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  1. Can this question be expanded to MACs. I am using VW 2020 on a iMac Pro 10 core which is way more powerful than my old Mac Pro 6 core but VW doesn't feel 10 times faster. What am I missing?
  2. This issues is fixed in. latest 2020 sp2 update. Now old files with images mapped to extruded or swept lines work as expected. Many thanks to VW team.
  3. Problem is NOT fixed in latest version on VW. Extruded or swept lines can not have a fill.
  4. Tim C. Yes, Replacing the line with a very thin rectangle (.0001 x 1.5") works but the graphic repeats on the inside of the swept poly like the inside of a glass wall. This screws up the edges of the text/graphic. Also degrades the texture of the surface below. NOTE: I also note that trying to edit my older textures causes major failures. I have used PSD images with alpha channels for the transparency. I need to experiment more to find a solution.
  5. The original product was done in VW 2018 moved to to VW 2019 then when it was opened in VW 2020 it failed. I have tried rebuilding in VW 2020 from scratch but it fails. Not worth wasting any more time. If you have to get work done on time the best work around is not to use VW 2020. Adding a decal also works fine in 2020 but it is limited to 1 decal and 1 texture. Other 3D software like FormZ can have many decals and they can be moved & adjusted easily. It’s on my wish list. At one time I supported several 3D platforms but with updates and non-compatible file formats I stopped.
  6. You can convert the line-sweep to a NURBS surface, (sweep will now have a fill) but the shape has to be adjusted larger. Also what was a smooth sweep becomes a faceted surface which makes the texture look faceted. Not a great workaround. It's best to just use VW2019 until things get sorted out.
  7. That little triangle flyout at the bottom of the attributes palette (Make All Attributes by Class)? That is only available in the design series. I use VW fundamentals. Bob
  8. Kevin here is the file if than helps the cap at the left has been moved 4" away from the label & path. Moving the file back to 2019 fixes the problem. Can top 2019 to v2020 to v2019.vwx
  9. No the swept path does not show a fill in VW 2020 and will not accept a fill. However when I back save it to VW 2019 it has a fill and a graphic texture as it did when created. Bob
  10. I am having issues opening old package renders in VW 2020 that were done using a swept path as a sticker to a surface. Please see PDF. Now any old file that had this technique to create a label on a surface has to redone. Is this a glitch or a permanent change to Vectorworks?
  11. Thank You, Good to know. Maybe it will fix my 3Dconnection space mouse.
  12. Just checking before I push the button. Has VectorWorks 2019 been tested with Apple latest fix for Mojave OS 10.14.5 update?
  13. I am having the same issue. Rendering Final Renderworks PREVIEW rendering will not stop! No key strokes work and you can't change the render mode. However when the preview has finished and the export image has starter the rendering stops with command (.). I have a new Imac Pro 10 core. No rendering speed improvements over my 10 year old Mac Pro 6 core. The speed is the same very slow and the only way to stop preview is to force quit Vectorworks in finder. NOTE: the note above pertains to design layer rendering. When you create a viewport you have a cancel update button in the info window which works properly. However Final Quality rendering is still very slooooow. 10 cores and 64 GB wasted.
  14. I shopped for replacement for my 2010 Mac Pro for years and never considered a Imac of any kind. I was holding on to the past. I love my new IMac Pro but I would have preferred to get a Mac Pro modular but life slips away and at the end of the day if my new Imac Pro saves 1-2 hours a week than that's time I can use doing something other than work. I was able to upgrade my 2010 classic Mac Pro but to be honest the last processor upgrade (3.33 to 3.46Ghz) was a waste of money.The best update was the 1TB SSD. At the end of the day It has just run out of options and I just can't waste another 2 years waiting for a New (modular) Mac Pro. Comments. 1. Day to day operations e-mailing, web surfing and such will make no measurable difference. 2. Fly-overs and moving around are terrific. 3. Adjusting Lighting and rendering are much improved. Note: I normally walk away when rendering so if money is an issue you can schedule your renderings for time away from the machine. 4. My Imac Pro came with Mojave installed so many applications are NOT running at their best. I am not be seeing what the future will bring when everyone catches up. I am not crashing but I am not experiencing the mind blowing the test charts claims. 5. A new Imac is rumored to be coming this year so I would wait and see. If not save your money and look at the Apple Refurb store. My 2010 Mac Pro was a refurb and has never given me any issues that I didn't cause with upgrades. I am keeping it a backup for now. 6. web sites that might help. https://macperformanceguide.com/index.html https://buyersguide.macrumors.com 7. Apple Care is a good investment. However most faulty electronics will fail in the first 12 months. So open and use it ASAP.
  15. What version of OS are you using. If you are using Mac OS Mojave the 3Dconnection drivers need to updated to work properly. I don't have a 3Dconnection mouse but I have a space mouse and it has issues with Mac OS Mojave and they all use the same universal receiver. Next question what version of Vectorworks? Did you try adding Vectorworks (your version) directly from the configure pull down instead of the generic version on the list? Pull down list and add application.


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