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  1. Dubman

    Top/plan panning/zooming sluggish in VW2018

    I've had to set my Navigation Graphics setting to Best Compatibility to get faster zooming on 2018 VW. Any other setting it becomes sluggish & slow
  2. turning off the Unified View is the only way I have been able to make them visible.
  3. Kevin, I can get the same to happen, when turning off the Unified View they are visible. Wish I had figured that out when having to finish a model using 3D polygons to find my points. Thanks!
  4. I have started using the 3D polygon tool & drawl a vertical line in a different color to the height I would have the 3D loci & use this point to click to in making a nurbs curve. THis is the only work around I could figure quickly to keep working in 3D
  5. Thanks Andy, I'll quit looking for another setting & just go with it!
  6. Mine was set to only in wireframe & even when setting it to always visible it is not shown
  7. Is there a setting for the 3D Locus visibility when in wireframe ? I've used it before with no problems, but now in any file I open I can not see the Locus points, if I select all then I can see a bounding box around them but not see them. I must of changed a setting accidentally for this to happen & can not find any setting for it. Thanks for any suggestions!
  8. EAlexander, Thanks! this is pretty much what I was looking for! Thanks for sharing !!!!!!!
  9. Thanks Markvl, those people are very nice & detailed. I am looking for for little detail, like an Oscar statue type, arms to the sides, almost unisex, just to represent space of a person, all white, no textures & very little detail, to mainly us in white massing models. For now I'm just using the ones I found from SketchUp & modified to min. details.
  10. Thanks Dan, I've tried those & could not find one that would resemble a choir person just standing there with their arms down to the side & could not figure out to make them as a white model, no textures and just white in color. So far the ones from SketchUp are doing fine for now. VW really needs some generic figures for scale and space planing. Thanks! Attached is a image of the two people I found and reduced the mesh size, the town in the center are the symbols I made from the outer two originals in case I needed to try something else to them.
  11. Thanks Rob, it is for choir people to see how many we need for the space and step up heights. I have found a couple from SketchUp and tried different import options, no mesh, no textures, etc. I've import 2 into a separate file & created a symbol of each after using the simplify mesh tool. This separate file with each original imported figure & a copy with simplified mesh applied and it is 12000 KB. I'm going to try these for now so my boss can have something to see by end of day. Then I will look online for low Poly count ones. Thanks!
  12. Anyone have a source for generic 3D people that have minimal details that can be imported into VW? All that I can find in the Resource Browser are way to detailed for what I need and make the file size way to big. Even SketchUp 3D people are way to detailed when imported into VW. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  13. Dubman

    How to change a nurbs curve attributes

    I figured it out how, to not select the save curve selection when creating the solid surface, so I'll get more practice in redoing the first ones I did.
  14. I have 2 nurbs curves that I created a nurbs surface. When I made these curves I used a pink line color to see it in my model & now I can not get rid of the pink lines or segment lines, even when I select on line weight they stay the same with no control on them. Is it possible to change a nurbs curve line color or weight ? And when it is converted to a surface can you do any attribute changes ? Thanks!
  15. For some reason when I export my VW files for archiving at work to a dwg file it is making many copies of the bitmap image title blocks. I have two versions of this title block on a design layer which is View ported to (4) different Sheet Layers. When I export the file the dwg creates 18 copies of this bitmap image title blocks. Does anyone know why or how to stop this? I do not see any settings in the dwg export to stop it. Thanks for any suggestions!