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  1. I think same applies on Schematics side. You can rename Connector Panels to NOT have CTP_ prefix, but then automation to create panel will be broken. This could be used as short term workaround. I share your idea to be able to hide or remove CTP_ prefix easily. Question to Conrad. Could Connector panel be its own device type? Now it basically is "just" device which has its own magical properties to be connector panel. Maybe if Connector panel would be just, Connector panel type of object which has its own properties to become beautiful graphical representation of real life panel? Then we would not need to differentiate it from other devices by its prefix. Just an idea, I don't know how hard it is to implement.
  2. Similar discussion: Short answer is no. Longer, yes couple ways is possible each with own caveats. As on earlier thread Nikolay says from text menu use very small font. Second you can tick PIO under Display is tick mark Show text. Third is to in General use some other Name, this will brake automation to get correct connectors because automation needs CTP_ prefix to work. If you add CTP_ prefix back to Name, automation will work again. You can use any name in Name field and that is what is shown on Equipment.
  3. Thank you @Nikolay Zhelyazkov you pushed me to right direction. I ended up to use WS_MID and define known characters from start as index and gave enough characters to cover rest of characters in record field. This because either XXXXXX or ZZZZ character are not defined by set amount of characters. Twenty should be enough... End result as Tag Field Definition is #WS_MID('<Record>.'<Field>'; 5; 20)#
  4. Hi I would like to use data on Data Tag from custom record which is on format YYYY-XXXXXX-ZZZZ. On Data Tag I would like to show only XXXXXX-ZZZZ. String YYYY- to remove is known length, all ways same amount of characters and same delimiter (-) exists. Is this possible somehow?
  5. Taper face tool from 3D modeling tool set. Extrude piece. Select Taper face tool, select (bottom) face (with ATL), select end face, set angle with mouse or from keyboard and repeat on other end. Or Draw rectangle. Select Chamfer tool from Basic tool set, set tool mode, from Chamfer too preferences select First Line and Angle, Chamfer rectangle, extrude polygon. You can also use Loft Surface tool but there is even more steps involved.
  6. Can you use just regular 3D-model? https://www.mcmaster.com/screws/tapping-wood-and-drywall-screws/tamper-resistant-torx-rounded-head-screws-for-sheet-metal/ When you click product line so that it expands you get drop down where you can choose format to download. IGES or STEP works well. If you make Symbol from model then you can count project supplies on worksheets for example. And you can maybe attach record with information that you need with this screw. Mc Master-Carr has you covered with hardware.
  7. I have used this criteria on worksheet. This assumes that you don't specify Make to your panels.
  8. That does work like. Thanks again Conrad. -Arto
  9. Hi Ben, if you are doing file just that users can use that as a guide then maybe you can Convert to Group command (CTRL+K in Windows) to kind of break Device object first to group then Ungroup (CLRL+U) that group and finally Convert to Group device tag 2D Symbol and Ungroup that. This way you have different parts that forms Devices so you can Data Tag them to show what is parts Class. Finally when all needed is Taged I would Group all parts and Tags together. Obliviously you can't use ungrouped device anymore because it is not real device any more. This is what came to my mind. -Arto
  10. Hi Does Edit Circuit Graphics Arrow Text Formula support use of formulas? Like if I like to show different value if destination is Control panel object or device. This because I would like to hide CTP_ prefix from schematics. It just makes drawing harder to read when you are searching something that is not existing. I have not a single CTP_KJ 1 object on scematics I have KJ 1 objects plenty. You see in example I have connector panel KJ 1 and sockets 01 to 06 but arrow circuit tells me to search object that starts with CTP_ and there is not devices with that name on drawings(Top Circuit). If I use custom arrow with TextFormula #Circuit.Device Tag# #Circuit.Socket Name# then I have duplicate socket info on arrow(Bottom Circuit). Then again if I use only #Circuit.Device Tag# (Center Circuit) I'm missing info of source tag what is valuable piece of information. I would like to use some kind of formula that reads if device name starts with CTP_ then uses Socket Tag information and if it isn't CTP_ uses device name. Or is there better way to not show CTP_ prefixes on arrows?
  11. Thanks Dave pointing me to right direction. I have to find time to do a bit of housekeeping then. As a workaround I just modify workspace when no files are open. Seem to work that way just fine. That´s why I wrote this down in here. Should we add this possible workaround to that other thread as well?
  12. I have seen this program window flashing with 2021 and 2022 versions with Nvidia RTX2070 on latest drivers Version:472.12 Release Date:2021.9.20. Driver package Studio Drivers. I think time frame is kind of same that you have. Could this be around release date of VW2021 SP4.1? I have not experienced crashes related to this, just flashing usually when program is on background idling. I also have some other display(?) related issues on 2022. If you have open file on workspace and you adjust OIP or Tools panes size or try to change workspace profile I get immediate crash. If there is not any files open then everything is fine, you can adjust panel sizes and change workspace. I have filed a ticket but unfortunately problem is not repeatable on Vectorworks side. And I know this has something to do with my hardware because situation is not repeatable either on my laptop. Just something to inform you all if you have same kind of issue.
  13. On Windows, press WIN-key type Vectorworks 2022, choose from right Open file location, right click on Vectorworks 2022 shortcut, choose Properties, click Change Icon, browse to location that includes attached .ico file, select and click OK multiple times. You might get prompt that you need Administrator privileges to make change, just OK that also. Or if you have shortcut on your desktop right click on Vectorworks 2022 shortcut, choose Properties, click Change Icon, browse to location that includes attached .ico file, select and click OK multiple times. You might get prompt that you need Administrator privileges to make change, just OK that also. Later has advance that it changes both icons at the same time. You might need to reattach shortcut on task bar to update change. All credits for graphics goes to @fabrica, I just used converters to .icns to .png. to .ico. logo_2022.ico
  14. I think you are on point here. Yes if I put value for row then it is correct. My mistake to miss value for row. Also maybe not desired behavior if you don't put in row values that last seat number takes "wrong" text style. Do you still need test file?
  15. Hi @michaelk great tool. I was testing latest version v2.2 and run into issue with text styles. Last seat on row takes text style from Text Style Row number. Row numbers don't get text style from anywhere. See screenshot. Nr. 14 is bigger than rest seats and Rows are just that handle with no text visible.
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