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  1. I have so many questions about UV mapping in VW 2022. I have created a test page for my self to start the process. 1. the white flask has an overall texture of yellow but it is showing as it's fill color. Why 2. #4 decal on the large bottle shape has white around it not the overall color of yellow. Why? 3. Adjustment of map positions???? This a cool tool but I will need to spend time to understand the controls. If you grab any of the decals with the attribute mapping tool to adjust its position it all goes wacky. I have included the VW file for review. The only way I have found is to use the info pallet numeric controls for face overrides. Any direction would be helpful. 1. Don't forget to include the secret key strokes. 2. I use Fundamentals so tools the require high end versions of Vectorworks are not helpful. UV Mapping Test page.vwx
  2. Thank you Mr Donley, So far I have found that I can’t just open old files make changes and render with Redshift. Renderworks works works fine so if I am ever to use Redshift I will have to figure out what to change so that I can move forward. I have been able to convert one file but I wasn’t very careful and didn’t make notes as to what I did to make it work. So I know it’s possible. However the comparison of the before and after are very close. I am not sure it’s an big deal for rendering displays. I ,have diverted my attention to relearning mapping which is challenging.
  3. This sounds very helpful. Where are thes controls in Vectorworks Fundamentals? With out abbreviations please. What are IES files? I have only ever used standard spot, point and area lights from the VW light menu. I can’t find "From Distribution" in and menu. Sorry if this sound stupid but I am just looking for the key to the door.
  4. Are there any actual instructions as to how Redshift works in Vectorworks. I have been experimenting with old files that rendered correctly in Renderworks but the Redshift version is terrible. So I am missing info which would make this a successful experiment.
  5. This is a start but I would like to see VW setup information. I have been experimenting with my existing vectorworks files and trying to create images. The results have been terrible. So I am missing the magic set up info for VW 22.:
  6. Design work (thinking, planning and drawing) by nature is hourly. Also, the client or team has a lot to do with how much time is spent on a project. I normally have to estimate projects prior to start. So a "Per sheet" structure would be out of the question for me. Also it it not unusual for projects to go off course and I have to submit "out of scope" estimates.
  7. I retired my old Mac Pro classic for a Imac Pro 10 core in 2018 and it has been perfect for my needs. One thing the Imac Pros have which is very convenient is has lots of connection ports. (four full-size USB 3.0 ports, four Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports) . If you check the mac benchmarks you will see that the IMac Pros are still close to the top of the chart. https://browser.geekbench.com/mac-benchmarks/. Since the Imac pros use Intel chips they should run most of your apps for the next few years. My 2010 6 core Mac Pro had so many non Apple upgrades it wasted more time fussing than any time saved processing . My Imac Pro just runs and does what it needs to do no fussing as yet. I am running the latest macOS Big Sur 11.5.2 with Vectorworks 2021 and Adobe Creative Suite with out issue. Note if you want to fuss around with eGPUs you can add one for rendering. See this test review https://barefeats.com/rx-6900-xt-vs-other-gpus-in-imac-pro.html
  8. I wasted a lot of time looking for instructions that do not exist. According to tech support "This feature is only available in a Design Series product, like Architect or Landmark." It would be helpful if the on-line tutorials stated the version of vectorworks they are showing.
  9. Does anyone know how to create a section viewport in VW Fundamentals 2021? The tutorials are all for the higher versions of Vectorworks.
  10. Thanks. That makes perfect sense. I think a MacBook Pro 13 makes more sense. 4 years is a long time to wait and being able to use the apple pencil is not that important to drawing in CAD. I tried sidecar and it is OK but would take a lot of retraining.
  11. Now that Apple has moved to a universal format in OS 11 how soon will it be before VW Fundamentals runs on a fully configured 2021 iPad Pro 12.9"? It would be handy to have a way to check site dimensions and interact with clients away from my work station.
  12. I agree completely. You have to go back to the basic subdivision tutorial. However then they blow through the basics in the first 2 seconds and I am not sure how you would do the internal framing. There seems to be more Vectorworks tutorials on Youtube than in the VW library .
  13. What is this object? Can you zoom out or let us see it from other angles?
  14. I agree with scottmoore. But - Rendering now works better in a view port than directly on the design layer. It's nice that the view port remembers all your image settings. You can save multiple viewports with different settings. Note - I have not seen any differences in rendering design layer vs view port. Also I have not had any textures disappear and all my design files include custom textures some dating back several versions of Vectorworks. We have had to relearn old habits. PS. I would love a 'real time' render the image previews eat up a lot of time when making custom image maps.
  15. https://university.vectorworks.net Freeform Modeling - starts with basics - screen planes, layer planes and and builds up. Best to start at the basics. I started at from the middle and had to go back. I developed some habits that had to relearned when VW got more complex.
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