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  1. Hey Matt, Thanks for the follow up! Find attached a quick mock-up in both versions ('21 + '22) demonstrating how I used "plan offset" to tweak the location of the window. I also sent these to tech support this morning. And I should edit my original comment; the new feature indeed does change the location of the window based on the selection (interior, center, or exterior of jamb), but the window is still locked in the center of the full wall width, without regard for component height. Thanks!window relative to 2022.vwxwindow relative to 2021.vwx
  2. So this feature was added to VW2022 and has completely buggered a current project. The problem is that 1) "Plan Offsets" were useful with walls with staggered component heights (ie, stone base) and 2) the new feature doesn't work. "Insertion Relative to: Interior Face of Jamb" does nothing with regard to the plan location or 3D appearance. ...back to VW 2021.
  3. When working with "Multiple View Panes," I can set a working plane in 3D view, no problem. However, I need to sneak around any "Top" or "Plan" view, otherwise the Working plane will reset to Layer Plane when I return to the 3D View. Is this by design, or is something wrong? ...or is this the proper workflow for resetting to Layer Plane? Thanks! -Confused in Ohio.
  4. @PeterYip Mountaineering up the learning curve and ready to throw my computer out the window (again), until I saw this script. Worked perfect! Thanks for posting.
  5. Interesting thought - How would we accomplish what we're asking by using materials? Specifically, 2D symbols.
  6. +1 in 2021. In my noob approach, I assigned all the objects to the "none" class assuming they would take on the class to which the symbol was assigned. ...just like the "0" layer in AutoCad. Thanks!
  7. Request for basic word processing tabs: (left, right, centre, and decimal), lists (bullet, number), indents.
  8. Dormer tool installs window perpendicular to wall. This will result in leaks and an unhappy client. How do I make this right?
  9. Good morning. Self-training on the Create Roof command, and I can't seem to get the attic to fill in section. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  10. Pat - Thanks so much for the quick response and the lesson on Container Objects. I can wrap my head around the "none" class concept for symbols, groups, etc., but I'm struggling with how this applies to walls. If I place the wall on the "None" class, how do I take advantage of controlling attributes (pen, fill, texture, etc) that I would have using a dedicated "Wall" class? Do I link the wall guts (components) to the class? (I gave this a shot and it didn't seem to work). If there is a video or something that would help, feel free to post a link. And thank you for your patience! -J
  11. I'm a total rookie - I've been trying to teach myself VW for about a week now. The forum is awesome - but I am struggling with a concept. So from what I can figure out, the class of a placed object, such as a window or door, is overridden by the class of the wall in which it is placed. I can turn off windows and doors and still see the walls, but I cannot turn off walls and only see windows and doors. Is this correct? Thanks!
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