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  1. In using this newer service pack update 4.1 I'm noticing the Snapping setting going off more often than normal. My default text setting are changing for some reason. I'm adding text with no issues, then starting the next test note, the font, size, bold, & alignment has changed. I have reset this many times & it keeps changing. Then this morning, I opened a file I have been working on all day & printing the 4 sheets with not problems, now is crashing just about each time I send a drawing to the printer. I have now sent a crash log to tech support & no re-installing an older service pac version.
  2. I also just realized that when cycling thru the different selection modes, which I made the "Q" keyboard key to cycle thru them, once it selects the new Transform mode, the 3D re-position mode stays on when selecting the Disabled Interactive mode. So now I have learned to select the unrestricted mode to turn the 3D re-position mode off. There needs to be a better way of turning this off. The reason I programed the "q" key to cycle thru is to reduce the number of clicks of the mouse & less hand movement.
  3. I just also found out with no object selected & selecting the "Disabled Interactive Scaling" & then double clicking on a blank area of the design layer the 3D dragger is automatically turning on. So I'm guessing the VW programmers really like this new feature & is making it the default setting for the selection tool? After closing & re-opening VW it is now working like before, we will see how long this last.
  4. Now when I select the "Disabled Interactive Scaling" selection mode, to move a grouped objects this 3D dragger is turning on & getting in the way of centering grouped objects. I do not see why it is turning on with "Disabled Interactive Scaling" selected. there is no reason for it. I need to see if I can remove that feature in VW Preferences.
  5. I'm getting the same error message when exporting files to dwg. But I am able to open the dwg file with Autodexk TrueViewer with no problems. Only new update was with NVIDIA graphics card driver update I did this morning. But is also first time in exporting to dwg.
  6. The Object Info pallet Layers tab is showing all design & sheet layers. I only need to see the design layers but do not see the option to do this anymore. Does anyone else know how to do that or do we have to see all design & sheet layers in the Object Info? Thanks
  7. Before when I would drag copy an object to the edge of my screen it would automatically move the page in the direction I'm moving the copy to. But now it stops at the edge if I'm holding a constraint, so now I have to stop & change the zoom to move it where I want. Don't know if there is a new setting for this in VW2024.
  8. I'm having major delays after installing the service pack & even with the new 1.1 pack. Weird thing, after clicking the icon, either the short cut of program folder icon, it is taking 51.72 seconds before I see anything happening on my computer, then when seeing VW starting it them take a total of 2 minutes & 16 seconds to open fully. VW2023 on this same computer starts to open immanently & takes 1 min, & 14 seconds to open fully. I can not figure out why the delay of anything happening after clicking on the icon
  9. I'm having issues with long start ups. It is taking 52 seconds before any see any signs of VW starting to open after clicking on the Icon, then a total of 1 min. & 45 seconds to open fully to a default file. I'm going to start making my new default files in 2024 to see if that helps. If not then a new re-install
  10. Can the View Bar be customized? I like the compact mode & with the PINed items I've turned off there is space available to make each are wider. Also can I rearrange the order of areas so I can move the Layers & Classes towards the left & Views towards the right?
  11. Now I was able to get your image on the continuous nurbs surface at 20' ht. So I can see playing the the image input size & the rendering Mapping setting to get the correct position. Attached is my file showing the continuous nurbs surface & your textured image. Thanks again for the help! 243081790_BackingSamplev2023v2022.vwx
  12. Never mind Kevin, just got the continuous nurbs surface by using the loft tool, totally forgot about using it, now trying to get your image on it. Thanks
  13. Jeff, do you remember the name of the VW University lesson for this? I've searched each one last night & still can not find anything for this. Thanks
  14. Kevin, attached is your file with my tries in creating a nurbs surface from a extruded rounded rectangle. I've tried many other ways but kept getting separate nurb surfaces for each radius/curves area & flat areas, not continuous. But I was able to split a curved rectangle & make a extrude with the curved part at each end for this is what we are going to use because to 360 one would be to expensive. With this extrude I was able to apply your textured image on the surface including the curved ends. But still would like to know how you created the continuous nurbs surface that you sent me, that I can not make happen. So attached here is your file with my extrude with image & a rounded rectangle that is were I have been starting from for you to show/explain how you got to the continuous nurbs surface. Thanks! 960373664_BackingSamplev2022.vwx
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