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  1. I created a new plug-in file for it to look at and Vectorworks is overwriting the the Read-only status everytime. Has there been a fix found for this yet?
  2. Is anyone else having issues with Hoist Number adding by one and starting from random numbers, even though it is assigned a starting number.
  3. Has anyone worked out away to have a rack mount distro take feeder in and send Soca/7 or Double hubble out to motors in the same way as sending Power out to lights from a dimmer rack?
  4. Where do I add a new type to be able to have it in my drop-downs?
  5. Good Morning Everyone, I have several truss symbols, That I need to add into my truss library for Braceworks. I have all of the engineering information but was wondering if there was a HOW TO located somewhere that I could quickly reference.
  6. Perfection, Thank you for the assist.
  7. Is there a way to count the rows that end up being summarized?
  8. Is there a way to consolidate the symbol count for a parts breakdown on the sheet layout.
  9. Was wondering on how to tell a structure that it is sitting on the legs and on the ground. Is there currently an option?
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