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  1. I am also experiencing the same issue with VW22
  2. Yes, I can create renderworks textures. Everything works for perfect for a certain amount of time then the pallet becomes inoperable. I then have to open and close document to get it back again. This happens in multiple files so not a problem in one specific file. It is really frustrating having to open and close files many times a day.
  3. gosh, it is really bad today. I have to open and close my document over and over.
  4. Good to know it isn't just me, though I didn't experience it in VW21
  5. I'd like to report a possible bug. After an uncertain (random) amount of time the Render Tab of the Object Info Pallet becomes grey and inoperable. The only way I have found to fix it is to restart Vectorworks.
  6. Hi, it happened to regular solids and to generic solids as happened to HDS. I did restart VW and it seemed to be okay afterward.
  7. If this isn't in the right place let me know. When I map a texture the section under mapping is greyed and nothing is functional. I don't know if this is part of the new functionality or a bug. I can't change the scale, rotate, or anything under "mapping" on the pallet. Am I doing something wrong?
  8. I am having the same issue after moving to 2021. What version of VW are you on? I noticed that the RAM requirements doubled from 2020 to 2021. For 2020 the minimum RAM was 4GB for "entry level" and 8GB for "High-end" for 2021 it is 8 and 32 respectively. That is a huge jump in a very short time. check this link out https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq?version=2021
  9. No, I don't use adobe cloud. I will try out stripping the fonts and see if that makes a difference.
  10. Hey all, When I look at my font mappings Vectorworks is replacing Helvetica LT std Roman with a generic Helvetica LT std which technically isn't a font. What is weird is that I have Helvetica LT std Roman installed on my machine but when I try and replace the generic font with H LT std Roman it doesn't show up in the list of fonts to choose from. I have the same issue with a few other Helvetica and with Avenir as well. I have more fonts installed than VW is showing in the font mapping list. Thoughts?
  11. I have a wishlist item that might be cool: Layer linking for the Reference Marker. The Reference Marker tool is able to link to a viewport but when you select the viewport it has every viewport in the file listed. The Interior Elevation Marker Tool on the other hand can link to a layer making the list only the viewports on that sheet. It is so much easier to sort out what you need from that list. With the reference marker you have to be very precise in naming your viewports beforehand or you have to jump back and forth to the sheet layer or write them down. Does anyone else think that would be a useful feature?
  12. Is it possible to change the fill color in hidden line render from white to another color in a viewport? We are creating an elevation and plan of a wall. The plan is Wireframe with the walls fill class set as grey, it looks fine. In the elevation I can't get the wall color to match. The only way I can get the fill to display the grey is to set the render mode to OpenGL. However, since this render mode is rendering a 3D space looking directly from the front the same color grey doesn't match. If I set the render mode to hidden line it only displays as white and no other color even with Display 2D Fills selected. I end up having to redraw the wall as an elevation in top plan view or draw a convoluted grey shapes to vover the white in the viewport. It would be great if there was a render mode that accurately matched top/plan view visibilities when creating elevations and section elevations. Or maybe you can, and I can't make it work? Edit: The Polygon Rendering modes come closest to matching the visibilities of a Plan but unfortunately it renders every line of the polygons meaning even simple walls with any openings etc. will have intersecting lines drawn all over their faces which doesn't work for a construction drawing. Edit Edit: I just tried Shaded Polygon No Lines and Hidden Line foreground. It is darn close, but again the shading changes the value of the color. Unshaded Polygon No Lines with hidden line foreground would nail it.
  13. I think I found a bug with the the reference marker: Ref Marker - Dwg No Sht No, and Ref Marker - Dwg No Only. The marker arrow doesn't move when changing the angle in the OIP. When I switch the marker to the one with the large triangle, the arrow will change to the inputted angle. Should I go through the process of reporting this to the Bug Submit page?
  14. Hey gang, is there a way to create a custom-"auto custom plot date" for title blocks? We use Month, Date, Year like this: January 06, 2021. However, from the list of auto custom the closest thing is Day, Month Date, Year. Rather than redesigning the title block I was hoping there was a way to append the list with another date type? I know you can do a manual entry but that is pretty time consuming. I was wondering if there was a way to add to the list that you can choose from for dates in the title block border settings. Is that possible? If not, maybe the programmers could add it some day 😉
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