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  1. Is there a way to create a viewport of a renderworks camera view? Thanks Kate
  2. yeap, it works much better after a good night's sleep. How about a round window? Not a half round, but a full circle?
  3. How do I create a triangle window? with muntins? Thanks, Kate Mac OS 10.4.5 with 12.0.1
  4. I am by no means an expert, and hope that others will respond with more techincal information, but I will say that for me 12 was unworkable. It morphed windows imported from 11 and other similar problems. 12.1 resolved all of my critical issues and the live sections are wonderful.
  5. I would like to try sketchup, but can't find it. I am running 12 OSx 4.4. I got the download from the website. When I tried to install it, it said that it was already installed. But I can not find it.
  6. Thanks, I feel fortunate that I only need to print a few pages at a time.
  7. I just installed 12 with hopes of great things. After a few stumbles it seems to be working well. Now I would like to batch print PDF's and looked at prior postings and the suggestion of installing the plug-in from resolve. But see that it is for VW 11.0.1. Has anyone tried installing it with 12? I don't want to be the guinea pig.
  8. I am working on a plan, which has several different angles. I would like to rotate the page (layer) while I am drawings, so I can draw with right angles in one area and then rotate again to work on the next section and finally rotate all back to the original starting point so it aligns with the site plan. Is there any way other than rotating the plan with a 2D rotate? I tried rotate grid, but it did not rotate my drawing. Thanks
  9. Delmer, You are brilliant! Problem solved. I should have written sooner. Thanks! Kate
  10. We are having trouble setting up perspectives in viewports. Occasionally they work, but more often than not we end up with a tiny portion of the image in the corner of the sheet. With the flyover tools and other 3D view tools disabled by viewports it is difficult to control the perspective. I generally set up my models in with a layer link and name the design layer "the Whole". Without using viewports I can have great control over the image. We recently got Renderworks and would like to do a multi-layer (multi-viewported) image. Is anyone else having trouble with perspectives in viewports?? It may be more of a problem in 11.5 than 11.0.1
  11. Is there a way to duplicate dormers? I want to make several of the same dormer. Do I need to insert the same window several times?? or is there a short-cut? Thanks Kate
  12. Katie, What font would be the best for me to export DWG's from my Mac to a PC using Autocad? Thank you, Kate
  13. Katie, Yes, OS 10.2.8 and VWA 10.5.0. Incidently, we seem to be having more problems with the ACAD 2004 than the prior version. Kate
  14. Thanks for your answers to date! I have read through many entries and keeping hearing about problems with the HP 120. However, alot of the users seem to be using older software. Gimp print doesn't have the HP 120 on its list of operational printers. My question is: If I am running current software will I still have the problems with no transparent overlays, needing to save constantly, printing at 300dpi, and weak lines? or have some of these things been taken care of??
  15. I am also having problems exporting to ACAD, apparently due to fonts. It seems that ACAD doesn't even recognize my letters as a font. I have been using Comic sans and Geneva. Is there a prefered font?
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