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Found 19 results

  1. Sometimes there are instances in my work where I'd like to have dimension that display units that are not used elsewhere in my project. Say like feet and inches, and feet decimal. In USA surveyors commonly use feet decimal. So when working on the site plan, I'd like for my dimensions to display in decimal as I'm working so I can verify correctness. Also, in the final construction documents, it would be nice to have my dimensions in the site plan coordinate with those in the survey. So having units, maybe units format, be definable or overridden by dimension style would be be a plus. Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  2. Found this one today... I'm putting in some Dimension tapes to help out my crew with a drawing. When I create it, all is good but the hash marks disappear as soon as I stop editing the object. If I roll over it or edit it, they're seen. Currently I'm using them in the annotation layer in a viewport on a sheet layer. I have the viewport detail set to hi, and the sheet DPI is 200. I tried creating the tape in a drawing layer and then just adding that layer to the viewport but the same problem happens. Any ideas? Thanks. Dave
  3. How do you control the length of an Angular Dimension witness line?
  4. Hello, I am currently working in VW Architect 2021, and I am designing a two story residence. I would like to capture the space/room/dimensions and have that data reflected/incorporated into a VW worksheet so I can produce accurate estimations and material take offs. Any assistance that you can provide in this matter is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ryan Russell
  5. Almost everything gets modeled in 3d these days. Associative Dimensioning is only possible with 2d geometry in Vectorworks. Is wish it was possible on 3d geometry as well. The following tools should be able to recognize 3d geometry in models and work associative on sheet layers and design layers: - Unconstrained Linear Dimensioning - Constrained Linear Dimensioning - Dual Dimensioning - Radial Dimensioning - Marking Object Centers - Angular Dimensioning - Arc Length Dimensioning Vectorworks should be able to recognize radial dimensions and curves on shelled nurbs surfaces and perfect round extruded polygons. Attached I have a file I wish VW could dimension associative and would be able to recognize al the different dimensions. Pleas pitch in for enhancements on this wish. Associative Dimensioning.vwx
  6. I'm showing distances between speakers created with the speaker tool in a view port with the dimension tool. Once I create a dimension, half the speakers just disappear. I have to change some parameter that will re-create the autohybrid in order for a speaker to reappear. I tried updating the viewport, and that does not help.
  7. Hey all, I have Vectorworks 2020, when I export DWG & re-import I've noticed my dimensions & drawing number info are outside the viewport and are on the sheets, as groups. Is there a way to solve this issue? Thank you Olivia
  8. Earlier today I was able to draw an angular dimension between two linear dimensions, now for no apparent reason I cannot select the linear dimensions when I have the angular dimension tool selected. This worked: But here VW will not allow me to draw an angle between the two diagonal dimensions: Any ideas? Thanks all!
  9. It would be nice if the text is automatically located outside the dimension line in vertical dimensions. By default vertical dimensions are inside the dim line. In the OIP I can manually move it by typing in a negative value, but that's a step we shouldn't have to make. Also, in some forums people suggest the flip text checkbox in the OIP. Unfortunately it rotates the text into the wrong orientation.
  10. Hi there, Is there a way of having dashed or dotted witness lines to a dimension whilst retaining the main dimension line as solid? This would be supper useful as I currently draw the witness lines separately. Thanks, Aurore
  11. Hi Everytime I make a linear dimension, its default attribute will always be Solid, even if I change in the attribute palette to be None. What am I missing? thanks Joey Vectorworks 2019
  12. Why do I get this when changing Dimension Std.? Whats wrong? Object creation failed due to invalid parameter(s). Please use different parameter(s).
  13. Hi, Sometimes when I create a dimension in annotations on my viewport, I get these small grenn dots. So when the object is moved on my design layer, the dimension follow on the sheet layer. But this is only sometimes. Why does this only happens sometimes, and what is the magic way to make this happen?
  14. Hello, helpful crew, I'm drawing dimensions within a group on a class set to be visable, appearence settings for fill and line are black 0.13 pen weight. Class settings similar. The dimensions 'should' appear as they are drawn, like any other entity. Why aren't they appearing? Regards, Dan
  15. Hello!! Please help me figure this out! I have spent many hours trying to fix this problem but was not able to. Basically, my measurement changed but I did not resize anything or change the settings and all my drawings are on a scale of 1:1. In the images below my measurements used to be 500mm and 200 mm. now it adds so many zeros and the number changes and drawing size wasn't touched or changed. how to I fix it? I also added an attached an image of my unit settings.
  16. From the worldcadaccess blog on the new B-thingy version " The new dimension-style families feature consists of a parent style with one or more child styles. This is a handy way for you to make subtle modifications to just parts of dimension styles. For instance, child styles let you make linear and angular dimensions look different from one another" This would be a nice feature for Vectorworks to have as well. For example I sometimes need to adjust dimensions in tight spaces where the regular dimension style would not fit, e.g. slightly smaller text and arrows compared to the standard style. Instead of having to create new styles having a child style where the similar parts update together with the parent style if that gets updated (e.g. text style change)
  17. I am new to using Viewports. I have modeled an object on a design layer and have now begun building viewports on sheet layers. When i attempt to dimension objects in the viewports (after first double clicking the viewport to edit annotations) i encounter the following problems; 1. If i want to show the angle of something, i find i first have to draw two lines over the objects and then use the angle tool to get the angle of those 2 lines. 2. Similarly, if i want to use the radius tool on a curved piece of geometry, i have to find it's center, and draw a circle out to it, use the radius tool on the circle, disassociate the dimension from the circle and delete the cir cle so that it doesn't show up in my drafting. 3. anything curved seems to be a real problem for viewports, displaying it properly, (increasing the 3d conversion resolution in Vectorworks preferences) and as i said above dimension-ing it, finding it's center. So is this the way these things are supposed to work? or am i really missing something? I've been using V-Works for about 9 years now, having started with V-Works10 / moving up to 2009 / 2011 and now a big jump to 2016. I work in the entertainment industry, drafting scenery for movies and TV, not alot of standard doors or windows, lots of curvy sci-fi things, typically i am building the objects myself, but now I have to draft them for others, love the idea of viewports, but feel i am missing something as relates to dimesioning and displaying them efficiently. Thanks for reading this. Paul
  18. The ability to set a Custom Class for the 'Create Dimensions in dimensions class' option on the Document Preferences tab. For example, I use a modified AIA CAD Layer Standards so I put my dimensions in an 'ANNO-DIMS' class. The ability to automatically put all of my dimensions in this class (instead of the 'Dimensions' class) would be welcome.
  19. Dimension object with Leader and Note text (which goes below the text line). Problem is that the Note text doesn't stay below the line, it'll go the opposite direction of wherever you drag the dimension text. The Dimension Note text should always stay below the line of Dimension text.
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