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  1. @Pat Stanford @michaelk Thanks for your help. I managed to get my textures in and working. I did end up with one crash (it was really weird actually, I didn't get a wheel of death instead the whole system froze and a weird ticking noise started) luckly I had auto save on so didn't loss to much. I actually used less image work then I thought I would because I found the image became a bit to busy to quickly. But overall managed a sucessful set mock up! Attached finished screen shots 🙂
  2. @michaelk Thank you! I knew that I was missing something 🙂
  3. Hi there, I'm relatively new to Vectorworks so this is probably me missing a step. I'm currently having an issue with image fill and an object. I'm able to apply an image fill but it doesn't appear on any of the objects sides. My suspicion is that somehow I haven't classified the object as an object? I mainly think this because when I double click my perfectly working wall I see all of the objects sides as editable. But when I double click on the flats (I'm doing a design for a horror mockumentory) I'm only able to edit the bottom shape that I originally extruded from. Do I need to somehow edit the properties or "Add Surface" I'm not sure how to fix this. I've added pictures of what I mean by the double click not showing the surfaces as editable.


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