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  1. I figured it out on the computer I'm using, under the edit wall style, Edit Wall Attributes tab, Wall Caps, Use Component line attributes . Now I will see if it works on my co-workers computer
  2. Thanks for the info, yes I will be purchasing it, now if these was a way to easily add custom interior trim to window symbols with different sill & apron trim. Thanks!
  3. Will this plug in work in VW2018 ?
  4. Yes it is, but it is working fine on another computer in the office with same version of windows & vectorworks with all settings the same. Computers are both Dells & built verify similar.
  5. Have problems with door symbols inserted into component walls & not giving wall breaks even with the symbol set as full break with wall caps. It really sucks to have to add a line afterwards to both sides of each door. Any suggestions, I know I have fixed this problem before, but can not remember or do it again. Thanks!
  6. Yes I am having similar problems. Mine will not allow me to select other options for this floating data bar
  7. The 2018 floating data bar is not working correctly. It will not allow me to switch between the options on which fields that I want to see. It will not allow me to select/check mark any other option. This continued to happen after a reboot of the software & computer.
  8. Thanks Chih-Pin, Yes I saw the Use same Visibility option, but did not select it. It was working fine for some time, then with out me being aware it switch the same visibility on. I will watch out for this more. Now if I can see my grouped objects in view ports while editing them things would be great !
  9. The new Multiple View Panes is a great addition, now I can see the sheet layer view port at some time as I work on the design layer. But after using a floating View Pane slid over to a second monitor, everything work fine for the first three hours, but then when trying to change the view of the floating view pane to active only, it would not let me do it or anything, then it allowed me to change the layer & changed both view panes to the same layer, no matter what I did with either view pane. This is a great feature if it can work properly.
  10. I can see my grouped objects in a viewport until I try to edit it. It disappears until I zoom way out or hide other objects. But I can see the grouped object when moving the curser over it. This makes it harder to edit a grouped object & move in a view port with not knowing where you are in the drawing. I have tried each display performance setting & tried turning on & off the show others while in editing mode. Any suggestions ? Also, having major problems in bring the office title block in from version 2017 to 2018. Any good tutorial on how to do this ? Thanks.
  11. I've exported a house model as a sample for a new client to see what I am able to do with models now. But a porch ceiling ( a rectangle with solid fill with class & layer turned on ) and a large ground level rectangle with light green solid fill with its class & layer turned on, do not show up in the uploaded model. When exporting the upload file I have selected the ( All Visible Objects In All Layers ) & Medium quality. Any reason these two objects are not visible? Thanks!
  12. I can turn off the saved sheets but not the saved views, I use saved sheets as my final drawings for printing & saved views to find the drawing in the design layers & never print them, it would be nice to turn off the saved views so it would be easier to print the saved sheets that I want to print at that time. Thanks
  13. Oops, the top/wall styles did not export correctly, this is the correct one, I was showing them all with light grey background to show the white fills.
  14. OK, I think I finally got this figured out with the help of everybody. With using suggestions from each suggestion I am able to do what I have been trying for some time, that is to enter the same 2D door & window symbols into a single sided & double sided typical set walls. The main problem I kept having & now understand why it was not happening is to have symbol insertion wall caps with having only a solid pen style on one side of a wall, even with wall caps set to components. The only way to get a wall cap on a symbol insertion is the have the wall's attribute set to a solid pen style or the components pen style to be solid on left & right sides, with out these you get no wall caps. So now I know that the wall cap must be added to the symbols, as some suggested. Since the actual set doors & windows are in a 3/4" x 6" frame, I've drawn them to that size. It took me a while to figure out how to get each symbol to work with both wall thicknesses & allowing me to flip the symbol to either side of the wall correctly. I do not think I could have figured it out with out each of you suggestions! Thanks to all of you! I always tell all non VW users how great this forum is!