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  1. Now I was able to get your image on the continuous nurbs surface at 20' ht. So I can see playing the the image input size & the rendering Mapping setting to get the correct position. Attached is my file showing the continuous nurbs surface & your textured image. Thanks again for the help! 243081790_BackingSamplev2023v2022.vwx
  2. Never mind Kevin, just got the continuous nurbs surface by using the loft tool, totally forgot about using it, now trying to get your image on it. Thanks
  3. Jeff, do you remember the name of the VW University lesson for this? I've searched each one last night & still can not find anything for this. Thanks
  4. Kevin, attached is your file with my tries in creating a nurbs surface from a extruded rounded rectangle. I've tried many other ways but kept getting separate nurb surfaces for each radius/curves area & flat areas, not continuous. But I was able to split a curved rectangle & make a extrude with the curved part at each end for this is what we are going to use because to 360 one would be to expensive. With this extrude I was able to apply your textured image on the surface including the curved ends. But still would like to know how you created the continuous nurbs surface that you sent me, that I can not make happen. So attached here is your file with my extrude with image & a rounded rectangle that is were I have been starting from for you to show/explain how you got to the continuous nurbs surface. Thanks! 960373664_BackingSamplev2022.vwx
  5. Yes Kevin, the file is on my office computer so first thing Monday morning I'll send it VW2022 version in a message to you. I know there has to be a way, I'm just not seeing it. Thanks!
  6. Update, Jeff I could not find anything in Vectorworks University on this when searching for it but will keep looking since you say it is there. Thanks. Elite Exhibits, no it does not repeat its self, I actually have 2 different photos the Designer was having me place on the backing object to see how much backing we need from looking out the windows in a set house model. Before I could try anything mew the production manager saw what we were doing & said no way could they afford a 360 backing, so we are no looking a 2 or 3 different backing locations & from my model had enough info to determine the lengths of each for the windows we will see out of to match the exterior location. But I will be searching the VW University for the tutorial & applying Kevin's info so I can learn how to do this in the future. Thanks again to you all!
  7. Thanks so much guys, I knew VW could do it, I just never have until now. I will apply this info! Thanks again!
  8. Thanks Pat, that is what I figured out too, just can get the image sized correctly as a texture & apply it on the continuous nurbs surface. So at least I can get it on the flat areas. Sad thing is others in my office that are SketchUp users say how easy it is to do after I told my boss VW is like Sketchup on steroids.
  9. I'm trying to add a photo image to a 16' radius by 20' ht. surface which was made from an extruded radius line. I can add the image to a rectangle between the radius ends. No where in VW Help is there anything about applying images to object on what type of object it need to be or how to add to a radius object. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Update, today I started working at a production office with everything the same with this computer. Using their Wifi & printer, same crashing happens with VW SP3. So I'll have to use VW 2022 until I can figure something out. VW 2022 SP6 prints with out crashing. Have not gotten any replay from the 2 service select Support request forms sent.
  11. Update - completely uninstalled Vectorworks even every VW 2023 in the registry. Then downloaded the latest version & installed. Right after installing I opened a file & printed to my HP 7740 by Wifi. This time it made it thru the full printing & the curser turned to the busy curser, then back to normal. but the print dialog window was still open. So I clicked into a blank area of the screen & Crash! No warning just closes fast. Before re-installing I tried printing from an older file & got same result, crash. Go figure, I've just got a contract job that will last 8 months & hoping I can get this resolved before I start. So far no reply from Service Select Update - every time I run the VW installer repair for SP2 it keeps installing the 32 bit version & my computer is 64 bit, so not an option. Then I found in my download folder VW 2023 SP1 from my other computer, copied it into this computer, installed, same crash results. Then I opened VW 2022 SP5 and it prints fine to both printers, so with my office computer I'll need to use VW 2022 instead of the 2023 version.
  12. Unfortunately Pat the downloader option only lets me download the 32 bit version of SP2 & doesn't look like it gives me the option. I think odd was I anciently selected the repair option & it said the same thing, found & repair one file just like the first time I tried it. I give up for today & will see what happens tomorrow with the computers. Thanks!
  13. Well I've un-installed the T120 printer driver & everything I could find in the registry for the T120 & re-installed the printer, rebooted the computer, opened VW to same file & same thing, VW crashes. Go figure Now I have re-installed the printer driver from a downloaded HP driver installer app, this one installed the latest driver instead of Microsoft installing the previous version. Same results, VW crashing. Is there a way to put VW back to SP2 with out re-installing VW?
  14. My home office computer with VW SP3 printed the same file to my HP T120 thru USB cable with no problems, no crashing. So I am going to un install the printer drivers & re-install them & see what happens. My home office computer build Windows 10 Pro Intel i7-3770 cpu 3.40GHz 32.0 GB installed memory 64 bit Operating System NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITIAN Black HP ZR24w Wide LCD (main) & HP 22eb monitors VW & RW 2023 SP3 64 bit
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