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  1. @Kevin Allenlol. exactly. Just yesterday I wrestled with attempted to put 2 C-clamps on a lighting device. That did not go well. But maybe someone knows that trick.
  2. @Kevin Allen And heaven forfend, the fixture needs multiple clamps or fasteners? In my practice, the Accessories tool failed enough early on that I swore off it, but LO & BEHOLD, now the static accessory formerly known as C-Clamp often overrides my FIXTURE data after the file has been in-use for a bit. I see this in VWX 2022. It appears that if I quit the app when I see that issue arise then restart, the fixtures seem to go back to their normal state. But O my word, the feelings which crop up when work stops because of this occurring multiple times. In my practice, the stopping and starting of VWX to accommodate these kinds of issues, is, beyond the time loss, the loss of inertia; the forward momentum as I burrow deeper and deeper into the project.
  3. For the folks posting their issue here: are your fixtures being turned from Lighting Devices into Static Accessories?
  4. Vectorworks 2022 SP 2.1 Filed no report, exported back to 2021, re-did all the lost data and pressed on.
  5. Who has time for this? It appears that in the shuttling of data between virgin LW6 and made-in-2022 plot that data is being corrupted: Entire (but not every) electrics of lighting devices have suddenly become static accessories. They retain at least some of the fixture data but they're NO LONGER LIGHTS. There goes a couple hours of work lost and certainly another to rebuild. Any product trust I may have retained has been corrupted by that data loss. Easy-peasy fix anyone? I have attached a couple screenshots showing the diff between the backup file from 2 hours ago and from the current file. I suppose it might be best to delete the problem units & copy | paste-in-place the backups from the latest still Lights file, eh? Let me go do that research now.
  6. Now in color, not just black & white! Is it relieving to know alls I have to do to fix the issue is stop work save-all restart VWX re-open files re-remember where was I, etc? Level of irritation that this apparently necessary series of actions is required multiple times during a work day (rarely @ the scheduled break times)
  7. @Tom W.2.1. But happened previously on v2 as well.
  8. Gosh this issue is irritating. Productivity stops in order to deal with it even if only by shutting down open files, quitting VWX 22, restarting the app & opening the files. Informationally, fresh2022 file; all elements made in-file. o unified view in this legacy-free file. grrrr Screen Recording 2022-01-13 at 7.20.16 PM.mov
  9. is there an override in the SL where you can size the marker to the desired scale?
  10. @mdrohn clarity and readability are paramount in my area as well, but as almost all fixtures are hung in some repetitive modality or another, the spacing almost always works out, easy enough to go in and tweak the few as necessary.
  11. @mdrohnIn my Label Legend usage I find that nearly all fixtures work with one or two simple custom label legend layouts: N/S & E/W. Anything else is tied to specific unit types which in general require a closer fit of table elements to specified fixture (cyc / strip systems in particular). So thrilled about the 'flip top/bottom / left/right' toggles which were added a couple years ago. So many fewer Label Legends to manage.
  12. for what it's worth, gonna suggest that hybrid syms seemed to be the locus of my issues as well…
  13. I have experienced both random white & black rectangles, never mixed tho. Freaked me out till I realized it's time to restart and go get a cuppa while that takes place.
  14. The current corrective sounds a bit tedious. Is it truly one by one? How many plants in your library?
  15. Ask away. Have no fear here. Much knowledge available from these masters.
  16. My backup folder is local, but in my dropbox folder, so best of both worlds, kinda
  17. Thanks very much. This is apparently what I was missing. I'm sorry now I did not save that dwg in that state so as to explore how I missed the slight rotation. Super duper info & loved the pencil sketch. As I expected, user error. Now to track down how I missed that. Your time & energy much appreciated
  18. Hey thanks so much @E|FA. If the center of that blue line were @ 0,0 (like the locus), they'd line up center-to-center. That is def not whats occurring. Also, I did boost Document units to max in at least one version of the attempts I tried & still no joy.
  19. How is this possible? Two objects both show y = 0'0", yet they're clearly not in the same space. I have copied and pasted these elements to new blank files, no joy. Restart VWX 2022? You betcha. Restart 2019 MBP? Yepper. One is a simple line, the other a simple 2d locus. This has shut down productivity for the past 45 minutes. Two screenshots and a file with the offending elements attached. The OIP lists which element is selected correctly. Mind blown here. Input gratefully received. Where's_Zero anyways.vwx
  20. It's NOT just you and the issue stated is beyond irritating. edit: did not scroll down far enuff to see @JuanP's reply. O hallelujah
  21. I have gone to this same backup technique. I use twenty steps but even 20 go by in a heartbeat. I have, as of VW2022 also chosen one location for all backup files, which has made that type of housekeeping so much easier.
  22. Dang @Jesse Cogswell, amazing what you've produced here.
  23. I agree 100% w/ @zoomer: the RW Texture / Decal is fast and easy
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