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  1. @AlanW Maybe they will find a way to enable all annotations of viewports on the same sheet layer to be accessible at the same time.
  2. Wow, that seems like a lot of unnecessary work. It is easy to hide 2D objects in a viewport, but if you want to do a walk-thru that includes hybrids while in the design layer, it's a mess.
  3. There are too many different locations for controlling some things in VW. It's like having a 15-way switch for one lightbulb.
  4. @Joxley Yes. I would also like to know how to do this.
  5. Do you also work in the museum field? I have found information management tools to be extremely helpful. The trick is adapting them to the peculiar needs of this field.
  6. @Taproot Great. Yes, it is a persistent issue with a lot of vwx users. Looking forward to it!
  7. @Taproot How do you use Classes? I see this thread is 3 years old. do you things differently now?
  8. Yes, exactly! Do you use the data tag tool to have the unique item # appear on the drawing and in the worksheet simultaneously? I typically create my own marker symbol with linked text items that relate directly to certain categories of information (and, thus, separate columns in the worksheet). Example: GR-04.02.21 'GR' for graphic 04 for section, 02 for subsection, .21 for the item in sequence. I think, what I was missing previously was the possibility of the 'function' option to extract the dimensions directly from the object and inserting it into the worksheet without needing to create data fields for entering the dimensions manually. Thanks, Mark
  9. This looks great! I have been looking to do the same thing. Have you tried to have a data tag automatically linked to this objects that will show in your drawing a unique #? That is something I would like to be able to do, in addition.
  10. I see. So the tag data name field and the object name are completely separate?
  11. Ah. I see what you did. It seemed like it should be simple, but it's more simple than I realized. Would I use a simple data tag that is somehow linked to the worksheet to introduce the name on the drawing? Could that also be linked to a record format for the other data I need to record?
  12. How can I generate a cut list automatically from a 2D drawing? I just want to draw shapes, give each a unique code that shows up on the drawing (with the shape, like a data tag) and simultaneously puts the objects dimensions into a spreadsheet. I have retrofitted the space tool to do something like this, but would love to have this as a simple tool without all the retrofitting and extraneous information that comes with modifying the space tool.
  13. Have you had a chance to look at my file?
  14. @Pat Stanford Here is a sample part of my file. The whole thing is much larger, which is why I am looking for a way to streamline the data input as much as possible. Reconstruction Family, Land -cutsheet test.vwx


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