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  1. Hi @Nikolay Zhelyazkov thanks for looking into this. Unfortunatelly it doesn't help much, as I don't work with signal types (Signal is more used to define the cable type and therefor the class formatting). Best, George
  2. hello all, Couldn't find anything on the forum or the Help: I try to list all circuits marked "???" as the signal type in a worksheet. But ? is used as a wild card character. How can I search for it. thanks
  3. Hello @Daniel Dickman thanks. Regarding naming this is pretty much what we do as well.
  4. Hello @AlistairM think this is a different scenario from the one I outlined above? I am actully talking about physical locations not systems. We keep them all in one drawing system. Might be worth opening a new thread? Best, George
  5. think the combined height of all elements in your socket/connector symbol only has to be smaller than the layout grid (above mentioned orange boxes). the spacing by the device manager should then stay the same?
  6. hi @Sullivan.NEP looks similar to the issue below... overlapping sockets. have you changed the default socket layout? when you select your device in 0:30 the orange boundary boxes overlap. that might be it? best, george
  7. Hi everybody, I am trying to use the general eyedropper tool for circuits. As far as I understand I have to use the following tick marks. How can I adjust *which* plug-in data to pick up? obviously I don't want to copy the cable number for example. Thanks for any hints.
  8. hi @markdd, thanks for the hint! unfortunately. Am using ConnectCAD, so it is a bit different. The Spotlight Tool seems to almost get me there. (Only works for same sized objects/devices, though). It's a start. 🙂 Thanks again. Best, George
  9. Hello all, I would like to distribute devices with a fixed distance between them. Currently this seems to be determend by the outmost objects, but I don't have any control over the value? Or am I using the wrong tool? Thanks, George
  10. ah, I see. embarassing. didn't notice. 🙈 thanks a lot Nikolay! 🙂
  11. Hello all, to be able to hide certain port names, I created an extra class called PortNamesHidden and assigned it to one of the port symbols (skt_txt_vda_L in the attached file). Problem: I can hide/grey out the class PortNames (see screeshot), but I can not do the same with my newly created class PortNamesHidden and I don't really get why? What am I missing here? Thanks for any hints! Best, George 20220919_HiddenPorts_00.vwx
  12. okay. so, basically: they took out a working feature for SP4 to implement it as a new feature in "some future" version? that makes sense. 🙂 I hope copy-and-pasting directly from Excel to a database list instead of having to go through a static list will be added by VW along the way? thanks for your help
  13. hello, was wondering if it is possible to change the position and color of the circuit label text? currently I would like to have black text while keeping the circuit color the same. (some colors are better to read then others, so we'd like to have text display in black only.) thanks for any hints. best, george
  14. wel, I had just sent a support request. thanks.
  15. sorry, but where can I find that. Or was it supposed to say "Bug Submit form"?
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