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  1. rjtiedeman

    Is Mac OS 10.14.5 update safe for use with VW 2019

    Thank You, Good to know. Maybe it will fix my 3Dconnection space mouse.
  2. Just checking before I push the button. Has VectorWorks 2019 been tested with Apple latest fix for Mojave OS 10.14.5 update?
  3. rjtiedeman

    VW 2019 Render not stopping

    I am having the same issue. Rendering Final Renderworks PREVIEW rendering will not stop! No key strokes work and you can't change the render mode. However when the preview has finished and the export image has starter the rendering stops with command (.). I have a new Imac Pro 10 core. No rendering speed improvements over my 10 year old Mac Pro 6 core. The speed is the same very slow and the only way to stop preview is to force quit Vectorworks in finder. NOTE: the note above pertains to design layer rendering. When you create a viewport you have a cancel update button in the info window which works properly. However Final Quality rendering is still very slooooow. 10 cores and 64 GB wasted.
  4. rjtiedeman

    User Success - Hardware Benchmark Results

    I shopped for replacement for my 2010 Mac Pro for years and never considered a Imac of any kind. I was holding on to the past. I love my new IMac Pro but I would have preferred to get a Mac Pro modular but life slips away and at the end of the day if my new Imac Pro saves 1-2 hours a week than that's time I can use doing something other than work. I was able to upgrade my 2010 classic Mac Pro but to be honest the last processor upgrade (3.33 to 3.46Ghz) was a waste of money.The best update was the 1TB SSD. At the end of the day It has just run out of options and I just can't waste another 2 years waiting for a New (modular) Mac Pro. Comments. 1. Day to day operations e-mailing, web surfing and such will make no measurable difference. 2. Fly-overs and moving around are terrific. 3. Adjusting Lighting and rendering are much improved. Note: I normally walk away when rendering so if money is an issue you can schedule your renderings for time away from the machine. 4. My Imac Pro came with Mojave installed so many applications are NOT running at their best. I am not be seeing what the future will bring when everyone catches up. I am not crashing but I am not experiencing the mind blowing the test charts claims. 5. A new Imac is rumored to be coming this year so I would wait and see. If not save your money and look at the Apple Refurb store. My 2010 Mac Pro was a refurb and has never given me any issues that I didn't cause with upgrades. I am keeping it a backup for now. 6. web sites that might help. https://macperformanceguide.com/index.html https://buyersguide.macrumors.com 7. Apple Care is a good investment. However most faulty electronics will fail in the first 12 months. So open and use it ASAP.
  5. rjtiedeman

    Having Issues with 3DCONNEXION

    What version of OS are you using. If you are using Mac OS Mojave the 3Dconnection drivers need to updated to work properly. I don't have a 3Dconnection mouse but I have a space mouse and it has issues with Mac OS Mojave and they all use the same universal receiver. Next question what version of Vectorworks? Did you try adding Vectorworks (your version) directly from the configure pull down instead of the generic version on the list? Pull down list and add application.
  6. rjtiedeman

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    I updated to Mojave 10.14.3 and also got a Vectorworks 2019 Library update right after. Now when I open a project from 2 weeks ago the lighting is set very dark. When I need these display 3Ds in the future all the lights will need adjusting up and tested. I estimate it will be at least 1 (non-billable) hour each. Thank you Apple. Also my 3Dconnection still doesn't work unless unplugged. But it does work with 10.14.3 after replug. Note the receiver only works when plugged into the iMac. I will not work plugged into my TSB 3 Docking Station where it's easy to get to. Good news Mac OS 10.15 coming Sept 19. They are looking for a name. Running Vectorworks 2019 SP-2 (build 463397) iMac Pro (2017) 10 core, 64GB. OS 10.14.3 (18D109)
  7. rjtiedeman

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    I have a Logitech mouse which works fine with Mojave except the system preferences control for the mouse do not allow any adjustments to the Logitech features. Just works as a mouse. However it does not hve to be pulled for it to work like the 3Dconnection mouse. It may be firmware in the plug-in device itself. What we all need is for the tech companies to come out and tell us they know the problem exists and we are working to fix it. Silence is not helping and we can’t fixit our self.
  8. rjtiedeman

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    I updated my drivers to the latest 3Dconnection drivers (10.6.1) it didn't help. The paring still fails on restart. I have plugged the receiver into every USB socket on the Imac Pro and also the connected to the USB3 ports on the Caldigit TS3Plus-US20-SG Thunderbolt 3 docking station. The problem is the same. However my 2010 Mac Pro USB-2 connection works fine. I was wondering if the problem is that the new USB 3 ports and the 3DConnection Universal Receiver has a problem with USB 3 ports in general. I have even removed and re-installed the software twice after found that the 3Dconnection Helper was listed 3 times in login items/users & groups. I have also been on the phone with 3Dconection tech 3 time on Friday with no solution. Since my new IMac Pro is only 1 week old I am going to call Apple tech support in the morning to see if they can shed some light on the (nuisance) problem since it is only on my new Imac not the old one.
  9. rjtiedeman

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    Did you ever fix the issue with Space Mouse losing connection. I just got a new Imac Pro and 3Dconnection Space Mouse. My Imac came preloaded with 10.14 and every time I restart the Imac I have to unplug the receiver and reinsert to gain acess to the space mouse. Should I just send the space mouse back? The space mouse works fine on my old 2010 MacPro (os 10.13.6) with VW 2019. So it must be OS 10.14 or the Imac Pro. I called 3Dconnection they are very nice but can’t really diagnose the problem. So is space mouse it worth the problems??
  10. rjtiedeman

    Vectorworks 2019 needs to download fonts

    Thank You.
  11. I have gotten this request several times the first time I accepted and it went through 10-20 fonts with weird names. I just got the request and stopped after 4 oks. What's Up with this? 1. NOTE: I use Suitcase Fusion to manage fonts. 2. Where are these fonts going? 3. Are these really needed? 4. If I don't really need them how do I find and remove them? (for fonts - less is better)
  12. rjtiedeman

    So is the 2018 Mac Mini a viable VW machine?

    Your right! I let it go several hours then checked activity monitor and Vectorworks 2019 was frozen (NOT RESPONDING) when the progress bar was almost done. I tried it again after restarting my Mac and VW. VW then finished the preview in about 10 minutes then crashed when I tried to export the image as a PSD 300 dpi 15" wide by ?" tall. I just updated to 10.13.6 and Security Update 2018-003 which wiped out my NVIDIA Drivers which now have been restored. VW may require a reinstall or the 18069-3D_Concept file is damaged.
  13. rjtiedeman

    So is the 2018 Mac Mini a viable VW machine?

    My Classic 2010 Mac Pro 3.46GHz 6 core is still plodding along after 1hr 50 min. I guess it’s time for a new workstation. 😢
  14. rjtiedeman

    New video card for 2010-2012 Mac Pro's

    Good value since OWC can help with some tech support and they supply a $20 cable in the bundle. However see this link for notes: http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/archives/feb18/RadeonRX-580_MacPro.html#RadeonRX_580_8GB_MacPro Be sure you have updated the 5,1 mac pro to latest High Serria and have done the firmware update. SEE LINK for better notes. You can also save some money on amazon buying the Sapphire Radeon RX 580 (8GB) and cables for about 100 less. But your then completly on your own.
  15. rjtiedeman

    Wacom tablet?

    Has anyone tried Astropad Standard (ipad app) turns your IPad into a tablet. Reviews look interisting and if it works for $29 it’s a good secondary use of a iPad. supposed to work with any mac software.


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