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Found 19 results

  1. When I got my 2018 upgrade I forgot there was an option to go up to 2022m currently on SP6. If I do the 2022 upgrade will it open my 2018 files? If 2022 does not work out for me will I be able to return to 2018? Has anyone seen bad things happening moving from 2018 to 2022? I'd ask my dealer here in NZ but since their lead tech left it would be a waste of time.
  2. In late 2019, I grew tired of guessing between identical dock icons for previous & current Vectorworks releases. Instead, I now create versioned icons with a year badge for each release. As a visual aid, I also age (yellow) the icon of the previous version. If you want to eliminate this headache for yourself, download the .icns files via this link: VW Icon Pack by MadXD™. The files in this folder will be updated over time and I will try not to change the link. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Enjoy!! On a Mac, changing the icon is easy. Steps below: Navigate to the app in your Applications folder [/Applications/Vectorworks 2020/Vectorworks 2020] or right-click on the icon in your dock, then select Options > Show In Finder. Right-click the app and choose Get Info Drag the appropriate .icns file and drop it on the small Vectorworks icon in the upper-left corner of the Get Info window. Delete the current VW alias in the dock by dragging it away and holding until it says "remove", then let go. From the application folder in Step 1, drag the updated Vectorworks app to the dock. Note: This a refresh of my original post, which only covers the old 2019 and new 2020 icon set. I will post any future updates here.
  3. Has anyone encountered this issue where if I create a section viewport, it created a cut 2D plan and the option to change the projection is greyed out? I have also tried copying other section viewports lines that show the building correctly, but the results are the same. The projection options are also absent in the OIP. VW2022 SP6 MAC Monterrey 12.6.3 M1 MAX
  4. Just to get this out of the way - No, it's not classes turned off and it's not classes or layers buried deep in symbols. It's something else. I'm having an issue where Spotlight Symbols are not appearing. They are there - I can select them and they are outlined in orange. I make a rectangle selection around the area where the objects should be and the previously invisible objects are now still invisible but outlined in orange as if selected. If I click away from the selection the selection disappears and the objects are still missing. This is in Top/Plan or any other 3D view. If I select symbols and manipulate them in some way (flipping, nudging, or toggling OIP checkboxes such as "Use GDTF Geometry" or "Flip 2d Legend) they appear as normal! I can select all of the spotlight symbols in the drawing, get them to appear, save the file, close and reopen the file, and then symbols are back to being invisible. Once this behavior has begun, 2D Insertion Tool only inserts invisible symbols. They are there, selectable as described above, but will not render. Previously existing (non spotlight) symbols in the drawing remain however. If the symbols are invisible on design layers, they do not appear on sheet layer viewports either. This behavior began in VW2022, and stays with the file when exported to VW2021. NOTE: I've rebuilt this file once already from scratch in VW2022 to try to solve this behavior, because I thought it was related to the "Enable Legacy 2D features" check box, which had been checked. Legacy features are OFF and there are no Screen Plane objects in this drawing. Any ideas? Here you can see that I've made (35) appear. but another fixture on SR is just ghosting. Here you can see I've selected a bunch of symbols.
  5. Dear All I would like to see two licences of Vectorworks. Vectorworks Design with Vision (Renderworks) and Vectorworks Architect. The original price was for £2715 for the Designer Version £2405.40 for the Architect Version I don't expect the same price but a fair offer which is open for discussion. I am aware that it makes sense to speak to Vectorworks to organise a VSS contract a year subscription and update if this is beneficial. Please contact Michael at Hormann Architects 01326 761290
  6. When modifying my workspace I can't seem to add dividing lines to a menu. I can select the line object from the left column and drag it over but it never gives me the line-with-circle to insert it. I'm using the latest service pack for 2022. No issues doing this in previous versions.
  7. does anyone know if there's a way to turn off the default map type of 'surface UV' in VW 2022.SP.3. and use auto-align plane as default instead? The surface UV gets applied to any extrude etc and is a complete mess when in C4D (UV wise). Walls etc are auto-align map type and UV's are correct in C4D.
  8. Is there a way to get data visualization to recognize individual items inside a symbol? It seems to react unpredictably. Sometimes, an item with a specified class that is inside a symbol seems to be ignored by the data visualization setting. Other times, the color chosen works, but the transparency setting does not. Mark MacBook Pro M1 Max 32 g RAM VWX 2022 SP2
  9. Who has time for this? It appears that in the shuttling of data between virgin LW6 and made-in-2022 plot that data is being corrupted: Entire (but not every) electrics of lighting devices have suddenly become static accessories. They retain at least some of the fixture data but they're NO LONGER LIGHTS. There goes a couple hours of work lost and certainly another to rebuild. Any product trust I may have retained has been corrupted by that data loss. Easy-peasy fix anyone? I have attached a couple screenshots showing the diff between the backup file from 2 hours ago and from the current file. I suppose it might be best to delete the problem units & copy | paste-in-place the backups from the latest still Lights file, eh? Let me go do that research now.
  10. Hello! I will certainly call the service select support when I have a chance, but my first stop is here. I work on files with heavy amounts of Bitmaps and cropped external reference viewports and I am having crashes nearly every 5-10 minutes. I am running Mac Monterey 12.1, Vectorworks 2022 Sp2.1 on an M1Max Macbook pro. These crashes happen during saving, panning, zooming, and exiting crops. I have attempted an installation repair, which yielded no improvement. I am interested in any additional steps I can try, Thanks!
  11. Hello, In Version 2022 SP2.1 running on Mac Monterey on a M1 Max MacBook Pro, The navigation fails to display sheet layers that exist. I have attached a screenshot here showing the Organization window side by side with the Navigation Pane.
  12. edit: fixed in SP 2.1 🙂 The recent update for VW2022 SP2 appears to have broken Label Legends to the extent that the feature is significantly crippled. Label legends where "use layout symbol" is unchecked do not display in top/plan view and cause errors with the lighting symbol it is attached to such that the 2D symbol cannot be interacted with using the mouse. This can be reverted with undo, but effectively label legends that do not use layout symbols are unusable. This is infinitely repeatable. I observed this issue on two separate Windows 10 installations with SP2. Reverting to SP1.1 restored proper functionality. I hope this issue can be resolved quickly as Label Legends is a fairly important function in Spotlight. I would suggest pulling the update for SP2 until it is resolved, as any files created previously which use label legends without layout symbols will be severely impacted. The attached file demonstrates the bug: 1) Select the instrument symbol, and in the OIP, change the label legend to "channel no symbol". The label legend is not displayed. 2) Click in a blank area of the screen to deselect the instrument. The 2D symbol now can not be selected using the mouse (it can be selected in 3D view or via "select all"). 3) Open the Label Legend Manager window, select the "channel no symbol" legend, and click Edit fields. Select the "Use layout symbol" checkbox to enable that function, and click OK and Done to confirm. The label legend now displays correctly, and the 2D symbol can be interacted with as normal. edit: I will try whipping up a file to demonstrate this bug when I get home this evening. edit: updated to reflect more specific conditions to trigger the bug; added demonstration file Thanks, Matthew Rohn SP2 Label Legend Bug.vwx
  13. I am running 2022 and everything is running slower than ever and just checked and everything is up to date. Any idea on how to get things moving better.. Radeon Pro Software Version 19.Q4.1 Firepro w8100 and 96Gb of memory available it is maxing out on 45gb being used at full request.
  14. In Vw2022, on the 'Help > Install Partner Products' it does not show my installed Partner Products -- which is how I ended up with WinDoor being installed twice, along with two 'Tools > Partner Products' menus. I'm running the current Vw2022 SP1.1. Thank you. Bug reported.
  15. If this isn't in the right place let me know. When I map a texture the section under mapping is greyed and nothing is functional. I don't know if this is part of the new functionality or a bug. I can't change the scale, rotate, or anything under "mapping" on the pallet. Am I doing something wrong?
  16. Anyone noticed that the 'Trim' command seems to be broken or is it me??? When trying to trim lines in VW 2022, it doesn't seem to work. See attached screen recording. This has just started happening in VW 2022 - has never happened before. Screen Recording 2021-10-12 at 10.51.40.mov
  17. Im getting the following error for update my account for the 2022 'We're sorry, but something went wrong. We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly.'
  18. I thought it was me. I checked my math & it looked good: 0'0" should be where the walls and slab meet, at least as per the OIP. how could that light be passing under the walls? I'm not crazy & neither was the OIP (OTG), it seems to be something nutty with the 'Shaded' implementation… The attached movie shows a render starting with OGL, sorry, Shaded, next FRW, then FQRW. 2019 intel Mac 32 gB Ram 4gB VRam i7, etc Screen Recording 2021-09-17 at 7.08.14 PM.mp4
  19. I quickly grew tired of seeing the same two icons for 2019 and 2020 in my dock. So I yellowed the 2019 icon and added year badges to both. I'll post a Dropbox link with the .icns files in case anyone is interested in using them. I'm not sure if the forum will let me post said link but I'll try in the next comment...
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