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  1. Woo—things are not improving with this file. It jumped in one File…Save operation to double it's size from 624 MB to 1.35 GB.

    Ok, so, at least I can rescue the thing by File…New, then Layer import, don't forget to check Import Layer Objects, right>

    Did that, to find not all the layer objects came over, missing things from many layers.  

    Huge bummer.


    I'm thinking to go back several backups and re-build from there.

  2. @Jesse Cogswell—"…the day that a scenic designer presents a rendering of their set made with this tool with all kinds of crazy lighting, and the director turning to me and saying, "I want that.  Make it look like that."  And I know that day is coming.…" It has already come for me.

    And it was as unpleasant as I expected.

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  3. 15 hours ago, Jeff Prince said:

    yeah, I noticed if you use the name of an artist to mimic their style, it sometimes adds a stylized signature too.


    It’s very disturbing how well it can mimic well known artists just by typing their name into the prompt.  Lawyers are gonna love this.  It might be like the recording industry suing artists for snaking a baseline and such.

    @Jeff Prince—ya, that's in part why I included the prompts, none of which indicate a specific artist. And wowzer, lawyers guns n money.

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  4. 23 hours ago, EAlexander said:

    Are you rendering to a viewport on a sheet layer?  By default - sheet layers have an DPI of 72 (low).  Right click on the name of your sheet in the Navigation palette and choose edit - from here, up the resolution of the sheet and see if that helps.  Each sheet is independent, so if you have multiple sheets, you'll have to do this to each one.  And, obviously, the higher the DPI, the more time it will take to render. 


    If this isn't the cause of your issue, can you post a file for us to look at?

    I believe one can select all sheets in the sheet tab of the nav palette, right click and edit the sheet dpi for all at once

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  5. 3 hours ago, JustinVH said:

    There are also Default Instrument Textures in Silver and White that can be downloaded in the RM and applied to the lights. Keep in mind that the geometry of shipped symbols is set to Cool Gray 90% so if you render without textures turned on the light will still look like a black blob even if you lighten the texture so you may also want to change the color of the geometry. Almost 100%(well over 99%) of the lights in the shipped content libraries will use the Default Instrument Texture-Black with a color of Cool Gray 90% unless a manufacturer has a white or silver option and specifically asks for us to use one of the other default textures.

    @JustinVH—thank you @JustinVH ; I actually did not see those other default texture options.

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  6. On 3/29/2024 at 1:34 PM, Iainy1961 said:

    Is there a way to show the orientation of the LX fixtures as they actually are in the 3d view? 

    Also, is it possible to get more definition in the light when it is in shaded? By which I mean, not a black blob. 









    Thank you, Iain

    In order to change the black blob part, one normally edits the Resource "Default Instrument Texture" to a lighter tone, such a s 50% grey.Screenshot2024-03-31at3_59_25PM.thumb.png.85afff18af96585483d8e5a81d48ec30.pngScreenshot2024-03-31at3_59_25PM.thumb.png.85afff18af96585483d8e5a81d48ec30.png

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  7. 1 minute ago, Jeff Prince said:


    From a business perspective, the profit is found by being excellent at the “mundane”, as you put it, parts of design/problem solving.  When you are great at making things work prior to bidding, you save your clients and contractors time/money.  If you screw that critical part of the work up due to broken workflows and tools, nobody is going to celebrate your AI generated mood boards.


    That’s why I wish Vectorworks would fix the broken before bringing us more eye candy.  Ideally, we would have it all, but I would prefer tools and enhancements like irrigation, ADA compliance, specification integration, better walls, etc.  It is frustrating to see these interface redesigns, AI rendering, color picker changes, etc…. These all coming at the expense of developing better profit making tools while incurring losses in efficiency due to retraining staff/having to become refamilar with the interface.  It’s terrible bouncing between 2022 and 2024 due to the interface & icons being so different.

    @Jeff Prince Thanks for that analysis, opinion and wish. fully supported here.

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