing fancy, so it's not a font error. If I create a PDF by using File > Print > Save as a PDF, there aren't any issues, so it seems to be a publishing issue. I can select the option to Rasterize, which makes the font spacing appear correct, but it causes the text to thicken and look rather murky. Anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions? I've been back and forth with tech support, but they're unable to duplicate my problem using my file.
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