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  1. We really need capped wall openings that are independent of doors. I work in the museum industry and we build partitions that have openings without doors or a jamb in them (they are also pretty common everywhere else actually). However, currently in vectorworks there is no way to do this using walls with components (at least not that I am aware of). During construction when you punch through a wall you cap it with drywall, you don't just cut a hole and leave it. There are workarounds such as making all the components the same color but that only works if you don't render line-work. When you render with line-work you can be left with at least 3 shapes and six lines on the faces of the openings. The baseboards in our museum are flush with the drywall with a 1/2" reveal separating them. I add them by using a vertical offset of the front drywall component. If the baseboard wraps into the opening there is no way to inset the trim as you would on the outside of the wall. Another workaround is to not use walls and use generic solids but that kind of defeats the purpose of having a wall tool. I can rapidly create the walls in my space but I spend immense amounts of time trying to get the walls to behave the way I need them too. I am surprised there is no way to do this without having to do a workaround.
  2. I figured out what was "wrong" though to call it wrong is technically not correct. I have the indirect lighting turned up to 16 bounces, which cancelled out the brightness of the lights. When I turn up the intensity I can now see the shadows cast. I wonder if I drop down the number of bounces if that would equalize things. Or, I can try with the indorect lighting turned off.
  3. Hey all, I am working on some rendering and I was wondering what render modes actually use lights? I created a viewport and there isn't a difference if the lights on the design layer are on or off. Do the lights only affect certain render modes such as Open GL? I am using a custom renderworks style set to Realistic-Interior 16 bounces-both ambients on. I have an exterior heliodon and a few point lights in the interior and they light up the design layer super bright in open gl but they don't have an affect om the viewport. A penny for your thoughts...
  4. Thanks, I guess that answers my question. It seems I can work with custom renderworks to get the lines and colors the way I like them. Cheers!
  5. Hey all, I am having an issue when I create solid subtractions. I create the initial extrude and it looks perfect in any render mode. When I subtract a shape "a rectangle for an opening" lines will appear on the surface of the newly created solid subtraction. These lines originate at corners and extend either to another corner or the center of a line between corners. This happens regardless of how I create the original shape or the intersecting shape. i.e. using the rectangle tool, polyline tool, etc. The lines show up in polygon render mode in my viewports and design layers. I have tried workarounds such as using "Shaded Polygon No Lines" with the foreground render mode set to hidden line which makes the unwanted lines lines disappear but the faces of all my surfaces are shaded grey. Adding lights in the design layer doesn't light the faces in the sheet layer. I am not sure why rendering modes look different between design and sheet layers. Any ideas on how to get rid of these lines? I attached a test file so you can see what I am talking about. Community Test.vwx
  6. Interesting, mine isn't ticked on. I will try and see if that makes any difference.
  7. Right, but even if I navigate to another sheet layer then navigate back the viewports want to update even if I didn't change anything on the layer. It even has to update when I reopen the file. In some cases some elements aren't even visible when I arrive on the sheet layer making me have to update just to see what is in the viewport meaning I can't properly annotate until I update the viewport. It would be nice if the viewport visually kept what was in it until I am ready to do the update. I should mention that this happens only with 3D models and not flat 2D drawings. It just seems crazy that it takes so long to update the viewport there is no reason to have a final rendering in the viewport if it really is nly going to be seen in a PDF or printed on paper. All I want is for the viewport to render it so it looks like what I see when I work in 2D. I am inclined to think that it is something with the way VW renders the viewports. You can work all day in the design layer in Open GL without a stutter but rendering the viewport seems to tax it. I tried everything from that article but it really didn't speed anything up. It isn't as though my machine can't handle the load I am above the hardware specs for VW 2018.
  8. I am having an issue with viewports in VW 2018. Every time I open a file it has to update viewports. Additionally if I jump from one sheet to another it has to update viewports. When I go to the design layer it has to update even if I don't alter anything. Is there a way to limit the number of times the viewports need updating? It is killing my productivity having to update the viewports all the time. Also, it takes forever to update them. What would cause this? It is a 3D model and not that complex.
  9. I am having an issue when I publish to PDF. Individual title blocks look different on published PDF pages. All of the the title blocks are the same throughout, but line weights in individual title blocks will appear darker from one page to the next. Additionally some fonts will appear darker as well. I am wracking my brain trying to see if there is a setting somewhere that is different but I can't find anything that makes a difference. Thoughts?
  10. I did figure this out once. What I think I did was turn off unified view. There should be a button on the top tool bar to the left of the 3D view drop down menu.
  11. Hmmm, is show details a 2018 thing? I'm in 17. The void is probably less important than the openings looking right. I could probably sell the lack of void to my boss. Those stripes make no sense. In the interim I have been making the core the same color as one of the walls and have one side with a strip the thickness of the drywall on one side. I guess I can make one sheet of drywall 1/32" thick and increase the interior thickness to accommodate. What I really want is the wall I have on off to the side to have an opening through it. That would make me happy as that is how the walls are built. Like I said, I think I might be asking for too much. I could technically change it all in Photoshop, but why have that extra step?
  12. Not bad, but on the walls where the opening intersects the other walls there is a ridge. I tried adding zeros to the thickness but when it gets too thin you get clipping. It is funny VW doesn't consider that an opening in a wall doesn't show layers when walking through. The problem isn't there if the whole wall is identical all the way around. Currently my project has it set up where there are normal walls then an extrusion across the opening but that looks more strange as there isn't a line there in life either. This is a rotating exhibit space where we alter the walls frequently and It would be nice to have the walls easier to change. even when I try a styled wall it is the same thing. I can't imagine it is that rare to have a wall opening without framing. I have a handful in my house haha.
  13. Have a look at what I have so far. I have openings in the walls with components. I gave them all their own dims and fills etc. I didn't name any of the components in this exercise but I have been naming them GWB, studs etc. It is irritating that it wants to revert them to textures all the time though but that is a story for another day. When I create the door opening I can see the layers at the top of the opening when using the walk through tool I can hid that if I use a cased opening but our openings don't have trim. If I create a wall made from multiple walls like ours our built the door cant cut through both. I may have expectations that VW cant do. I like the components as I can add the wall colors to opposite sides of a single wall. I prefer using walls as apposed to extrusions as I like the functionality of the components. walls.vwx


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