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  1. My 3Dconnection Space mouse works on orthogonal views but when I switch to perspective view VW rotates the entire world view. VW works with correctly standard Apple Magic mouse in both ortho and perspective views. Its there a workaround? Are there controls for Target Camera mode? I am using a iMac Pro 10 core / 64GB / Radeon Pro Vega 64 16 GB, OS 12.4, Vectorworks 2022 SP3.1. 3DxWare version 10.7.2
  2. Sorry I have included a screen shot of active processes memory. Real memory stays at around 7.5GB in shaded view while rotating. The active process jump around a lot but VW seems to hold at 7-8 GB. Not a problem for 64 GBs of memory. I can see a have a lot of seldom used apps like Drop Box which may have to go since they are taking a lot of memory for what they do..
  3. Sorry for the delay. Right after I posted I got a notification the SP 3.1 was available for updating. I am running VW 2022 SP 3.1 now and after a complete shutdown/reboot cycle the screen lag seems to have stopped. As for your question about activity monitor VW idles at about 3% but when I rotate the view the % goes from 30% to 98% on shaded. While rotating view with my 3Dconnection Spacemouse the Activity monitor stays around 85%. When viewing with fast renderworks Cineware jumps to over 1,000%. I can say that after updating 3Dconnection driver to 10.7.2 it is also working properly. I use VW Fundamentals for 3D studies and layouts I do not have access to the more complex tools the higher VW versions so I can only report that all systems are working for me. I have included a activity monitor with VW in idle mode. Mac is Imac Pro 3 GHz 10-Core Intel Xeon W (64 GB) with Radeon Pro Vega 64 16 GB.
  4. I upgraded my iMac Pro to Mac OS 12.4 about 1 hour ago. When I launched VW 2022 SP3 it was working great until I changed the render mode to shaded from wireframe. Then the software hung and required force quit. After a full shutdown and restart VW 2022 SP3 is now working as it should in both wireframe and shaded mode in the design layer. As of about 1 hour of use the only thing I can report is that VW seams very slow. I have no way to compare it to the previous OS but it just seams slower in shaded mode then before.. I saved the report if any one is interested. Crash (HANG) report was sent to Apple.
  5. The new version of VW2022 added a new tool for applying decals but I am struggling to make it work 1. why do I have 2 tools that do almost the same thing? Texture Tool and Attribute Mapping tool. 2. why can't VW work like Adobe Dimensions when applying textures? 3. why when applying a square logo to a surface do I have a white surface where the overall should be showing. 4. why can't I choose multiple surfaces in texture tool so the graphic can wrap around a shape? Applying textures is a painful process
  6. I built a Icosahedron. Old school, similar to drafting class about 50 years ago. Use the ARC tool like a compass and bisect angles to establish points in space. To save time I did most t of the surfaces this way and then filled on the blanks with the 3D polygon tool. It's fun but you have to focus and not walk away.
  7. I updated to Mac OS Monterey 12.1 and may iMac Pro is working better than it did on OS 11.6. The latest 3d connection beta drivers (3408) from 12/13/21 seem to be working ok. My Mac feels snappier and it doesn't crash when I shut it down so it's GOOD NEWS. Note-1: during testing OS 12.1 Vectorworks - Renderworks locked up rendering a display project last night. I went to the desktop quit all other running apps and when I got back the rendering had finished. The force quit said VW -not responding but it finally did so I didn't loose any work. I am puzzled but relieved and will turn on auto save from now on. Note-2: 3DC - BETA VERSION r3408 -" Dec 13, 2021: fix single Archicad instance issue (MAC-320), fix unresponsive 3D mouse (MAC-323), added CadMouse configuration for zBursh in "release candidate 1" (RC1, revision r3408)."
  8. Mark, I updated to a Imac Pro 10 core 3 years ago. So my hardware signature is NOT correct. However I still have the old Pro as a backup/server. The next Apple up date (m1) will have us all splurging for new machines. I will have to get way more work to support Apple. Note : my main client's basement has 5 Mac G5 CPUs piled up and unused from the last time Apple changed course. That was more than 10K up in smoke. I changed my signature and removed the Old Mac Pro it has become an antique from 2010.
  9. Screen Resolution has been an issue for me with Big Sur 11.6. On my iMac Pro I set my second display at lower resolution so I can see the fine type in VW menus. I randomly have issues of text blocks turning pink when I switch views from viewports to design level. I had to stop doing that. I put my reading glasses close by. So the OS wants all displays set to default. I will update and compare to see if it’s fixed.
  10. Anyone experiment with the latest update to Monteray 12 - 12.1 . Does it help or hinder the issues with VW 2022 SP2?? I am ready to install after I finish my latest project. New shiny lights are calling.
  11. People having problems is the reason I read the posts on this web site. It is the best place to go to find the information I need to keep my software running. User forums have been an important resource for me and I am sure it is an important resource for Vectorworks. So the squeaky wheel gets oiled.
  12. Since macOS 12.1 is due out in several weeks what are the chances that Vectorworks 2022 SP2 or 3 will function with 12.1. Should we update to OS 12 now and hope VW2022 SP 3 catches OS 12 or wait.
  13. Will VW 2022 work with Monterey on a OS 12 compatible iMac or iMac Pro?
  14. Pordi, external monitors?? "Obviously this is very inconvenient and it's an issue for Apple to resolve." I have NOT updated to OS 12.0.1 and I can report that VW 2022 has minor issue with the external monitor connected to my iMac Pro. It seldom knows which is the main screen. My external monitor is a Apple LED Cinema Display connected to my iMac Pro via a CalDigit TS3 Plus Dock.You just have to find a menu on the main screen to get it to come home. Photoshop does the same thing. I am waiting to update until OS version 12.1. but I suspect that my dual screen issue will still be there. Spock says, “Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”
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