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  1. Jacob@tangably.com

    Festoon / String Lights

    @Alan Woodwell nice work
  2. Jacob@tangably.com

    Renderworks & Spotlight - Stumped.

    +1 for render session chat!
  3. Jacob@tangably.com

    Clothes Rail

    nice features!
  4. Jacob@tangably.com

    Hoist Insertion Tool Snapping is Offset

    It wants to be perpendicular across the truss mid-point from your cursor
  5. Jacob@tangably.com

    Feature Matrix

    Is there an updated feature Matrix for 2018?
  6. Jacob@tangably.com

    Vectorworks Training & Consulting

  7. Jacob@tangably.com

    Vectorworks Training & Consulting

    LA VECTORWORKS SPOTLIGHT 2018 | ADVANCED HANDS-ON TRAINING October 7th-11, 2017 https://tangably.com/vectorworks-spotlght-training-los-angeles
  8. until
    Course details at https://tangably.com/vectorworks-spotlght-training-new-york-city
  9. until
    Course details at https://tangably.com/vectorworks-spotlght-training-los-angeles
  10. After the overall Seating Section has been created Right click on the seating section object Choose edit boundary, this will take you to the basic polygon that defines your seating section Draw the polygon that defines your rows, oversized aisle, etc Select both polygons and use the Clip Surface command If you don't clip all the way across the Seating section and simply take a bite out of it The Seating Section will remain connected and will display the row with seats on both sides
  11. Jacob@tangably.com

    G-Drive vs Dropbox for Project Sharing

    @billtheiaWe have tried both DropBox and Gdrive. DropBox has been very stable and consistent. No complaints (other than the full file transfer cost that @Rick Bergementions) Gdrive has unfortunately been very unstable, causing almost consistent crashes for us. Anybody else have similar experience?
  12. Jacob@tangably.com

    Teaser Tuesdays - Mac Touch Bar Support

    this further justifies investing in the latest iteration of multi-thousand dollar road-warrior MB pro. Thanks VWX crew for an outstanding development!
  13. Jacob@tangably.com

    Issue w Visibility - Missing "Eye" Icon?

    @ayerkraft, you will undoubtedly have the best experience with your software if you keep it up to date. That includes: your operating system and Vectorworks Current MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 Vectorworks 2017 Service Pack 4 How to do this: MacOS 1.click the apple in the upper left corner and select check for updates. 2. Click the button that says "Software Update" Vectorworks 1. open Vectorworks 2. in the "vectorworks" menu click check for updates 3. If you are up to date Vectorworks will tell you so. 4. Otherwise you may need to install up to Service Pack 4 (currently).
  14. Jacob@tangably.com

    Issue w Visibility - Missing "Eye" Icon?

    Also, pay attention to your settings in Navigation Palette. Attached is a snippet of your screenshot. Notice the Eye there in the first column. Also Check out what the drop down menu offers for layer visibility. If you are concerned about Class visibility, click the little class icon next to the layer icon for similar visibility function.
  15. Jacob@tangably.com

    Teaser Tuesday - Multiple Drawing Views - Vectorworks 2018

    This is going to be a really great feature!


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