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  1. Magnus Mikaelsen

    Label Ledgend? Lighing instruments?

    Thank you for trying to help me. The problem is really that I have one document where it is working and one where it is not working. Like on the picture. It is the same instrument, but in 1 document it appears with "informationbubbles" and in another one not. I cannot figure out how to see the "informationbubbles" in the document that seems to have an issue. -Magnus
  2. Magnus Mikaelsen

    Edit symbol in 2019, not great

    @Marissa Farrell Thank you! That was very helpful:)
  3. Magnus Mikaelsen

    Label Ledgend? Lighing instruments?

    Hello wonderful community Ive chosen to work in a blank document instead of a Spotlight template. In the blank document the lighting instrument Dont show colorfilter and ch-number etc. Is there an easy way to turn on that function in a blank document. ps. Its not the mistake of dragging the symbol into the drawing instead of placing a lighting instrument. which i used to make the picture example. Thank you for your time. Magnus
  4. Magnus Mikaelsen

    Edit symbol in 2019, not great

    Hello Im sorry I cant help with the advanced use of symbols. But I have symbol issue of my own. I try to make a simple circle within a circle symbol. But even though I set the insertionpoint to be in the center of the circle it automaticly goes to the left middlepoint of the circle. I tried to edit the insertionpoint in the symbol, but it always ends up beeing the left mid of the circle. What am I doing wrong? The workflow is: I make a 2d drawing. I select the drawn lines/objects. I go to, create symbol. I tried both options for insertionpoint, the result is the same. I go to the resourcebrowser and find the symbol I doubleclick the symbol and try to place it out in the designlayer. But the insertionpoint is not where i want it to be. Kind Regards Magnus
  5. Magnus Mikaelsen

    Class visibility

    Thank you all for good replies!
  6. Magnus Mikaelsen

    Class visibility

    Dear VWX community Problem 1: Im working on a huge DWG imported file, and Im trying to sort things in to new classes. Lets say Ive selected everything from one class. Is there a quick way to turn everything else off? I can manually turn every other class off, but that takes a long time. Problem 2: Is there a way to make certain classes always be visible on top of everything. Thank you for your time. Regards Magnus Mikaelsen


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