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  1. I am running 2022 and everything is running slower than ever and just checked and everything is up to date. Any idea on how to get things moving better.. Radeon Pro Software Version 19.Q4.1 Firepro w8100 and 96Gb of memory available it is maxing out on 45gb being used at full request.
  2. I created a new plug-in file for it to look at and Vectorworks is overwriting the the Read-only status everytime. Has there been a fix found for this yet?
  3. Is anyone else having issues with Hoist Number adding by one and starting from random numbers, even though it is assigned a starting number.
  4. Has anyone worked out away to have a rack mount distro take feeder in and send Soca/7 or Double hubble out to motors in the same way as sending Power out to lights from a dimmer rack?
  5. Where do I add a new type to be able to have it in my drop-downs?
  6. Good Morning Everyone, I have several truss symbols, That I need to add into my truss library for Braceworks. I have all of the engineering information but was wondering if there was a HOW TO located somewhere that I could quickly reference.
  7. Perfection, Thank you for the assist.
  8. Is there a way to count the rows that end up being summarized?
  9. Is there a way to consolidate the symbol count for a parts breakdown on the sheet layout.
  10. Was wondering on how to tell a structure that it is sitting on the legs and on the ground. Is there currently an option?
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