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  1. May I say that at the time, the fixture was a stellar addition to most anyone's lighting inventory. A truly flat sharp field, miles better than the same generation of Altmans.
  2. Kevin; thanks for your comments about both the improvements and the continued bugs. Just saying that the last several days of truly simple 3d Modelling has produced an endless array of display issues and crashes. So much so that I am again pushing projects begun in 2019 back into 2018, just to get work done.
  3. Awesome, love me some workaround.Thanks @markdd. And I do occasionally still run across this in 2019.
  4. Sooo irritating when this happens, arbitrary is the correct adjective.
  5. Are you speaking about the 2D or 3D representation? in 2D it is a trivial task to select fixtures singly or globally, then rotate them in the OIP in the Rotation Field to whatever degree you wish for PAN, as tilt is not visualized in 2D. 3D is another story altogether…
  6. thanks Jeremy. Found and installed. Can't wait to have a reason to use it.
  7. OK, so plot done, dropboxed to shop, all is well, til the swaps, count and other changes occur. Deadlines are now, as they tend to be at this point in the process. The Instrument Summary tool in 2019 appears to be failing. Please see attached movie, where you'll notice truncated text in the "Build List" tool, swapping out for the correct item fails repeatedly / continuously, so no fresh plot to the shop. SO not good. Since productivity on this project has stopped, I took the time away from other projects to reach out here for assistance. All help gratefully received! No, I can not upload the file, nda and all that. Yes, I did check to be sure all items are attached to hanging position. EDIT: Just chatted with Juan in Priority Support, who says this is a known problem without a current fix, but with a workaround: "Add a dummy field as last item, so that becomes the hidden item" or words to that effect. I'll report back here shortly. OK, the workaround works: 1] created, then added a dummy fixture to document resource folder 2] executed the steps as shown in second movie, which basically equates to adding the dummy fixture as the last item in the summary But you'll also notice that when multiple Inst Summaries are selected and acted upon, only the first in that selection becomes modified, so every single summary must be touched individually, in order correct the issue. Upwards of thirty of those on my current document. Anyone know why this is? Inst Sum Nightmare.mp4 Instrument Summary Nightmare workaround.mp4
  8. And where again does one find that tool to add it to Spotlight workspace? Or is it Architect / Designer spaces only? TiA, MichaelM
  9. Sweet! Nice and simple. Thanks, much appreciated.
  10. Yay for finding solutions! But do tell us what approach worked for you. It's entirely likely your solution might solve other similar issues I've run into in the past and sure will in future.
  11. I could not agree with Gadzooks more. I would suggest a "Class Policy" document visible on the resources drawing you would be creating, so your team understand the what/why of the classing structures.
  12. Try the Spotlight Menu "Find and Modify…"
  13. Gotta love a workaround this simple. Thanks man.
  14. just did a modified (not this thorough) version of the tech support tutorial on a current document.How I wished I'd thought of or read about the saved views solution. Thanks Jeremy
  15. Hey there MikeW, I didn't find Beam/Field angles on the website, so wrote you & then called the US office and they kindly emailed me the specs for both PATT 2013 + 2017 & Pickle Patt. DM me if that data is of interest.
  16. As the attached illustrates, I been acting the fool. Missed the changing Z of the Focus Points & not sure how that happened, but so happy to understand it was me and not VWX. Really appreciate the feedback! Act a foo.mp3
  17. Yep, once seen, a carbuncle can never be unseen, much like the Crystal Entrance.
  18. Hi again Rob, appreciate you jumping in here. In the vwx I have submitted, I was careful I thought in setting all trims to same heights and all foci straight down to closest Focus point. Perhaps I got that wrong, so in order to check myself, I have copied/pasted into a new blank doc two fixtures and their focus points, then checked their Z hts and focus. All seems in order except for the result. See attached. Your opinion? As always - my thanks edit: the final image below show screencap of entire window with just fixtures selected. The OIP shows all Z @ 16', so something seems to be going on. Crazy Weird small.vwx
  19. I did. Please note the results in the attached (VWX + PDF) items. Same problem. Thoughts Mr Books? TiA, Michael CrazyWeirdsh__t_v2019.vwx
  20. Hey there Mike; as you may have seen, in 2019 there are pre-built Robe PATT 2017s!! Huzzah! Having been pointed in that direction by Rob Books I think, I have placed them in a drawing and found that the filed & beam angles set as their default is 37º. I notice yours set to 94º field / 29º beam. How did you come up with those numbers? TiA, Michael
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