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  1. rjtiedeman

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    I have a Logitech mouse which works fine with Mojave except the system preferences control for the mouse do not allow any adjustments to the Logitech features. Just works as a mouse. However it does not hve to be pulled for it to work like the 3Dconnection mouse. It may be firmware in the plug-in device itself. What we all need is for the tech companies to come out and tell us they know the problem exists and we are working to fix it. Silence is not helping and we can’t fixit our self.
  2. rjtiedeman

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    I updated my drivers to the latest 3Dconnection drivers (10.6.1) it didn't help. The paring still fails on restart. I have plugged the receiver into every USB socket on the Imac Pro and also the connected to the USB3 ports on the Caldigit TS3Plus-US20-SG Thunderbolt 3 docking station. The problem is the same. However my 2010 Mac Pro USB-2 connection works fine. I was wondering if the problem is that the new USB 3 ports and the 3DConnection Universal Receiver has a problem with USB 3 ports in general. I have even removed and re-installed the software twice after found that the 3Dconnection Helper was listed 3 times in login items/users & groups. I have also been on the phone with 3Dconection tech 3 time on Friday with no solution. Since my new IMac Pro is only 1 week old I am going to call Apple tech support in the morning to see if they can shed some light on the (nuisance) problem since it is only on my new Imac not the old one.
  3. rjtiedeman

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Did you ever fix the issue with Space Mouse losing connection. I just got a new Imac Pro and 3Dconnection Space Mouse. My Imac came preloaded with 10.14 and every time I restart the Imac I have to unplug the receiver and reinsert to gain acess to the space mouse. Should I just send the space mouse back? The space mouse works fine on my old 2010 MacPro (os 10.13.6) with VW 2019. So it must be OS 10.14 or the Imac Pro. I called 3Dconnection they are very nice but can’t really diagnose the problem. So is space mouse it worth the problems??
  4. rjtiedeman

    Vectorworks 2019 needs to download fonts

    Thank You.
  5. I have gotten this request several times the first time I accepted and it went through 10-20 fonts with weird names. I just got the request and stopped after 4 oks. What's Up with this? 1. NOTE: I use Suitcase Fusion to manage fonts. 2. Where are these fonts going? 3. Are these really needed? 4. If I don't really need them how do I find and remove them? (for fonts - less is better)
  6. rjtiedeman

    So is the 2018 Mac Mini a viable VW machine?

    Your right! I let it go several hours then checked activity monitor and Vectorworks 2019 was frozen (NOT RESPONDING) when the progress bar was almost done. I tried it again after restarting my Mac and VW. VW then finished the preview in about 10 minutes then crashed when I tried to export the image as a PSD 300 dpi 15" wide by ?" tall. I just updated to 10.13.6 and Security Update 2018-003 which wiped out my NVIDIA Drivers which now have been restored. VW may require a reinstall or the 18069-3D_Concept file is damaged.
  7. rjtiedeman

    So is the 2018 Mac Mini a viable VW machine?

    My Classic 2010 Mac Pro 3.46GHz 6 core is still plodding along after 1hr 50 min. I guess it’s time for a new workstation. 😢
  8. rjtiedeman

    New video card for 2010-2012 Mac Pro's

    Good value since OWC can help with some tech support and they supply a $20 cable in the bundle. However see this link for notes: http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/archives/feb18/RadeonRX-580_MacPro.html#RadeonRX_580_8GB_MacPro Be sure you have updated the 5,1 mac pro to latest High Serria and have done the firmware update. SEE LINK for better notes. You can also save some money on amazon buying the Sapphire Radeon RX 580 (8GB) and cables for about 100 less. But your then completly on your own.
  9. rjtiedeman

    Wacom tablet?

    Has anyone tried Astropad Standard (ipad app) turns your IPad into a tablet. Reviews look interisting and if it works for $29 it’s a good secondary use of a iPad. supposed to work with any mac software.
  10. rjtiedeman

    new macbook pro Hardware advice

    Based on the CPU/GPU scores posted it would seem that the VEGA 20 is better but not by a lot. You can buy a eGPU in the future if you ever need to have more power but you can’t get more ram. So I would go for the 32GB ram. I am also struggling with the purchase of a new mac. We all have to be careful not spend more than we need on tech which gets old real fast. I have been able to keep my 2010 Mac Pro upgraded since it is an open system that had a lot of upgrade options. Todays macs are closed boxes and you are stuck with old tech the minute you leave the store. Thats why they only give 14 days. So what ever you buy it has to start making money ASAP.. You might check out the Apple Refurbished Store. https://www.apple.com/us-hed/shop/refurbished/mac/macbook-pro. My present Mac came from there and is still working fine 8 years later. “Idleness is a holiday for fools”
  11. rjtiedeman

    new macbook pro Hardware advice

    Looking at the same MacBook Pro for my business. The Vega 20 GPU has improved thermals over the previous 560X GPU. See this review. Has a Cine Bench score of over 1100 so its twice as fast as my existing desk monster. This is not a CAD review but does cover Cine Bench scores. The only issue is is expensive machine to cart around. Get a heavy duty backpack.
  12. rjtiedeman

    Files made in VW 2018 - Lighting Not Working in VW 2019

    I sent files to VW tech through my service select account and never got an answer to this problem. Whatever. I have been experimenting on my own and found the answer that works for me. My tests conclude that - VW 2019 no longer allows design layer renderings. Now you must create a sheet layer and a viewport I am an industrial designer associated with several companies doing product development, packaging and display design. I never present through vectorworks sheets but I send design renderings and control line drawings separately so that my clients can change notes and arrange presentations in Adobe CS products. So my needs are different from some one presenting only in VW. In other words I have been taking short cuts to get the jobs done and now I have to pay the price when working with old files.
  13. rjtiedeman

    Renderworks - is it worth the effort

    Must be tough to have to work in a place like this. Very nice neighbors.
  14. rjtiedeman

    Vectorworks 2018 Hogs Application Memory

    Question does Cleanse the file in transition import saved views from design layers?
  15. rjtiedeman

    eGPU and Vectorworks Testing

    So that means switching to a PC or hackentosh won’t help either. Just switch to Corona and CD4.


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