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  1. At the minimum, there should be a way to search, like can be done for Classes. The functionality is so lame as to feel abusive. Mark
  2. Hello Marissa,


    I am trying to create parametric extruded object. The tutorials I found are way to primative to be useful. I need to be able to take a simple 2d profile (think moulding) and extrude it base on the particular need. I work at a museum and we have simple metal rails of different lengths, but all the same profile.  I link text and records in order to create a schedule of our inventory. 



  3. Anyone else have this issue? While zooming or panning in a sheet layer, I can see a whole lot of objects from my design layers. It's incredibly distracting.
  4. @Jesse Cogswell Thank you for your help. My problem is not getting columns to subtract each other, but when I SUMmarize subrows and then try to subtract those sums from another cell in a different row. The cells that aren't summarized calculate just fine.
  5. @Pat Stanford Got it. Well, that's a stinker. Kind of seems lame, to me. It dramatically reduces the value of worksheets form me. I don't suppose that was changed in 2021? We're scheduled to get it some day (soon, I hope). Thanks again, Mark
  6. @Pat Stanford Thank you Pat, but I'm afraid I don't see a link to the thread.
  7. @Pat Stanford Would something like this work? Maybe not. My attempt (below) failed.
  8. @Jesse Cogswell It was set to integer. I changed it to number, but it didn't work
  9. @Jesse Cogswell I inserted that formula and it failed.
  10. I am also wondering why, when I try to format the thumbnails to justify to the left, I get this:
  11. @Pat Stanford ='Exhibit Element'.'Quantity–Total Stock' I created a Field in the Record format for what we have as our total stock of these items.
  12. How do I get one column to subtract the summarized count from another column? I can see what is going on, and why I am getting the results I am getting, but not sure how to get Column E to be correct. It is not subtracting the summarized values of D, but each individual item.
  13. @jeff prince I've used it to modify 3D objects using the geometry from another object when I want to make sure the object shares the same geometry/dimensions. It has worked successfully when the original objects have been created in the same drawing, layer and general proximity. Now that I realize there is not a way to stop the underlying shapes from landing in their point of origin, I will be more cautious about when I do that.
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