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  1. Hello Thank you for all your reply. The "lighting symbol maintenance" works. But in the future could it be solved by having a setting inside record? Normaly it is off, but when you turn it on you get a question. (Do you want to update this information to all symbols....) When on you always update the symbols, when off you update just in the drawing. Or you could have 2 different records, one that updates all, and one that does not. So depending on your project you could choose. (should he easy to toggle between the records) I will try CMD+/? while having the fixture marked? Magnus
  2. Dear VW community @Scott Campbell Ive made lighting symbols that have both 2D and 3D symbols. And I have managed to put records to them. Everything seems fine. If I make a visual update it works. I edit the symbol. And boom, all my symbols in the drawing have visually changed. Great! But when I edit the text in the symbol, adding new information (field angle, weight etc), nothing happens. Not so great. I need to click on every symbol and re select the symbol it already have. Then the information is updated. Is this intended? Or am I doing something wrong here? Magnus
  3. Thank you all. My local VW-support @Scott Campbell found out that is going to be fixed by the end of november in the SP2. Sorry for causing a bit confusion by trying to correct my mistake by posting this issue two times. I originally posted it in the wrong forum, and now there is two threads. Magnus
  4. Dear VW community I have a blank VW2020 file open with nothing in it. I insert the simplest lighting instrument I can find. I try duplicate along path. (line tool A-B 6m) I try 5 duplicates. I try preview and it works. I try duplicate and VW crashes immediately. Any ideas what might be wrong? I got around it using another tool to do the same job, but it only works as long as my path is not curved. I never had vw2019, but ive been using vw 2015, 2016, and 2018 with this approach before and never had any trouble (unless duplicating to much stuff) Can something with my standard settings in VW make stuff like this harder? Thank you Magnus
  5. Ive contacted Dakantus. It would be interesting to know why duplicate along path is not working for this, and Im awating reply from dakantus. At the same time Ola Bråten helped me to find another tool that gives me the same result as I want with duplicate, but without the crashing part:) I can use the "move by points tool". Since my path is not curved this works well. When I have a curved path, I will see if I have other tools I can use for the time being. Yes I will try to find the right forum in the future. Thank you Jesse.
  6. Thank you all. I found out. The problem is that there is no label ledgend in new "blank files" and in a Spotlight template file it is, it is also marked "active" so it shows up automatically on any fixture. And even when you make a label ledgend in the new blank file it wont automatically assign to the new lighting fixtures. You need to make the lable you made "active" when inserting new lighting instruments, othervise they are inserted without a LL. Your Noob Magnus
  7. Dear fellow VW enthusiasts! I made my own lighting instrument. It is a 2D and 3D symbol, with a default lable ledgend. I also attached lighting records to it. I can put them in my drawing and everything seems ok, i Even simplified the 3D object to the absolute minimum to keep it simple. When I try to duplicate 16 of them along a path VW2020 just shuts down. I tried duplicating just 1 symbol and that works, then I try a few more and no chance. Vectorworks doesnt even think about it. Just shuts down. Im using vw2020 and im on Mojave (Mac). How can I try to find out whats wrong? EDIT: Ive just tried inserting a default symbol from the VW2020 library. Same issue. What can it be? Is Catalina a better match with VW2020 than Mojave? Magnus
  8. Thank you for trying to help me. The problem is really that I have one document where it is working and one where it is not working. Like on the picture. It is the same instrument, but in 1 document it appears with "informationbubbles" and in another one not. I cannot figure out how to see the "informationbubbles" in the document that seems to have an issue. -Magnus
  9. @Marissa Farrell Thank you! That was very helpful:)
  10. Hello wonderful community Ive chosen to work in a blank document instead of a Spotlight template. In the blank document the lighting instrument Dont show colorfilter and ch-number etc. Is there an easy way to turn on that function in a blank document. ps. Its not the mistake of dragging the symbol into the drawing instead of placing a lighting instrument. which i used to make the picture example. Thank you for your time. Magnus
  11. Hello Im sorry I cant help with the advanced use of symbols. But I have symbol issue of my own. I try to make a simple circle within a circle symbol. But even though I set the insertionpoint to be in the center of the circle it automaticly goes to the left middlepoint of the circle. I tried to edit the insertionpoint in the symbol, but it always ends up beeing the left mid of the circle. What am I doing wrong? The workflow is: I make a 2d drawing. I select the drawn lines/objects. I go to, create symbol. I tried both options for insertionpoint, the result is the same. I go to the resourcebrowser and find the symbol I doubleclick the symbol and try to place it out in the designlayer. But the insertionpoint is not where i want it to be. Kind Regards Magnus
  12. Dear VWX community Problem 1: Im working on a huge DWG imported file, and Im trying to sort things in to new classes. Lets say Ive selected everything from one class. Is there a quick way to turn everything else off? I can manually turn every other class off, but that takes a long time. Problem 2: Is there a way to make certain classes always be visible on top of everything. Thank you for your time. Regards Magnus Mikaelsen
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