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Found 24 results

  1. In late 2019, I grew tired of guessing between identical dock icons for previous & current Vectorworks releases. Instead, I now create versioned icons with a year badge for each release. As a visual aid, I also age (yellow) the icon of the previous version. If you want to eliminate this headache for yourself, download the .icns files via this link: VW Icon Pack by MadXD™. The files in this folder will be updated over time and I will try not to change the link. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Enjoy!! On a Mac, changing the icon is easy. Steps below: Navigate to the app in your Applications folder [/Applications/Vectorworks 2020/Vectorworks 2020] or right-click on the icon in your dock, then select Options > Show In Finder. Right-click the app and choose Get Info Drag the appropriate .icns file and drop it on the small Vectorworks icon in the upper-left corner of the Get Info window. Delete the current VW alias in the dock by dragging it away and holding until it says "remove", then let go. From the application folder in Step 1, drag the updated Vectorworks app to the dock. Note: This a refresh of my original post, which only covers the old 2019 and new 2020 icon set. I will post any future updates here.
  2. I quickly grew tired of seeing the same two icons for 2019 and 2020 in my dock. So I yellowed the 2019 icon and added year badges to both. I'll post a Dropbox link with the .icns files in case anyone is interested in using them. I'm not sure if the forum will let me post said link but I'll try in the next comment...
  3. Unified View and Rendering Progress Indication Question: What is the relationship with the Unified View option and the rendering indication. in VW / RW 2020? ie: The Tea Pot and the progress bar See the attached Having Unified View checked, when it is not needed has its own set of oddities. Suggestions? Peter Unified View and Rendering.mp4
  4. Hello! I have been having this issue lately in 2020 where whenever I export my lighting fixtures to grandMA2 Setup (XML) none of the fixtures will export their X or Y rotation but will take their Z rotation. I have tried a couple of things since this has been happening: - reinstalled the plug-in - reinstalled 2020 - exported to 2019 and tried it there (this worked) - changed the symbols that the lighting devices were referencing - started a new file in 2020 with default VWX lighting symbols, converted to lighting devices, rotated them, still no dice - e-mail support at ACT and they said that they were able to get it to work by reasserting the rotation for fixtures that already had it Out of ideas and any help and or ideas would be greatly appreciated, thank you! -Nick
  5. Hi, In 2019 the Object info palette automatically summed space objects that are marked. When you are sketcing and have the need to sum several spaces quickly not using a worksheet, this was much used feature in my office and are now missing in 2021. Is it coming? Bug?
  6. hey guys, so i just got my hands on a 2013 Mac Pro(12-Core Intel Xeon, 2 FirePro D700 6 GB, and 64gb of ram) and my 2018 baseline macbook pro seems to out perform it... is there anyone still using a 2013 mac pro. Has VW just moved past hardware from 2013? i can never remember what part of the system VW uses the most. Does it help that the mac pro has 2 graphics cards? does the 12 core Xeon help or hurt it? does VW2020 prefer clock speed over core count? my main workflow is Spotlight and occasionally OpenGL/renderworks. thanks guys.
  7. Hi I'm looking at migrating to 2021, but I'm having a problem with a degradation in rendering quality. This view is rendered in 2020: The next image is rendered in 2021, if you look at the glass you'll see a weird dappling and there is something strange going on with the lighting of the stonework. They are both rendered with the exact same settings. Are there any significant changes to Renderworks in 2021 that could explain this?
  8. I've noticed that Vw2020 Resource Library Objects (installed with the software, not VSS libraries) seem to no longer come provided with Attached Records as they have in previous Vw versions. All they have now are a few Tags, but no Records. I'm not sure when or why this change happened, but I have a few favorite Libraries that I migrated into 2020 which have much more specification records already attached, which is it much more useful for pulling info for Data Tags. Was this an intentional change? If so — why? Thanks. For an example of what I am asking about, see the attached screen caps below of a Wolf DF48 symbol / plug-in object. Screen cap of Wolf DF48 found in /Applications/Vectorworks 2020/Libraries/Objects - Building Equip_Appliances/Wolf USA Appliances.vwx And a screen cap of Wolf DF48 from my migrated Favorite file (probably Vw2016 era):
  9. I'm still wondering if it is only my files / version / default library showing this, however: There seem to still be random differences in some "standard" lighting instrument symbols that ship with Vectorworks. I say still because seemingly, differences have always existed. Specifically in the Vectorworks Library: Objects - Ent Lighting Instruments. Looking at an ETC S4, for example. Most people will agree that's as standard a unit as you can get. When inserted from the Vectorworks Library / Objects - Ent Lighting Instruments / ETC Source 4.vwx / Source 4 location: several instruments appear to have either a different line weight, or minor differences in the data attached through the Light Info Record. [See image below - 14deg & 90deg are very obviously a different line weight]. Like I said, it seems these symbols have always existed with minor defects in the library, especially in the early days of lighting-specific Hybrid Symbols being provided and updated by VWX. So, many of us chose to go the route of duplicating the VWX provided symbol, and editing a custom version of each instrument type we may use. I still do this today. Whether our goal was to specifically color-code fixtures, or provide unique information in the Record, we also needed to make these basic fixes (like ensuring identical line weight) to the 2D portion of the symbol, as well as correct any discrepancy in the Light Info Record (like basic naming schemes). Example: I seem to remember that some of the S4 symbols around 2010 had their Model Name as "Source4 36deg" and others had "S4 26deg" or another variation. Could these both be recognized without confusion when reading an instrument key? Sure, to someone that is not new to the industry. Does that mean we should be teaching students that consistency with naming doesn't matter? I'd ask the same of any specialty: Architecture, Landscaping, etc. I think the obvious answer is a resounding "no". Of course, back then it was all new and we were happy to accept the symbols provided and do these little corrections ourselves. At least, I was. I found it was also a way for me to dig deeper into understanding the program. But, that was years ago. I understand that there is a small army at VWX working on constantly updating or creating new symbols for us to use, either in the default library, or in service select libraries. (That is awesome!) I also understand that sometimes it takes broad brush strokes to get the sheer amount of different instrument types and variations into the program as they are requested. However, since these problems existed since at least Vectorworks 2010, I'm wondering if/why there hasn't been a finer-tooth comb ran through some of these older symbols. Especially when they are "industry standard" instruments like the S4. In addition to the difference in graphic standards between these fixtures (their caps are different, too), there is an odd discrepancy in the "Wattage" field as well. The same (2) fixtures that are a different line weight also contain a random space in between the number 575 and "W". That difference, and the Weight of those same (2) fixtures not being rounded, leads me to believe that these must be older symbols that for whatever reason, weren't updated when all of the others were. And what an interesting choice to leave them with those differences. I take it that this was not on purpose, but rather was just overlooked. Yes, some of these details are rather small (like the space between Wattage), and they may disappear when quickly looking through paperwork... so feel free to poke fun at my nit-picking. However, I would argue that this isn't just an inconvenience or something that might "look odd" when printing a Plot or a Report. I've found that while teaching drafting standards to beginners, where everything should look uniform, and should present the data as cleanly as possible for ease of communication, it is odd to find some symbols provided by Vectorworks that are a different line weight for no apparent reason. I've just had quite enough students / young assistants ask me over the years: "Why isn't this symbol like the other symbol already? Isn't it in the same library?" while going through and updating / customizing the version provided from Vwx. So, I'm finally asking! What IS the reason for this, if any? Is there a location where we can post various discrepancies users may find in lighting symbols to make it easier for the symbol team to manage? P.S. I should say this has happened not only on my personal machine but on several other machines with brand new installs. So, it doesn't seem to be an isolated case of a bugged out library resource that isn't being updated over multiple years. P.P.S. Before anyone even says it: Yes, I know it is possible to make my own copy of these symbols and therefore fix the line weight and record data to my liking. Hopefully it's clear in the post above, that I am specifically talking about the defaults that are provided by Vwx with discrepancies. Not about how to "take matters into my own hands". Looking forward to what this great community has to say! Thanks in advance!
  10. I updated to vectorworks 2020, and I can't find the Spotlight Numbering tool. I've done some searches online, but there is nothing about it. The AutoNumber tool is there, but when I select it nothing happens. I read somewhere about it being part of the legacy tool set, but I don't know how to find that either. Attached is a screenshot of my dropdown menu.
  11. Hi all, was wondering if anyone could provide some help on how revisions and issues work with VW2020. I've got all of the text boxes etc in the title block and been looking through the title block manager but struggling to see how to actually input the data and create a revision. I have found the worksheet but again unsure how this works. Any help would the greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  12. I have not been able to edit a label legend in Spotlight 2020. I can add a field, but when I click Edit 2D layout, I get an error message: Script Error - Error on Lin-1: 2418_2421 - Index outside array limits. Any ideas on this?
  13. Has anyone else had issues with trying to assign "Alt + Shift + 'letter' " to a shortcut? For example: I want to assign "Alt+shift+x" to the function of "Hanging position". If I assign this combination in the Workspace editor it will only trigger as if you programmed it as "Alt + X" which will tab you into the "Text" menu. Same with "Alt+shift+V" it will only act as "Alt + V" which is the View menu. I'm creating functions this complex to work with the 3D connexion radial menus. Thoughts?
  14. I just asked this in another thread, but it might be worth a new one. I just updated to 2020 Architect, this morning, from 2019. I thought it had to do with a faulty installation, but I can open some files but not the one I needed to work on. It crashes while opening - it says 82% generating Resource previews, then it shuts down. repeatedly. I tried the suggestion in the other thread to set navigation graphics to "best compatibility", no luck. also, should I delete VW2019? my system: wdws 10pro - 1809 intel corei7-4770 cpu @3.40ghz 16.0 GB RAM 64bit os x-64-based processor thanks
  15. Hi All, I'm just wondering if anybody has been using 2020 and how they have been finding it compared to 2019 in reality of day to day working? Now that SP2 is out we are considering making the jump but have been bitten by this before (2019 pretty much only stopped crashing for us at SP4/5). Specifically: - Any frequent crashing or significant bugs? - Has anybody noticed any speed improvements/decreases on bread and butter operations? (drawing, panning, etc.) - Any of the new functionality/workflow changes which is saving you a lot of time? - Our office is still all on Mojave but how is the Catalina compatibility getting on? I know some of these items are probably picked up in other threads but I'm looking for a current snapshot based on SP2 and its hard to seperate out the issues on older threads.. Thanks!
  16. I am having issues opening old package renders in VW 2020 that were done using a swept path as a sticker to a surface. Please see PDF. Now any old file that had this technique to create a label on a surface has to redone. Is this a glitch or a permanent change to Vectorworks?
  17. Dear fellow VW enthusiasts! I made my own lighting instrument. It is a 2D and 3D symbol, with a default lable ledgend. I also attached lighting records to it. I can put them in my drawing and everything seems ok, i Even simplified the 3D object to the absolute minimum to keep it simple. When I try to duplicate 16 of them along a path VW2020 just shuts down. I tried duplicating just 1 symbol and that works, then I try a few more and no chance. Vectorworks doesnt even think about it. Just shuts down. Im using vw2020 and im on Mojave (Mac). How can I try to find out whats wrong? EDIT: Ive just tried inserting a default symbol from the VW2020 library. Same issue. What can it be? Is Catalina a better match with VW2020 than Mojave? Magnus
  18. I'm working on a plug-in that generates a lot of bitmaps from symbols. To make it more user friendly i'm using the previously generated bitmaps in the PIO as a cache, I do this by setting kObjXPropPreserveContents to True and only delete out-of-date objects at redraw. I tried using ForEachObjectInList starting at the PIO handle with deep traversal and start ignoring the callbacks once an object which does not have the PIO as parent. The problem with this method is that once my object is not the front most object in the document the ignored callbacks start stacking up, the more backward the PIO placement is the more processing time the plug-in needs. I'm now resorting to FInSymDef and NextObj, but NextObj never goes to None... so it feels like this is not the definitive method for what I need. Is there any other way to loop over ONLY the items in the group of the PIO that is really scoped to the PIO? And without having to check the parent of each of the looped objects 😉 [edit for more clarity] With kind regards, Jord Visser
  19. Why do the text labels on the stage tool set have the background fill not actually cover all of the text? Anyone else?
  20. Is there any way to turn this off or hide it? The information that displays is incorrect and does not seem to update in relation to my Service Select Information
  21. No matter what I do, symbols are exported as individual geometry. Anyone else?
  22. Attempted a render a DL of 2019 File, which opened easily. The beachball began almost immediately. I waited till it threw the error message. Now to restart machine…
  23. Reading through the Vw2020 Help File about New Features, I came across the following description under the section about ‘Architectural template and styles updates as a result of improved workflows’: http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/VW2020_Guide/Structure/Workflow_Model_setup_with_stories.htm#XREF_78064_Model_setup_with Since this is a departure from the recommended workflow in previous Vw versions, I think a video tutorial explaining the changes to the recommended workflow is warranted. Thanks. [EDIT: As a side note- the hand-drawn sketch of the Levels / Stories diagram on that Help page is pretty low-resolution quality and looks like it was taken by a hand-held camera. As an architectural floor construction sketch, it doesn’t make any sense: What is the part at the lower left? Where are the foundations for the part on the right? Why are the two parts offset and separated? This sketch is more confusing than helpful. A better quality, more legible sketch would be welcome. In addition to a video tutorial. Thanks.]
  24. This will link to ALL system requirement articles for Vectorworks back to ~2008 with the most recent version residing at the top. What version of Vectorworks are you looking for? Vectorworks 2020 Vectorworks 2019 Vectorworks 2018 Users will not be able to respond directly to this pinned post.
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