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  1. Isn't this the exact purpose of a PIO?
  2. @hollister design Studio Isn't there a way to 'roll your own' menus? Or maybe this does not exist already as a command?
  3. Caution: Mac OS-centric! In so many apps on the MBP touch pad I can two finger pan. It's the single smoothest method I have ever experienced for that action. However, up till yesterday I believed it impossible in VWX — well it is still impossible in VWX in strict terms. BUT — and some of you already know this I am certain — with the 'option' key depressed I can two finger pan effortlessly to my hearts content, so much better than the clunky 'depress space bar then click/drag' method, the touch required is so easy and light, so much more gratifying /speedier than the other methods. Thrilled to have finally found it!
  4. @Ed WachterThis has happened to me a few times. It's a Mac OS keystroke combo, so system, not app, issue. What the keystroke is I have no idea, lol
  5. woooie, this topic is making me sweat anxiously, thinking ahead to the new machine on order, arriving in five-ish weeks. This is stress I don't need. Forgoing Nemetschek's re-inventing the activation mechanic in VWX by then, how can I best plan ahead for a seamless transition (Only software I use <ha-ha, almost wrote "owned"> which puts me thru this)?
  6. Shift+c? I think that's what you want…
  7. @Jeremy Best sensibly excellent decision.
  8. mjm


    @Rob Books Just gonna say did not know this was there. Works a charm!
  9. Yes, this has been happening out of the blue to me as well recently. It seems to self-correct with a restart of VWX 2021 and/or 2022.
  10. @Luis M Ruiz Oh wait now—so if I get you; You have a theater, scene onstage with a set of 8'h x 3' wide mirrors, one upstage center, the others left and right of those & the reflection could be from a picture of the audience as reflection surface? And does that mean the reflection is 360º, or how do you control for that?
  11. to my eye this entire discussion centers around what works for whom, not so much whether it works or not, as shown by folks decades-long adherence to their way. Sometimes change is warranted, at others: not - so - much. Reading this thread helps me understand how many ways there can be to solve a problem or create a workflow. I personally plan to appropriate everything of use to me in how ya'll others do it. So thank you all
  12. mjm

    Mac V's Windows

    I hear that bang-for-buck-wise, everyone I have spoken with has said their new M1 machines, esp 32 GB & 64 GB models are crushing it with VWX (aside from the apps issues of course). I haven't heard from folks running Vision or Landmark. But all that's anecdotal. Plenty of specs out there to be found as well.
  13. Yup, I printed D & E size plates for years on 8.5x11 stock & got really good at trimming the margins with an Exacto knife. Glad those days are behind me!
  14. @line-weightI have to agree here. for some projects I keep a morgue file in which I develop objects and then bring them over to the working file. then it's easy to create & save these kinds of objects so as to avoid tedious rebuilds of polylines converted to nurbs.
  15. Following this wonderful discussion avidly here. I suppose to me the big stumbling block is perhaps VW appears to be charging ahead toward true 3D cad while indicating 'Screen Plane Still Lives'. For some the lack of a simple "Screen Plane on and Locked" button means chaos in their day, makes the software feel unreliable (kinda like trying to keep Clip Cube unchecked after that first enabling;)). Once one has developed ones workflow over say a decade, change can be difficult, because among other things one's entire approach to producing content likely must shift. I think of my own process neither 3D nor 2D, rather more like 2.5D lol. I model much yet depend heavily on 2D for many aspects of my output. And as for Autohybrids - YAY & also NAY. My machine has been brought to it's knees trying to AH a complex portion of a model -then I gotta draft it myself, so time lost doubly. Getting too old to learn|change|adapt as fast as the product demands of me.
  16. @Andy Broomellyep, my experience as well. I keep a few roughly made custom render styles available which allow quickndirty renders which alongside 56, 72, 150, 300 dpi sets of Sheet Layers where I render out as quickly or with as much detail I can afford.
  17. Or Pixelmator or Affinity. Not free of course but cheaper than PS I am thinking about how to accomplish this task solely in VWX. Seems potentially doable.
  18. 'm back to re-visit this issue. As a test I drew out a plot in 2022, very simple. After an hour of drawing, random electrics start showing the fixtures as static Accessories in the OIP. I just discovered that in the Lighting Device panel(double click the fixture -I never use this tool) the fixture appears to be shown correctly, but incorrectly in the OIP. Please see screenshot for visual clarity. a Naughty Fixture is selected, shown in Lighting Device Panel properly, but over there where I spend most of my time in the OIP we can see it reports the static accessory. @klinzeyI am not at all sure what youre reffereing to in your comment but I do very much want to. OH wait! as a test, I entered a channel # into the LD panel, et voila! there it is in the LD panel. But when I skitter my gaze back to the OIP, I do not see the result of my action. Things like this destroy my working brain and no work gets done. Help please PS; It certainly does not appear to be a LW6 issue 2022 Static accessory Issue.zip
  19. @Wes GardnerLike this? Just a quickie stab in the dark: Cube, with point source inside, with gradient PNG + alpha channel developed in PS, imported as texture with transparency set to Alpha
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