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  1. Hey all, I have Vectorworks 2020, when I export DWG & re-import I've noticed my dimensions & drawing number info are outside the viewport and are on the sheets, as groups. Is there a way to solve this issue? Thank you Olivia
  2. Hi all! On my work computer I used to be able to do something which I can't do on my personal computer VW. When moving a (say a line) from point A to point B, if I wanted it to move (say) a third of that distance, I would simply select the line, (SHIFT+M), then hover it over point B, then simple type into my keyboard "/3" + ENTER and would only move a third of that distance and not to point B. This was a really useful feature!! I can no longer do this, when I hit enter it just goes to point B, does anyone know how to fix this? Ta! :)
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