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  1. No, I didn't intentionally use rotated plan view unless I accidentally rotated it. It is conceivable that I accidentally rotated it, but I don't even really have a need to rotate it so I have no experience with rotated views. If I properly understood the underpinnings of it, I might be able to undo the "problem" Is it possible that I inadvertently hit a key and made it happen and didn't notice? Can that happen? If there is a better place to discuss this can you tell me where to find it? Thanks
  2. I kept doing that, but it keeps reverting back to rotated view. I don't even know how it rotated as I didn't specifically try and rotate it. I ended up copying and pasting it in place in another file. I was working on another file for the same project and now it looks like the model is not sitting on the ground even thought it looks like the it is sitting on the right location. When I go to test the walk through tool it says eye height is about 300" and I am in the building but when I set it to 60" I am under the model. I am not even sure how it is happening or what I am doing so I can take corrective measures. I don't know if I accidentally grabbed the axes and moved them or what? ugh.
  3. I must have somehow rotated the plan view while I was working and now I can't get it back to the way I started. Is there a way to make the axes go back to original placement? Honestly I have no clue how this even happens. I have had a few times where the axes will somehow get rotated in relation to a model and I don't know how it even happens. Can I lock down the axes to prevent this from happening?
  4. No, still not possible. You can disguise the fact that it doesn't work depending on your render mode. If you any render mode other than Open GL the caps wont be visible. Essentially, if you want complete control over the walls you will have to not use walls and use solids.
  5. I'll post one as time permits, thanks!
  6. Maybe, I will have to ask my boss if that is something I am allowed to do. We are federal so have strict rules on what we can share.
  7. the scale is the same btwn sheet and design layer 1:50
  8. Here are 4 screen shots taken from my file: The first one "OpenGL Design Layer" is default OpenGL settings in the design layer. Colors, textures, and lines render beautifully. The second is a viewport on a sheet layer. All settings are set to high and sht layer dpi is 300. the colors look terrible. line-work is turned off and hidden line foreground is on. Lines look fine. The third is the same settings as the second but with textures turned on. Everything looks bad. The fourth is the same as third but this time foreground render is off and generate lines in OpenGL is on. Everything looks terrible. What I want is to have the sheet layer to match the quality of the design layer. Is that possible?
  9. I am also having trouble making the sheet layer overide the design layer colors. I have a section plan that shows colors and I can change the colors, but it doesn't have any effect in section elevations. Is this not possible for elevations?
  10. Yes, I have the DPI set to 150 and it didn't look much better. 300 seems to be pushing it.
  11. Hey all, I have an issue relating to the appearance of OpenGL appearing different in viewport vs appearance on design layer. While on the design layer the colors, textures, and images look great. In the viewport the the colors and textures don't align with shapes and the line-work looks very bad even with anti aliasing turned on. For our projects we will do elevations of our upcoming shows with the artwork hung. We have one appearance, full texture, lighting etc. for 3D renderings, For our 2D elevations we will do almost hidden line drawings with some flat colors and the artwork displayed. If we draw the elevations flat on a page with the artwork, everything looks great. However, when we create the elevations from the 3D model everything looks bad. This results in having to have a full 2D set and 3D set. Sometimes colors appear in section viewports while rendering in hidden line but it isn't consistent from viewport to viewport.
  12. nwfonseca

    Decal Help

    Hey all, EDIT: Looks like I was using the wrong render mode UGH... Open GL doesn't display decals and the tutorials don't mention this; only cartoon render modes. Open GL is a cartoon render mode? I work mostly in Open GL as it is the most versatile render mode. If you are using Open GL when you create a decal, it simply doesn't doesn't appear and there is no indication it even exists or it tiles across the surface and you think something is wrong. That is classic poor design, if there is no feedback when you engage in an action the end user has no idea if something worked or happened. This is why people use Sketchup for concepting. When you apply an image decal it appears in any render mode, and you can have line-work on whenever you want. It is hard to understand how a lame freeware can outperform a high end 3-4 thousand dollar software in some aspects but it does. I am back to tap the collective minds again. This time I am having some difficulty creating a decal. The process seems to go smoothly but after I position the decal with the attribute mapping tool, the decal tiles across the surface rather than staying in place. This must be a setting that I have inadvertently turned on. I can share a file if it helps. Thanks!
  13. I am not able to share the file unfortunately as it isn't allowed. I can share parts of files in a separate document but not an entire document. Thanks for the offer. All of the help so far has been very helpful. I managed to fix everything so that is a plus.
  14. @rDesign it is good to hear that this issue has to do with moving the something and not from using layers. It seemed silly otherwise.
  15. @jeff prince I work in museum exhibitions and our location is a single story. I definitely have use for classes as I like to be able to have control of the appearance of elements from one sheet to the next but having some of them on separate layers would definitely be useful for keeping things organized such as lighting tracks, artwork, entourage, partitions etc.


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