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  1. I have not been able to edit a label legend in Spotlight 2020. I can add a field, but when I click Edit 2D layout, I get an error message: Script Error - Error on Lin-1: 2418_2421 - Index outside array limits. Any ideas on this?
  2. Thank you, Jim...that did it. I had not updated my preferences when I upgraded (I thought it was migrating them) and this one wasn't on my radar since I never had it set to always display. All better now!
  3. I'm a 2-week user of VW2019. I just created a viewport in a right view and all my instruments show the arrow and beam image that you might use to create Renderworks lighting. I can't really see the drawing with all of this showing. Even console symbols show these arrows. I can't find a corresponding choice in the Object Info pane to turn it off, the arrows don't appear to be a class, and they are only visible in a viewport so they are not selectable. They do not appear in a PDF export, which is good, but the working drawing is impossible to navigate with all this visual cacophony. These do not appear in plan view, only in every non-plan view. (screen shot attached.) This is a new problem beginning with v. 2019, at least for me.


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