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  1. Or save a copy as… & make sure your autosave is set
  2. This issue has been driving me insane for years. IMO, when I enter symbol edit mode, no matter DL or SL or RM, they should all 1-click me to symbol edit mode.
  3. It['s breathtaking to me that I have to EXIT SL, then enter DL, THEN enter symbol edit mode if I don't want things to go haywire. Backing out to DL then Symbol Edit mode is extremely frustrating.
  4. I depend on the redshift renderer in RW. Make it faster / better, do not deprecate.
  5. So that's the thing with mono-spaced fonts, they mostly take up much more space. Some variants might offer a 'compressed' version. Maybe look over here as a starting point.
  6. All fixed width fonts on my MBP show a version ion both your lower case 'I' and your lower case 'l' Andale Mono Monaco Menlo SF Mono are all available on my machine - however I DID cheat and use Font Book.App😃
  7. mjm

    M2 Pro Base Model

    This also applies to multiple drawings open, near as I can tell. I render thru renderworks alot. The shared memory pool is where I missed the bus
  8. mjm

    M2 Pro Base Model

    Hello @Darcy—I bought a MBP M1 Max, 32 GB ram. he mistake I made was the 32 GB ram. I should have gotten the 64GB ram option, this due to my renderworks needs. 2D drawing, you're probably fine with 32GB, but things sloooow way down on big render
  9. I'd really like to be able to justify right/left , up/down the toolsets in their containers
  10. @VIRTUALENVIRONS—gorgeous
  11. @VIRTUALENVIRONS: look here for 5V Geodesic definition
  12. In Apple apps like Pages and Numbers, there's a keystroke for that: command+option+shift+V. Works a charm!
  13. Simplest way to ease the render load for previewing is to make sheet layers with Raster Rendering DPI set low, I use 56 dpi. How that affects your high detail setting I do not know.
  14. @bjoerka Ouch. Sorry to hear that
  15. VWX 2023 SP latest. MBP M1 Max 32GB ram. Never experienced this glitch before Yepper, re-starting VWX now, hoping for the best.
  16. If I understand, these may be objects made of other objects, some, at least one of which, should be screen plane. I've had to go into edit mode on those items and then use the magic wand set for only "plane" in the 'other attributes' section. tedious but gets it done eventually
  17. Great info @klinzey. Any idea when VWX will update their GDTF importer to include the newer glb/gltf types?
  18. I cannot believe how often it gets in the way!
  19. Ouch. That also got me a few versions back & I have been much better about remembering @ install to immediately go to VW prefs & set my autosave prefs.
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