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  1. When the Windows taskbar is set to auto-hide, it can be revealed by moving the mouse cursor to the bottom edge. VW 2024 however, does not allow this when the application window is in full screen display. VW 2023 and previous versions did not have this bug. Allowing the taskbar to be accessed when the application is full-screen is typical and expected behavior across all Windows applications.
  2. IN Spotlight 2023 if I (for example) click on a cable, to check what components are used, select Cable Configuration, and then click Cancel VW recalculates the cable. Why? Cancel means "make no changes". It means leave things as they were, forget anything I've done, discard any changes, go back to how things were BEFORE. I'd really like VW to work like every other piece of software on the planet. If I click Cancel on a dialog, the program should instantly go back to where I was BEFORE I opened the dialog and not force me to wait while it recalculates something that does NOT need recalculating.
  3. Recalculating a referenced worksheet when using design layer referencing breaks the referenced design layers. Vectorworks 2024 files are attached and a brief description. Bug Submitted. Vectorworks 2023 this wasn't an issue as worksheets were not referenced but replaced if on a referenced design layer import with the same name. Master File.vwx Referenced Worksheet.vwx Description.pdf
  4. After i use the "walkthrough tool with gamer mode" my mouse cursor disappears. The mouse goes OUT of the Vectorworks window while in walkthrough mode. (Which is annoying as i use hot corners and constantly showing my desktop turning right.... These bugs are with us since 2019...any date when these will be fixed?
  5. hello, to save time, I am copy-pasting equipment from room to room or within a room and then bulk-update the device name with the find and replace function. so far so good. unfortunatelly linked equipment (espcacially rack location, in-rack position and slot number) is not updated accordingly. Updating PIO (Extras>Intelligente Objekte aktualisieren // Tools>Update POI) does not work either. So I have to go to the OIP of each device, change the name to something non existing, confirm and then change it to the correct device/equipment name. ...not really the time-saver I was hoping for. 😉 am I missing something? thanks, george
  6. Routinely I import (level 1) a py module (level 2) that, in turn, imports another module (level 3). I've been making changes for weeks to the level 3 module and those were reflected in VW until now. Suddenly VW2023 stopped to detect changes to the level 3 module; I tried to fix resetting script's paths with no success. The solution was to use the importlib module in the level 2 script to force the reloading of the level 3 module: import utilerias import importlib import utilerias importlib.reload(utilerias) Hope it helps.
  7. When orbiting around a model in Shaded view on my Design Layer, the components of some of my walls are switching from their correct concrete texture to black. It happens in both perspective and orthogonal 3d views. The concrete foundation walls shown are all the same wall type, but only some of the walls show this behavior. It also happens one some Slabs that have the same texture. 136516257_2023sp3perspectiveblacktextures.mov 1757163616_2023sp3orthoblacktextures.mov
  8. I just installed Vw2023 SP2, and on a file that looked correct in SP1 -- I am now seeing lines between coplanar objects in all of my SLVP. These wall objects are perfectly coplanar, and these lines did not show up in SP1. No other changes to the file or SLVP other than opening it up in SP2 and updating the out-of-date viewport. One step forward... two steps back...
  9. DESCRIPTION Changing the fractional display for dual stacked dimensionschanges the precision of the imperial dimension to round down to the whole 1" STEPS TO REPRODUCE Have a dimension drawn with dual stacked being used, primary is imperial, secondary is mm File --> Document Settings --> Units Change the fractional display for dimensions WHAT IS THE EXPECTED (CORRECT) BEHAVIOUR? The dimension does not change precision WHAT IS THE CURRENT (BUG) BEHAVIOUR? The dimension changes precision Stacked Dimension.pdf Stacked Dimension.vwx
  10. I would like to have different symbols for different types of signals (arrow for unidirectional, diamond for I/O connections). And maybe even depending on wether the "jump" leaves the room or not. Is there a reason why I can't use all available symbols?
  11. hi guys, not sure how, but my CableOptions.txt file is empty. All my entries are gone. Which I only realised because the dropdown was missing next to "Kabel" (obviously "Cable [option, I guess]"). Just last week I noticed cable options in my dropdown list not being listed in the CC Settings dialog. Guess it has to do of how the dropdown list is created? As I can manually enter values (see below) and when adding a value via the settings dialogue the manually entered values (e.g. test1234) are also listed in the dropdown but obviously not in the settings. gues the initial error had to do with me editing the CableOptions.txt outside of VW. Although it was working fine for the last days. And I didn't do any edits.Is there any posibilty to make these config files more robust? But please don't just answer "Don't edit outside of VW". 😉 (Editing these things inside VW takes ages.) Thanks, George
  12. not sure about a clear pattern, but when I move devices that have external signals (EXT) connected to them, (some?) connections are lost/disconnected (00:13). And the undo (CTRL-Z) function can't correct it. Neither does Tools>Reload PIOs. I have to reload the backup file. (FYI: I am using these external signals as temporary devices when cables at the other end are not connected yet.) As I can't send my project file I tried to get the same error in a new file, but I guess it has to do with file size or amount of connections/ layers? (Question on the side out of curiosity: Has ConnectCAD been used for "large scale systems"? (e.g. a broadcast station, OB Van or 500 bed hotel?) Main problem is, that I might see the error, when it's already to late and there are 3 file saves and a few hours of work in between. 😕 VW_MovingEXT-Error_A.mov
  13. Changing the Lights in "ALL" doesn't change the lights for all viewports once you click away. Reverting viewports to no overrides on lighting doesn't change anything. Restarting the program will make it work again. But for how long!? After not using VWX for a minute I forgot how often a problem is solved by just restarting the application. It's more likely the program is doing something wrong than you are !
  14. sorry, another bug I wanted to ask about: I don't have admin privileges on my CAD machine and I can edit all ConnectCAD settings except for the numbering systems. Everytime I exit the settings dialogue an error message appears warning me, that the changes to the numbering system weren't saved. Tested it with admin privileges and it worked fine. But as I said I usually don't have those. Company policy. Asking our administrator every time I want to make a change is not really an option. It's already strange to require admin privileges for an VW update, but I can live with that. But setting changes within the software should be available to everybody?
  15. Hello, when I use the "Create devices from worksheet" function from a list with devices that already have unique device names with a running number at the end, ConnectCAD cuts off that last number and replaces it with a space for the first and then its own running number for every following devices. the tool itself is fantastic. but unfortunately this behaviour is slowing me down a lot as I have to rename every device again. My workaround is add a space at the end of the device name in my excel list and after the device was created replace the space in the name via copy-paste from excel to a temporary worksheet to the database list in question (because of this bug). This is what ConnectCAD does... e.g. Excel List: Device-1 Device-2 Device-3 is turned into: Device- Device- 1 Device- 2
  16. Hello, In Version 2022 SP2.1 running on Mac Monterey on a M1 Max MacBook Pro, The navigation fails to display sheet layers that exist. I have attached a screenshot here showing the Organization window side by side with the Navigation Pane.
  17. Hi all, I can't seem to find anyone else with this issue, so I've had to resort to posting it myself in search of a fix. For some reason my textures show up white on 3D objects and symbols as if they are generic white solids, even when a texture has been applied previously. The files often open with the textures there but once I begin editing they soon disappear, or the file opens with all objects displaying as white objects with no textures. What is weird with this and different to a lot of other issues I've seen others having is that the objects seem to lose all surface UV's altogether, not displaying in the render window as having any texture at all, and I am unable to apply any texture back onto the object. This also means that when importing to twinmotion or publishing other viewports that the textures appear white as if no texture has been applied. I am using Vectorworks 2022 and I have ensured that the software is up to date, that my graphics card settings are correct, and I have even tried reinstalling vectorworks altogether and still getting this issue. I work in a small team who also use Vectorworks that have not experienced this problem, in fact if I send the files that I have been using to their machines they all work fine, even though I have a brand new PC! I've also opened up past projects which didn't have this bug originally and now the same issue occurs, so by now i definitely think this is a software issue or bug rather than an issue with my machine. Any advice on this subject would be highly appreciated. I did have a quick fix by turning the 'Use textures' on and off from within shaded options.. but now this option often appears greyed out and I am unable to get around this without restarting vectorworks multiple times until it decides to work. Please help!! EDIT: This issue seemingly occurs after loading a file back up, I spent all day in a project yesterday without any issues until I opened the file back up again today to find my textures missing. Vectorworks Design Suite 2022 - [SF 40131 Burfield Academy.vwx] 2021-11-19 13-45-05.mp4
  18. In Vw2022, on the 'Help > Install Partner Products' it does not show my installed Partner Products -- which is how I ended up with WinDoor being installed twice, along with two 'Tools > Partner Products' menus. I'm running the current Vw2022 SP1.1. Thank you. Bug reported.
  19. Any others having the same issue? Bug submitted today, happens on Mac and windows here. Environment Vectorworks Version : v2022 SP1.1 (619242) Vectorworks Product : Design Suite, Renderworks Operating System : Mac OS 11.6 iMac, 27-inch Mid 2015 3.3 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 16 GB 1867 MHz DDR3 AMD Radeon R9 M290 2 GB Bug Title Curtain wall Bottom Offset fails to extend the wall below 0 from 0 and freezes the application. Bug Description Editing an existing curtain wall to have a bottom offset below ‘0’ to be a negative number fails to generate and freezes the application when the bottom offset is at 0. If the Bottom offset is a positive number, then going below 0 the wall will generate. It only occurs when the bottom offset is set at 0 to start. Steps to Reproduce 1. Open a blank file, draw a standard wall, or a curtain wall from the start. 2. Change the standard wall type to a curtain wall. 3. The bottom bounds should be set to layer elevation. 3. Edit the bottom offset of the wall to be a negative number below 0. 4. Application freezes, requiring a force quit. What is the expected (correct) behavior? That the wall will move in the desired direction without freezing. What is the current (bug) behavior? The application freezes.
  20. When placing motors (or hoists) in VW2020, the X and Y values will not update to a given origin on a drawing. As an example, if you have 2 different hoist origins and you toggle back and forth between them, the motors will not change their X/Y values.
  21. I want to preface `this rant/feature request/bug report` as coming from a long standing user, professor, industry professional, and enthusiast. I'm not really looking for a workaround or a third party tool: I want Vectorworks to natively fix the following issues. I also develop a piece of software that uses the XML Data Exchange so I have a fairly deep knowledge of how Vectorworks functions. These are core issues in the program. MVR does address several of these issues indirectly, but the export and import of raw data is a critical part of many workflows and it should either be depreciated or fixed. File -> Import -> Lighting Device Data Data Import needs to import Position/Rotation data when a fixture is created and the field is included in Data Exchange or via the Import. Currently the tool creates "Orphans" for anything it can't match and ignores Position X/Y/Z. This fails in metric or imperial with the format of `#.##m` or `#.##'`. I suspect this is because anything that is "unmatched" is set as an orphan and the position is ignored. This makes moving data from another program into Vectorworks. As a side note I believe this behavior is present in the Data Exchange workflow as well, because when I add a light and provide `PosX/Y/Z` data via the XML it also appears as an orphan without the correct position. The identifier should also be allowed in mappings a second time as Vectorworks disposes of it if it doesn't match a UUID. As such I can't synchronize another drawing to Vectorworks UUIDs by doing an import, export to sync up the UUID, and then reimporting to try to correct position information. Workflow example: I use my software to examine dimensions offset from zero and correct minor errors like x:=`15'-6.23"` and correct it to x:=`15'-6"` Workflow Example: Export data from Capture 2020 or lower into Vectorworks I suspect there are other fields that are ignored/suppressed and that logic should be audited Data Exchange Seems to suffer from the same issues which is not surprising Spotlight Data Exchange (Feature Request) This API should be documented and exposed. It is a simple XML exchange and I was able to reverse engineer it in a couple of hours, but it would be nice to have some documentation on how Vectorworks processes the files. Excel Import/Export (Feature Request) Given the fact Excel exchange is now standard in the architectural modules I would like to see lighting device data exchanged via Excel in Spotlight as well. We used to have this with the "Editable Worksheet" back in Vectorworks 12 (not 2012)--I can't remember exactly when it was eliminated but that was a huge blow to productivity. It seems like we're basically there again, and, I suspect implementing this would address my concerns above. In Conclusion Can I make all of the above work? Yes, but (as I discovered while teaching a class on lighting design) these tools behave inconsistently and in a clunky manner with no easy solutions. It would be nice to see 10 or 20 developer hours spent cleaning up these scripts and I would be happy to volunteer my time to explain--in detail--the issues to a developer if they don't understand the industry enough to make an adequate feature request. I realize the vast majority of my posts on this forum come across as crotchety at best, but that is because I come here when I have a problem I can not solve on my own. I really miss the basic export/import functionality from Vectorworks as it was a good way to teach how the software thinks, how data works, and why some tools are preferable to others. The database has always been the strength of Vectorworks and this has eroded in recent years. For someone like me who has their own database and workflow for production this amounts to being hamstrung in my workflow. My students prefer to visualize in Capture and draft in Vectorworks, but for the first time I can remember several of them have opted to create paperwork and plots in Capture rather than use Vectorworks at all and this is a major contributing factor, hence my post. -Daniel B. Chapman
  22. I have a problem where the object info palette does not update when I select an object. Sometimes it just starts happening randomly or sometimes it's like that when I first open the file. Often, but not always, it can be cured by repeatedly right clicking on an object until it responds and starts showing the correct info. Also, when you have something selected, it sometimes doesn't update when you change the size of something in the drawing, which can lead to problems if you then try the +5mm trick in the width or height fields as it adds 5mm to the old values not the new ones and then resets the object in the drawing to the wrong size.
  23. Hi everyone, I'm experiencing an annoying bug which makes impossible for me to use v2021. I'm working with 2D/3D symbols for windows with custom database attached in the ressources manager, in order to makes .ifc exports. After I opened my v2020 file to Vectorworks 2021, I noticed that when I deleted a class, re-assigning the elements to another class, the database of my 2D/3D windows symbols disappeared after freezing a few seconds. I made 2 videos on macOS and on windows10, to show this behaviour, which are attached to this post. Does anybody know why this happened ? Or does anybody already meat this issue ? Meanwhile, I'm stuck under v2020… Thanks in advance for your feedback, with kind regards, GatRed GR-201219.mp4 GR-201222.mp4
  24. Please help. The dimension text disappears if the decimal precision's changed in the 'Document settings / Units / Dimensions' dialogue box. It doesn't just disappear, VW can no longer dimension - even if it is changed back. Can this be looked at as a priority.
  25. Hi, i have a pointcloud as an "environment" but when i want to make a renderworks render of my project the pointcloud just renders in front of everything. (Even when it is "cut out", on sheet layers too.) Check the pictures attached. OpenGL shows the pointcloud good. Is this a bug or a feature? (It does this in VW 2020 and in 2021...latest sp.)
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