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  1. Hi Marcie, I know we can deliver tremendous value to your understanding and workflow with Vectorworks. I am practicing architecture professionally, have used Vectorworks for 20 years, am an expert in BIM and I have been training professionals on Vectorworks around the world for the past 6 years. Feel free to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session here: https://tangably.com/p/discovery-session Discover some of our success stories here: https://tangably.com/p/testimonials On your Discovery Session (via Zoom) we can talk about your current workflow, your grand ambitions, and map out a simple path to success. Looking forward to meeting you! Best wishes, Jacob@Tangably.com
  2. @Atelier BT Thank you for posting this opportunity to the community. At Tangably, we are well-positioned to support you in this chapter of growth and innovation at your firm. Since 2015 Tangably, Inc. has trained, consulted, and supported architecture firms and entertainment designers around the world. Though we are known as the premiere third-party training resource for Vectorworks, we also consult with firms like yours in establishing Information Modeling (BIM) templates and workflows tailored to your project typology. We then support your team through on-going training, on-boarding and troubleshooting as you implement these tools into your daily workflow. I would like to invite you to join us for a Discovery Session, at your convenience. Please feel free to book a session here: https://tangably.com/p/discovery-session All the best in this new chapter! Jacob Dale Jacob@Tangably.com
  3. Hi Jeff, We appreciate you sharing this opportunity with the Vectorworks community here. Your expressed needs are similar to services that we have provided to other clients recently. It was a pleasure to meet with your team on Friday. We are confident Team Tangably can provide the support you desire to get to the next level with Vectorworks and related workflows. Expect to receive a consulting proposal from us very soon. Best, Jacob@Tangably.com
  4. Redefine Saved View NOT obeying Restore Options, specifically Render Mode and Options ex. OpenGL - No Edges Vectorworks Designer 2020 SP3.1 macOS Mojave 10.14.6 Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro15,1 Processor Name: Intel Core i9 Processor Speed: 2.9 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 6 L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 12 MB Hyper-Threading Technology: Enabled Memory: 32 GB BUG-Saved View-Redefine-Render Mode and Options.vwx
  5. @SCParker ūü§ôThat Text-->Size Menu is a quick solution to text and labels in objects. Many a deadline have been suffered in relation to drafts-people not knowing this simple solution
  6. @Matt Hunt Thank you for sharing your experience with this issue. We definitely have encountered weirdness in the publishing department over the decades with Vectorworks. Can be infuriating to discover on a deadline. We try to head this off by advising our teams to prepare their sets and test plot well before the deadline. We find it is often helpful to get the set lined as one of the first things in a new project. I quickly documented my experience with Saving a Set here:
  7. Just stumbled on a 4 step workflow that appears to solve this issue. File --> Publish Added All Sheets in Set Saved the Set Published from the Saved Set Everything published as expected now. Weird that this would be necessary, as it has not been before. But it works now.
  8. @Tolu Good to know that Vectorworks is committed to chasing the ever evolving cloud infrastructure. Thank you for the update. We look forward to the possibility -of using GDrive Filestream with Vectorworks in the near future.
  9. @SVA Architects Good to know, thank you for the update
  10. Sorry to hear that it is not working for you guys either. Thank you @Tom Klaber for sharing your experience. We too are interested in using Project Sharing more consistently. But Many of our Clients are already set in their File Stream workflows. Maybe another year or another Service Pack things will be different.
  11. @Matt Hunt did you discover a solution to this issue? We are seeing this as well when publishing through the Publish command to a set of PDF. The sheets are appearing as small sections. Not what was layed out on the Sheet. This is happening on PC and Mac and appears to be an issue with the file, not the OS or version of Vectorworks
  12. Hows it going the past few weeks? Still stable?
  13. until

    Still showing as an upcoming event in the forum. Is this still happening?
  14. GDrive - File Stream is increasingly being used by our clients and we have used it for 5 years now. We imagine it's not going away soon and will only become more popular. Any updates expected for this @vectorworks?
  15. We offer Live Group Coaching every week and 20+ weeks of project-based Vectorworks Spotlight training online at Tangably.com


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