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  1. Yes. I Figured it out, i had duplicate title blocks on sheet layers.
  2. I have read previous posts about the page number field in the sheet data taking its reference from the stacking order of sheet layers. I have made a custom title box and have set a label to ref the page number field of the sheet data. However, the first sheet layer gives a field value of 2 when checking the Auto Page Numbering box and each subsequent sheet layer increases its page number by a factor of 2. If i start a new doc and paste the title box into a sheet layer in that doc the numbering is correct with each sheet layer matching its stacking order. For the life of me I can't work out why this is happening. The other odd thing that is hampering me is the worksheet I made to list all the worksheets by their page/number/name, for some reasons this now shows duplicated worksheet layers however this is not so in the Worksheet Layer view. Does anyone have insight to this problem ?
  3. Thank you Mark, that did the job. I didn't have the Plug in box checked.
  4. I have been making all kind of data visualisations with great success however once a truss comprised of a number of different length symbols is converted to a hanging position the data visualisation of colour by length no longer works. I have tried applying the data visualisation of truss lengths firstly by referring to the truss record of length and then just pointing straight a the symbol, in both instances the visualisation no longer wrks after converting to a hanging position.
  5. Thanks Pat. I totally get #1 and have made it work, i am guess from your answer to #2 worksheets can only relate to their own drawing not reference to other files ?
  6. I have been pretty clear on the worksheet reports for spotlight but is there a way to make reports only list one specific type of fixture ? The goal would be to have a number of worksheets each for a specific manufacturer then if possible have one master worksheet that pulls in all the information from the individual worksheets.
  7. Attached is a screen grab of 5 Ayrton Dream Panel twins in a side hang orientation. Is there a way to set the default fixture tilt so that the panels facing forward ?
  8. Thanks Pat. I had already applied that method but i was hoping that i missed something. Viewports it is.
  9. I am trying to put a worksheet on a sheet layer but it's way too big, is there any way of defining a worksheet to fit across multiple sheet layers ?
  10. Can anyone tell me if there is any space limitations to the size of the model in Vision. When i say model size I do no mean size in terms of polygons but physical area that one can visualise in. Capture has a limit of about 1000m x 1000m x +500m
  11. I have just ventured down this path with not much luck, I too have a drawing with some 131 sheet layers each with a different viewport on each that I am looking to place and instrument summary to summarise the number of fixtures on each viewport. I have been playing about with the filters on the instrument summary tool but there seems to be no way to get a summary of instruments per viewport, or am i missing something?
  12. Thanks Pat, A live link is exactly what i was thinking. I have a huge number of fixtures and it would be so much faster to be able to edit and modify parameters in a work sheet rather than a drawing with so many layers. No Excel does not do well at all on a mac, i have been trying for some time, however I do use a PC workstation in my office so i'll give i t a go on that.
  13. I did something similar a few years back, it turned out that i had somehow mistakenly deleted the viewports. Open the layer view and look at the view port columns, if you still have the view ports listed here then its most likely the Class visibility as Tamsin just said.
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