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  1. Hi Need some help please. I received a dwg file for a job and have been happily drafting away and now architect has sent through some changes to the dwg file. How do I import this new file without having issues with what I have already drafted? thanks
  2. Hi Tony thanks for replying. I had tried previously to turn off the plants tags class on the sheet layer but the tag disappears and the plant. I then thought that the plant must be on the plant tag class and I changed its class to canopy and bloom then switched off the plant tags and it worked but then the plants disappeared off my planting plan sheet layer. Not sure what to do, have searched the forum conversations for answers but havent found any yet.
  3. Hi How can I switch off the plant tags separately in viewport without the plant symbol disappearing? Plant tags are assigned to plant-component-tag at the moment. When clicking on the plant or tag it highlights the other. I have looked at the plant tag video in site design but doesn't explain this. Thanks Heidi
  4. Heidi

    Planting Plan

    I have sorted this, seems some planting symbols are not in layers and can not be manipulated.
  5. Heidi

    Planting Plan

    Hi Thanks for your help, I am now able to change the plan to B & W, but having issues with changing the already existing plants in my concept plan to black and white. I am able to add a plant into the viewport and change the components of them there, but I thought all the plants needed to be designed in the design layer. What I am after is colour detail in the concept but for the planting plan either only circles to represent plants or the basic outline of the plant or tree. Also I am unsure how to add in the planting center link lines if I am needing them. Thanks
  6. Heidi

    Planting Plan

    Hi I wanted to find out if there is a way to change a concept plan which has been previously designed into black and white so that I can create a B & W planting plan from it. So far I have found the black and white tool which changes everything in all my layers, which I don't want. I would like my design layers to consist of full colour concept plan and a black and white planting plan so I can create sheet layers from these. Thanks
  7. Heidi

    Tool Set

    Hiya Yes I probably just expected a bit more from a Uni course which was squished into a semester :-). I am self taught on AutoCAD too, so why not Vectorworks ha ha, really enjoying what Vectorworks offers for Landscaping. I just need to customise what I need for my business, it will just take time. I will definitely carry on using this forum, thanks for your help.
  8. Heidi

    Tool Set

    Great thank you that simple ūüėĀ Just finishing a course, but feeling like I haven't been given much, will have to do the bulk of the learning myself I think. thanks for your help
  9. Heidi

    Tool Set

    Hi I was wondering if VW2020 can change your tool sets into a list. My workspace only has symbols and I have noticed that you are able to have the symbol and the name of the symbol next to it. As I have just started learning VW the list would make it much easier than hovering over each symbol at first. Thanks


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