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  1. So. here's one auto cad group (that's how it imported). It represents one ROBE lighting fixture. It's comprised of over 32,000 line segments. It's one of a couple of hundred similarly made objects, - that's just the Lighting objects, I haven't yet checked the architectural elements. The drawing can't be navigated without the BBD spinning relentlessly and stopping all progress.

    At 12.5 MB, the file is tiny, yet unnavigable. This file could not be loaded by AutoDesk's online viewer - it failed to load, so there's that.

    The question is: when these poorly made files are received, how best to actually use them? So far, a very painfully exported PDF makes navigating the drawing a smidge better, but still somewhat beach-ball-y, and no access to contained data.




    32,000plus segments.vwx

  2. 20 hours ago, DBLD said:



    I have imported a document as a referenced view port but some of the symbols are not in the correct place and the incorrect symbols aren't selectable. Anyone got any ideas?



    Just gonna say I have seen this happen with imported auto cad blocks. It may be that they've been scaled instances in auto cad

  3. as a last-ditch option (which I use semi-frequently) this link https://smallpdf.com/compress-pdf will allow one free compression a day, with great results, in my experience. If I did more than the occasional compression, I'd consider subscribing.

    Also-I have never needed to use their offer of super high compression, the default always brings the pdf way way down in size without losing much quality at all. 

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  4. 7 hours ago, line-weight said:

    Well, I'd never realised this either - it has never occurred to me that it would make a difference whether you're in a SL or DL when you access something from the RM. And why would it?


    It probably explains many cases where I've got confused about what's going on when I'm trying to edit a hybrid symbol definition.

    And trying to symbol edit from SL is just a disaster.



    This issue has been driving me insane for years. IMO, when I enter symbol edit mode, no matter DL or SL or RM, they should all 1-click me to symbol edit mode.

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  5. 19 minutes ago, Tom W. said:

    It looks like in the older file you are editing the symbol from a Sheet Layer whereas in the newer file you're editing it from a Design Layer. You really want to be in a Design Layer when editing a 3D symbol.

    It['s breathtaking to me that I have to EXIT SL, then enter DL, THEN enter symbol edit mode if I don't want things to go haywire.

    Backing out to DL then Symbol Edit mode is extremely frustrating.

  6. 4 hours ago, frv said:

    If not for free, a dedicated render app compared to VW is so much easier and quicker in the overall workflow that the price does not matter.


    I tried Enscape and even though the quality is not fantastic I was able to have a project rendered in less than an hour (rendertimes just seconds) even though I had zero experience with Enscape. I would love to see Enscape in a vieuwport.

    VW managed to slow down Redshift  to rendertimes as they where in the previous century. In C4D Redshift is interactivly rendering while modeling. VW could streamline VW by improving shaded view and hidden line further and skip all other renderoptions and 99,9% of users would not mind.


    I depend on the redshift renderer in RW. Make it faster / better, do not deprecate. 

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  7. 4 hours ago, digitalcarbon said:

    ok thanks. I may have to go to the web site.  @Pat Stanford do you have a link?

    @mjm thanks but now I have another problem.


    I applied one of these fonts to my spec sheet and now I need 2 sheets if I use these new fonts.

    Currently using Times New Roman. 








    So that's the thing with mono-spaced fonts, they mostly take up much more space. Some variants might offer a 'compressed' version. Maybe look over here as a starting point.

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  8. 6 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

    Remember that the memory in the M series is shared between the CPU and the GPU, so when you start rendering you are really reducing the amount of memory available for non-graphics tasks.


    Do you usually run with just VW open? Or do you have a bunch of other programs as well. If others, then think really hard about getting more memory.

    This also applies to multiple drawings open, near as I can tell. I render thru renderworks alot. The shared memory pool is where I missed the bus

  9. Hello @Darcy—I bought a MBP M1 Max, 32 GB ram. he mistake I made was the 32 GB ram. I should have gotten the 64GB ram option, this due to my renderworks needs.

    2D drawing, you're probably fine with 32GB, but things sloooow way down on big render

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  10. 23 hours ago, Tom W. said:


    Ah right I think I saw another post about this. Yes must be Windows specific. Everything gets squished to one side rather than spread out evenly across the full width (which is what happens with me). Not good.

    I'd really like to be able to justify right/left , up/down the toolsets in their containers

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  11. 5 hours ago, VIRTUALENVIRONS said:

    Hi Chame

    Not sure what 5V means?  Could you please explain?

    I was thinking about this today.  I decided to make one where the connecting splines are also curved.  See below.  If you notice, the sphere is completely spherical, no straight lines.


    I am a little busy tomorrow, but could make a video on my methodology later this week.




    @VIRTUALENVIRONS: look here for 5V Geodesic definition

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  12. On 10/17/2023 at 12:03 AM, bjoerka said:

    yes correct. but the main problem is that most of these elements are part of symbols and so someone has to manually go through all symbols and edit these.

    and inside the symbol it is not possible to change these elements from screen plane to symbol definition. it always swaps back to screen plane...

    @bjoerka Ouch. Sorry to hear that

  13. If I understand, these may be objects made of other objects, some, at least one of which, should be screen plane. I've had to go into edit mode on those items and then use the magic wand set for only "plane" in the 'other attributes' section. tedious but gets it done eventually


  14. 7 hours ago, klinzey said:

    I noticed that the fixture that you are using in from Robe. Robe updated their GDTF to use the newer glb/gltf for the 3D geometry which is not supported in Vectorworks 2023, it can only read 3ds based geometry.

    The best thing to do is to to select a Vectorworks symbol.
    With he light selected press the Replace Lighting Device... button in the OIP.
    Select the appropriate symbol from the Resource Browser and click Select.
    Uncheck the "Use GDTF Geometry" option.

    You will still be able to maintain the link to the GDTF and the GDTF file will be exported when you export to MVR but it will show the 2D and 3D geometry from the Vectorworks symbol.

    Great info @klinzey. Any idea when VWX will update their GDTF importer to include the newer glb/gltf types?

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