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  1. I am looking for a what to have no title block but have a couple of text fields that take the sheet title and sheet number from what ever sheet they a place upon. I know there is the drawing label too but with that you cant turn off the drawing number and i don't need that. Thanks, Steve
  2. I am looking for a fast way to generate a list of all the sheets and sheet numbers as a way to create a drawing list, and then placing this list / table on a sheet to use as a contents page for a fairly lengthy drawing pack. Any pointers would be very much appreciated.
  3. Over 15 years ago i bought Martin Show Designer which then had a very useful feature to focus lights called "Look Through Lens". Selecting a fixture and this function opened a window that allowed the user to literally look through the lens of the fixture to focus it. A very fast way to focus lights, it would be a nice thing to have.
  4. Thank you Perter that's perfect. For some reason I could only get the data tag to include the truss weight if I used the insert truss tool and then created a hanging position. Previously I had just inserted truss straight from the resource library and then converted to hanging position, doing things this way calculates the lighitng loads for the data tag but not the truss weight.
  5. I am trying to get the hanging position summary to include the total truss length and weight inclusive of all fixtures but am not having a lot of luck. Does anyone have any idea just how I can get at lighting position weight summary for each position ?
  6. This is probably me just working for far too many hours but i have two files open with the same lighitng device in both. In one document the object info pallet displays the usual full array of record information but when i copy and paste it in to the other doc there is a much more limited amount of data, two screen grabs attached. If anyone can tell me why this is happening i would be most grateful.
  7. Thank you, yes that makes sense. I have the universe field set to right justify and the address field set to left justify solo they appear connected.
  8. I have seen posts on this topic but nothing that fixes it. At the top of the attached image is the label legend i built for a City Colour, . At he bottom of the attached image you can see that the Universe and address fields are swapped over and the text moves to the other side of the lamp when i rotate the symbol. I have been going back on forth on this one and i am sure there is an easy fix but its late and i need to extra brain power please.
  9. I have an object that the texture can only be seen if rendering in Fast Renderworks or Final Quality and not in OpenGL. I have checked the OpenGL settings and use textures is checked. I have tried copying this object to a new empty file and it renders in OpenGL just fine. Has anyone else encountered this ? Steve


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