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  1. rjtiedeman

    Best Imac pro setup?

    I agree completly it’s the previewing and adjusting that 1. kills budgets, 2. kills enthusiasm, 3. slows the creative process. Nothing kills a meeting like lets try this and ...........nothing happens and everyone has to take a call. That is not productive. Can C4D replace Vectorworks? is ther a more direct render option than Corona that works directly with VW?
  2. rjtiedeman

    Best Imac pro setup?

    I like it but. How is drawing in Vectorworks. Exporting to Cinema 4D and rendering in Corona --- interactive rendering. We can only hope that Vectorworks will hook up with Corona. The Corona web page is over the top. Images are better than real. PS. Cost of Cinema 4D Studio R20 + Corona = Cost for a 18 core fully loaded iMac Pro.
  3. rjtiedeman

    Best Imac pro setup?

    Back to the original question what is the best Mac option for running VW 2019/renderworks. For me it’s the preview time that is the killer. The render-time can happen at night but the back and forth previews absolutly kill productivity and patience. I downloaded steve’s interior and my head was spinning after the first 20 min of waiting to see sometjhing. I need a new IMac Pro or MacBook Pro 2018 ASAP. I really like the quality that renderwork is capable of producing but I have never used them due to the time spent time waiting for a previews, let alone a full render. On the issue of different imaging software. Investing in new software is fine but think of it as just another bill to pay to keep the process going. I have recomended and supported Vectorworks for my self and my clients because VW can do a lot of jobs well and it’s only one mouth to feed. PS. Back in.the day when I started using Minicad I also used Strata Studiopro. It had a built in export out of MiniCad via text file export.It was terrific 10 years ago before renderworks ect and its still not that expensive.
  4. rjtiedeman

    Files made in VW 2018 - Lighting Not Working in VW 2019

    Yes this was a straight side view design layer rendering not a viewport. I am packing for a trip now so a copy of the file will need to wait. I would need a direct e-mail since I am not allowed to share files with the vectorworks-world. I noticed last week when I was trying to fix the problem that I was unable to turn off environment lighting even when I made a box around the can like we would in the photo studio. Light source always came from the left. This upgrade is not helping me at all.
  5. rjtiedeman

    VW2019 Fundamentals - Tools Taken Away

    Really creative use of wall tool.
  6. rjtiedeman

    Files made in VW 2018 - Lighting Not Working in VW 2019

    The ambient lighting is the same for both files so that is not the problem. Attached are 2 side view images one from 2018 the overexposed one is from VW 2019 SP1. The quick fix for me was to STOP using Vectorworks 2019. I am sure if you went into the 100's of files I have from Display projects you could fix the lighting on each of them but that is not a cost effective solution. I am still running Mac OS 10.13.6. This is a import glitch in the software. I have tried the same import on several similar files and the result was the same. I almost do final adjustments in Photoshop but the renders from the 2019 imports are too far off to be adjusted.
  7. Working files made in VW 2018-SP4 will no longer render correctly in VW 2019-SP1. The Final Quality Renderworks PSD images look way over exposed and can't be repaired in photoshop. I am running MAC OS 10.13.6. Fortunatly I was able to step back to VW 2018-SP4 to complete my project. Mac Pro 5,1 - 6 core 3.46Mhz - 32 GB ram, Mac Edition Nvidia GeForce GTX 680.
  8. rjtiedeman

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Try https://beta.apple.com/sp/betaprogram/restore . I have not been able to confirm thru Apple Support. So when you get you new MacBook Pro call apple care first and check to see if High Sierra will be listed. We all await your results. Change is opportunity. Congratulations.
  9. rjtiedeman

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    If you need a new Mac and you run Vectorworks your going to have to buy reconditioned, used or wait until the end of year. Since new Imacs and Macbook pros come preloaded with 10.14 preinstalled. I just called Apple and the Apple person didn’t know what the OS was so they are really are no help. I also stopped at Best Buy and the Apple sales people also didn’t t know what system was on any of the macs in the store or why it even mattered. Apple is not helping anyone with 10.14.
  10. rjtiedeman

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Ksenia, good catch. i was getting ready to purchase a new 2018 macbook pro to replace my old 2010 mac pro and work on the road. I just assumed it would come with OS 10.13.6. Guess we will have to wait for vectorworks to catch up. I confess to a DUH moment. Thank you.
  11. Of corse the answer is SURFACE ARRAY. I have Vectorworks 2019 - FUNDAMENTALS. That tool was not included as advertised. That said. I work with package Design and product development as structural design director. If we make claims on a package design that are incorrect our clients have legal chaos. The marketing team must not have gotten the memo. What are ivy generators?
  12. How did they create the FUNDAMENTALS 2018 marketing image with 3D flying trash cans on a curved surface?
  13. rjtiedeman

    20`9 New Features Missing ??

    Just upgraded to VW 2019 FUNDAMENTALS and was reviewing your Vectorworks Fundamentals Feature Overview and I can't find SURFACE ARRAY tool listed in the overview features. https://www.vectorworks.net/en/fundamentals/features DUH- what am I missing??
  14. rjtiedeman

    iMac Pro information

    Has any one run this Stained glass test on a new 2018 MacBook Pro? How long does it take for a preview to check lighting? I never sit and watch my Mac while rendering. Walk away time. However the killer for me is setting lights and waiting for previews. That is a time killer.


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