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  1. I have the same issue with exporting viewport renderings that look fine on screen but when exported as photoshop. The rendered images are overexposed and require retouching. I sent test files to tech support last week and they were able to replicate the problem. I have had this issue for a several versions of VW. Open in Photoshop and adjust the Image / Adjustment / Exposure / Gamma. During the lock down I have had more time to ask questions and search for solutions. I have always just worked around the issue. With all the possible display types that VW runs on I am surprised that that the color shift isn't worse. Based VW Knowledgebase "What Hardware Does What?" I think screen images are draw by the GPU and Renderings are created by the CPU. This may be the issue and a fix for this problem is not in our future.
  2. What other render packs are available? What about ARTLANTIS 2020 for the Mac and Vectorworks? It’s only $700 for a full license.
  3. 10.15.4 Works the same (for me) as before. However I got a warning on restart that 3D Connection Space mouse and Logitech Mouse drivers will be obsolete when the next Mac OS is released.
  4. Has anyone tried the latest macOS Catalina 10.15.4 update. It's supposed to fix a lot of bugs and improve the stability, reliability, and security of your Mac.
  5. I was looking at the images I posted and the image is a not the best example in that the difference is slight. I have had way more serious issues where is was more pronounced. It may be the number of lights, type of lights, reflecting background objects or other factors. The color/texture shift is a problem that can be fixed in Adobe PSD but it makes the time spent running test renders ineffective.
  6. What is topSD? You must be on a different VW than I am.
  7. It's better but I would like to know more. Some of my finals end up with 4 or five adjustment layers to fix individual label colors that get messed up in the process. I suspect that I should spring for a better rendering package that works with Vectorworks.
  8. I found a possible fix. At the bottom of the Viewport INFO window there is a apply image effects check box. If you click on the image effects bar below you get a image preview. If I modify the saturation here it save me a step in PSD.
  9. Exported as Photoshop - full color with Alpha Channel. I don't see any choice of CMYK or RGB. Unlike Photoshop I have a choice of modes. ?? Where does it hide.
  10. Picked an old file at random. Some files better than others. The rendered image needs gamma correction and saturation bumped. I render a lot of displays with bright graphics a image of a house with foliage may not be as problematic . My team is trying to sell the sizzle.
  11. Yes rendering on the design layer has been gone for some time. I always render the viewport which is by default on a sheet layer. Vectorworks rendering have always required photoshop editing. I just accepted the workaround. I put a request in to tech support through VSS. I just want to know if it’s my bad or not.
  12. 2020 fundamentals with the latest upgrade. How ever this has been a problem for past versions as well.
  13. Rendered images do not match the rendered screen images in the viewport. I always have to do major adjustments in photoshop. Why? Images look great on screen but are overexposed and washed out when opened in Photoshop. Working on an iMac Pro 10core with 64 Gb, OS 10.15.3
  14. Good catch. I found this post as well and updated to Mac OS Catalina this weekend. So far all good with VW 2020. As for SIDECAR: I already have 2 displays. My iMac Pro and my old LED Cinema Display. To run Sidecar just Turn on WIFI, add the iPad and rearrange the screens in DISPLAYS. I have been experimenting with SIDECAR and as an input device for Vectorworks it will take some major relearning. It is not like switching on my 3D connection device. Sidecar requires several steps. NOTES: 1. It was working fine until I got a call (i needed my iPad) and when I closed SideCar with out first closing VW. VW crashed ASAP. 2. My 3D connection controller works great with the iPad screen. 3. VW menus show up on the bottom of the IPAD Pro screen. Very cool. 4. I like Sidecar but it will take some time to get used to all the input devices on my desk. I may have to go back to my 5' drawing table
  15. DITTO... Is it safe to update to (Mac OS 10.15.2) Catalina for VW 2019 or VW 2020?? May be we should make this a separate topic to get noticed??


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