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  1. Brilliant! Thanks very much for this, for me, newly discovered gem. I appreciate you taking the time to point me, and probably a few others, to this. There is so much I do not know, and not just about VW.........
  2. Thanks guys! Between these two prompt resonses, and VW Support, I worked it out and learned something new again! What I did to remove "floaters" or "space trash" was: 1 On one active layer select what is visible (Your drawing area). 2 Go to Edit Invert Selection (This de-selects) 3 Use Comm's 6 to do Zoom Extents 4 Object window will show if anything else "floating" out there, and show it. 5 Delete. 6 Repeat for same layer to double check. 7 Repeat for other layers, until all stray items removed. Thanks all! Paul.
  3. Is there a command to zoom out to outlying "floaters" so that they can be easily found and deleted? I am asking because when exporting to .dwg, specifically, the receiving entity will have trouble when importing a .dwg conversion. A long time ago, working on another cad software, there was such a command, and it helped clean up files by removing unknown items that mysteriously floated way out there. Thanks.
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