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  1. It has been around for some time but I am just now starting to learn how to use the SubD tools. Most projects I have been involved with are constructed of flat sheet materials and framing. Suggesting formed fiberglass structures would require a serious budjet or $$$$$. As for package structures the subdivision tools are proving to be difficult to control. Controlling the size and surface of packages is not arbitrary modeling.
  2. How about using the subdivision tool for the 3d lozenge shape.
  3. Yes I used the DR web site for reference. They have good front and side views. Plus Overall H X W X D to build a containment frame. The Subdivision tool is a bit like having a seance or casting a magic spell. It’s going to take some practice to get it right. We need a challenge. Works fine for Dinos. 1. It would helpful to label the SUB points so they could moved together. 2. Tool that was in between normal and sub. If that makes any sense.
  4. Since I have time to try different solutions I attempted to recreate the subdivision of the chair and stopped. I decided to try using sweeps and subtractions instead. Attached is a comparison. I am finding it is a lot easier to control shapes with the standard 3D tools. I can NOT get the fillet by variable radius to work properly. The instructions are not working for me. RT
  5. I was able to fix the upper rim by splitting the top edge and pulling the points down (Z) 1". It gets really complicated moving the front lip since the points all get really close together. May be there is a way to link points in succession but it really becomes a labor of love to adjust the mesh. The other way would be to convert to curbs and use the fillet edge tool. What day is it? Bob
  6. Thanks. My version of the chair needs work. But looks real comfy. The bottom needs to be round. The hard part of Subdivision modeling is finding and selecting the right points to move. I have found duplicating your object and keeping several versions a must. Also when you get the front view correct work done on the side view will move mess up the front. It’s going to take some time before I learn to think in subdivision. It’s better than watching TV news conferences with politicians spooning out deception and despair. Stay Safe RJT
  7. I built a LINA Chair with subdivision modeling tools. I used profiles taken from front and side views and scaled 3D extrusions as reference. The overall size is with in 1" or the catalog dimensions .
  8. My 3dconnection space mouse wireless cuts out after 1 to 2 hours of work with OS 10.15.4 and 2020. The space mouse continues to work with the 3Dconnection demo but It require Vectorworks to be restarted before 3dconnection space mouse wireless continues to work again. I am running latest driver 10.6.5. My iMac Pro 10C has 64GB of Ram and Radeon Pro Vega 64 16 GB GPU. Any Ideas.
  9. I have been ordering Stereolithography (ultraviolet laser resin) for years and have used (Duple-Color) high build auto touch up primer and matching automotive touch up paint. DO NOT mix paint types. Bondo Glazing and Spot Putty works well to fill surface ridges. I have also had the Stereolithography vendor custom paint the parts. Finishing ultraviolet laser resin Stereolithography is a labor of love. I now try to get the project to cover the finishing cost. Test any paint first. We had an issue with a team member using standard Krylon primer then using Krylon for plastic we ended up with wrinkled mess. Test First on small parts. No guarantee you have to test since resins and paints vary.
  10. What kind of computer? How much ram? How big is your STL? Yes . STLs are meshes (lots of tiny triangles). Depending on the setting they were exported at the files can be very large. When I export STLs to send out for parts to a 3D printing company I set the STL output to as high as possible to get the smoothest parts possible. Stereolithography materials are very hard to finish so the smoother the better. In any event. STLs are way better than they were 10 years. If you have bad geometry or really big files the software will freeze. Always save as you go in steps (1234 etc) so you can narrow down the issue. If the Mac can't compute the geometry it will crash. If you are importing a STL it can be helpful if your file is set up to the same scale and units as the original was built.
  11. The instructions for text along a helix are not there yet. Why are the words backwards and not vertical?
  12. During the lockdown I am determined to learn the Subdivision tool. Since this tool first showed up several years ago I have attempted to use it for projects but I have been discouraged by time constraints of the normal work day and have reverted to building models via standard 3D tools. My first Subdivision Bottle. For this project it's all about controlling size. The only way I have found to control size efficiently is to extrude cadges to work in and thereby keep the size to something that is a useful for a design study. I have put together a page for discussion. Bob
  13. You're right VW adds its own color to the pallet. Add a color to the pallet and pick it from there.
  14. Tech support was able to replicate the issue. It was passed up the chain of support.
  15. I have the same issue with exporting viewport renderings that look fine on screen but when exported as photoshop. The rendered images are overexposed and require retouching. I sent test files to tech support last week and they were able to replicate the problem. I have had this issue for a several versions of VW. Open in Photoshop and adjust the Image / Adjustment / Exposure / Gamma. During the lock down I have had more time to ask questions and search for solutions. I have always just worked around the issue. With all the possible display types that VW runs on I am surprised that that the color shift isn't worse. Based VW Knowledgebase "What Hardware Does What?" I think screen images are draw by the GPU and Renderings are created by the CPU. This may be the issue and a fix for this problem is not in our future.


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