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  1. @rDesign; grazia! I did install the debug menu and then had to dig down thru the workspace editor (eventually found thru the 'All Menus', not found under import / export). Have a great day
  2. Just tried to locate the debug menu in partner tools. No joy. Is that because I am on Spotlight, not designer?
  3. This got old. Just moving a few spotlight fixtures. Crash after crash. it helped some when I deleted two fixtures and replaced them, but I still had at least two crashes just trying open a different file after a fresh restart of VWX. Edit: Just to add now, after crashing so relentlessly, hilariously <?> Vectorworks now fails to……wait for it…… QUIT! IS that after a restart? you betcha. Did I 'repair files' first? You betcha. Same ole '61 files repaired' message. I am unhappily exhausted.
  4. @Janet Rose Might it make sense to select your 19 degree fixtures and then use the "Replace Lighting Device" button in the OIP to accomplish your task? Works a treat for me… Many folks here, self included often just search through Google, instead of the built-in search function in these pages.
  5. You might also need to boost the glow intensity to more than 100%
  6. Last time I saw a drone inside a theater, the drone went rogue briefly and ran into a scrim, denting it. Very humorous to all but the theater Technical Director.
  7. @Jesse Cogswell—thank you very much for your experiences Jesse. In 2017 I lit a world premiere for a Ballet company north of the border. They'd invested heavily (for a dance company) in Vision: the software and a massive PC, massive graphics card etc, solely dedicated to running Vision and VWX. The previz experience was terminally painful. Conventional fixtures could not be reliably shuttered. Any number of issues with the software freezing etc. All we were trying to accomplish was focus points. I don't remember the output onstage matching much of what we'd managed to previz. I subsequently stayed away from all previz for years. It's only been recently that I've occasionally moved back toward previz as a tool due to the budgetary realities of the dance world: first thing cut: time. Unfortunately things like focus take time and sending my mover focus to previz when it can be afforded is now my preferred route. No client I have can yet afford a full on previz from focus through cueing. Only upside there is the joyful tactility of making light in real time and space.
  8. @spettitt—super duper! Thanks for those pro tips as well.
  9. I recently did a piece with a vertical wall of fifty Mini-B wash heads (which I am in love with): Five rows of ten fixts each. Sent the bare minimum Cad information(fixtures correctly placed and the deck only!) to my Capture person, and a sheet of ten focus palettes because I knew there would not be time to build from scratch. My onsite Console Op was so grateful because all he had to do was: Understand the concept of each of those ten foci tweak till tasty. 1.5 hours instead of 4 hours easy. some of the tweaking was more about fitting the concept/theory to reality than correcting focus per se. Very important to make sure all involved are CLEAR on say where the tails go and what pan / tilt accommodations I required (everything pans to CL in this case, for ex.) Only thing I did wrong was not do MORE of that for that show. Coulda Shoulda had Capture Guy build my EFX as well. Now I know.
  10. I have not been keeping up here of late. One question I have is: is this happening across all processors? Me:
  11. @spettitt-hey there: I have been too busy to investigate Graphic Legends & they sound awesome. Any chance you have an example file or pdf demonstrating what you are achieving? Thanks 😅
  12. Welcome to my morning. I agree @JBenghiat, "Vectorworks should never crash, even if a user does something incorrectly…" & even more so when simply moving stock resources via stock keyboard shift+command+arrow key. Screen Recording 2023-03-19 at 12.16.13 PM.mov Just today: that was the fourth crash in exactly the same place, doing exactly the same thing. This last one: after a fresh re-boot, re-open the file and you saw the rest. I'm exhausted. These are not the battles I need to fight.
  13. First image the ground row reflects the color in the OIP — yay Here's the Reshift render, note the ground row has retained the old color, not R318 as shown above. And here's something I'm seeing an awful lot of, across a range of files. Can't really hand the below to a client and explain: not a scenic treatment, just some graphic anomalies, just ignore them. I've restarted VWX 23 SP4 four times today in a couple hours.
  14. @Sam Jones, @JBenghiat— thanks folks as ever. Bingo.
  15. @JBenghiat That's very interesting about the OIP being custom. No idea how that would could happen. Does that happen when opening @JBenghiat Thank you for this Josh. May I ask (to all interested)—which choice do you make: removing Light Info from the clamps or better muscle memory?
  16. Hey @Scott C. Parker; thanks for your interest, much appreciated. no mod keys held down, it seems to happen regularly when I deploy the amazing Savvy Select Similar tool from @JBenghiat, my single most used tool in the savvy collection. Because that's about the only way I select anymore on a fleshed out plot I have no idea if it happens by other selection methods. The cursor you see in the video is from SSS. I'll see what I can get you file-wise, need permission from clients 1st. Just hoping the problem is some simple adjustment on my end
  17. I'm just gonna say I see graphics anomalies nearly every VWX session & mostly a restart fixes it temporarily. It's how I know it's coffee break time.
  18. But maybe as usual, I am missing something. if you watch, you might see 'select similar' tool choosing by purpose. At the fourth fixture, it make all the boom fixtures into C-Clamps. Side note: It's not always the fourth, could be third, fifth etc. never got as far as fixture 6. Breathtakingly frustrating, and if it's me someone clue me in so I can get something done. c-clamp movie.mp4
  19. I have to say, that sounds awful. And to hear that this is not the only occurrence sure makes me nervous. Find any steps toward solutions? New file, then import, well everything, and see if it occurs again? Try opening a backup file, in date descending order, till you find one which opens completely? Best of luck
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