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  1. I finally got it to work, it was the shim gap stopping it from looking correct in 2D plan, it was correct in 3D, but also noticed the shim gap in 3D even though it was unchecked in the window options, so then I put 0" in each option & it now is correct in 2D & 3D. Thanks so much for this video, I've been asking a way to add the brick mold in 3D for many years.
  2. I do not get the same results, I can not get the brick to move past the edge of the window with either Exterior Profile Offsets set to +2" or -2" or 0". And if I add a shim gap to start the same as you the brick does not return to the sheathing. I have to use an styled window so I can get the options. I am missing something
  3. Looking for the Stage Flat Wall Styles that are shown in the VW Customer Portal Content Libraries under Architecture/Interior. They are not included in my Resource Mgr under Vectorworks Libraries - Object Styles - Walls_Slabs_Roofs. Not sure which version of VW you need to have these. Thanks!
  4. Doesn't matter anymore, everything is working better now, thanks to all!
  5. I've just updated to Quadro Pascal GP100 & removed all previous NVIDIA drivers and software. Then installed from NVIDIA web site the latest driver V. 511.79 dated 2-14-22. A day or 2 later during windows Updates it installed another NVIDIA driver. The Geforce Experience shows the driver I listed above, but Dxdiag shows V. dated 2-10-22 & my Device Mgr. shows this same different driver. How can I make sure I'm using the correct driver with out Windows 10 changing it?
  6. Having same issues. And when using the Advance Properties in the Object Info pallet to increase the hatch scale in different scale viewports I see no different until I delete the viewport & hit undo, then it comes back in as selected in the Advance settings. But sometimes get completely different hatch scale in PDFs.
  7. When exporting to a PDF of the same file; VW 2021 exports one sheet layer quickly & shows all of the hatches correctly with a file size of 928 kb VW 2022 when exporting to PDF takes a lot longer & get black screen while it is working & then the PDF does not show some hatches correctly with a file size of 17,744. I noticed this after using VW2022 on a file I started with VW2021, when I used Publish to export 10 sheet layers in one PDF it bogged down my computer & was hard to do anything with the PDF, like zoom, move around the page, or change pages. In VW2022 these 10 sheets made a PDF file size of 27,340 kb & doing the same with VW2021 I got 7,230 kb with all hatches shown correctly. I used the same export settings for both versions of VW. Is there something different with 2022 that I am missing?
  8. Using VW2021 & NVIDIA Control Panel Program Settings, see attached 3 images for settings. The perspective OpenGL viewport view is very jagged, even with the Sheet Layer Raster Rendering DPI set to 144. I have the viewport Detail Level set to high & OpenGL Options set to high & only Anti-Aliasing & Edges selected. The design layer actually looks better than the viewport. So I have reset all the NVIDIA Control Panel settings to the default with no changes and do not see any changes to the design layer & sheet layer quality. I’m trying to determine if it is just a settings issue or if I need a new graphics card, this one is about 4 years old Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Wood Scaffold Perspective.pdf
  9. JBscalia, this is some of the delay issues I'm having with VW2022. Attached is a file of a work file of a house I'm modeling. I had to copy these components into a blank file to make easier to work on that in the main model file thinking it would work faster. But no, In trying to extend the stair stringer trim, shown in red, down to the other stringer trim, shown in red, the Push Pull Tool selects the wrong face & takes time to get the correct face selected, then can not zoom in as I pull it & even the pull feature takes time to work correctly. Please if you get the chance open this file & see if you have the same delays. I'm trying to find another PC user that does not have delays like these so I can study the differences between our computer set ups. Thanks JayMilam-2021house_Model-Bldg-WORK_v2022.vwx
  10. JBscalia, I'm having this same issue in VW2022, it seems to me being a graphics issue. I've switched back to VW2021 & all of my same symbols are visible from selecting them in the Resource Browser to placing them into the walls which helps with door swing direction. With VW2022 I had to inset the door into the wall & then move it & change the swing direction I wanted. I was also getting many random black screens flashing's which I believe is related to not being able to adjust the display setting anymore. In VW 2021 I had to set the Display setting to Good Performance-Compatibility to work with minimum delays even though everyone I question says my computer should be powerful enough to run it fine. In VW2022 I was getting major delays in 2D drawing and many in 3D work. Would love to find out what in my computer is casing these graphics issues.
  11. Thanks so much for re-posting this video, now I see how to do it. Before I was making a hole in the wall with the brick mold off set & then placing the window with the brick mold attached into the opening. I knew there had to be a better way. Thanks!
  12. I'm getting lots of delays with Duplicate Array in duplicating one line to a distance, it sometimes take a count of 5 to see the new line. Getting delays with 3D work too. I'm not seeing 2d symbols after clicking on them in the Resource Browser, all I can see is a small cross hair, sometimes the symbol is not visible until I click into the drawing, on a wall or blank area. I'm also getting black outs, that last for a 5 count then the screen come back. I've had a few VW crashes & a few VW Not Responding when trying to close the program. Now that we do not have any Display Options it seems in this version of VW I do not have a powerful enough computer to push it. Yes my graphics card driver is up to date & the graphics card control panel has VW 2022 program added. After working VW2022 for about 2 weeks I'm thinking of back saving everything to use VW2021 which worked better for my computer. Any suggestions?
  13. In the door & window tools there is a Exterior & Interior Wall Detail settings. They only allow you to splay the jamb/wall edge. In all brick veneer buildings I have worked on here in USA the typical exterior details is to stop the brick back from the opening to allow for a Brick Mold to cover the window or door nailing flange. This is so you can you can remove it to remove/replace the windows. In the settings for the Ext-int Wall Details in both the window & door tool, it only allows you to splay this jamb/wall edge. This would be an easy place to have the setting to hold the brick back and a user defined distance. I could easily add the brick mold trim myself. I have mad a door & window symbol with the brick mold attached to it but this does not work well especially for the interior side, it make the opening in the wall to the exterior width of the brick mold. Am I the only person using brick mold around doors & windows in a brick veneer building?
  14. For some reason in VW2022 after selecting my 2D symbol from the Resource Browser all I see is a cross hair mouse curser until I click in the drawing area. This make is hard to put windows & doors into walls. IS there a setting for this or do I now need a more powerful graphics card for VW2022. I'm also getting a black screen on occasion & then back to original screen. I have all drivers up to date. Seems to be working now for some reason.
  15. Yes, you can export to a 3DS file & then when opening in SketchUp you will have to try the import 3D options to get the objects with out the diagonal facet on each face. You have to have both programs & in VW make a 3D square or rectangle & a sphere then export them & practice opening in SKU to get the best import options. Then you can do the reverse with same trials of export options & import options.
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