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  1. Dubman

    Model Set Up (Revisited for 2019)

    It is not in my DropBox, maybe somebody shared it with you.
  2. Dubman

    Export to SketchUp - 2019 VW

    Sorry cberg, I did not catch it was a plug in in Sketchup in order to do this. I'll give it a try. Thanks
  3. Dubman

    Export to SketchUp - 2019 VW

    cberg, I have SketchUp 2018 Pro & can not see the exported file FBX which becomes a 3D Object file. In SU using the import menu it will not recognize the file to import. Guess I'm going have to just edit somebody else's SU file to the existing as built conditions which will make it more fun. Thanks though
  4. Dubman

    Export to SketchUp - 2019 VW

    Thanks cberg, I just tried the first option (3DS), it took for ever to convert & a the same to get into SU, then it is very slow navigating it.
  5. Dubman

    Export to SketchUp - 2019 VW

    Thanks Zoomer, I'll try a few & see what gives the best result for my co-workers to use!
  6. I do not see the Export SketchUp in the export menu anymore. Which 3D file type works best for SketchUp ? I would really prefer to make a 3D model in VW and then export it to Sketchup for the rest of the office. Thanks
  7. Dubman

    Waht is this ?

    Thank you!!!! I could not figure what or where this came from.
  8. Dubman

    Waht is this ?

    I think I figured it out. It has something to do with the Message Center Bell icon at the top right. My question is why is it needed. I get an email when somebody replies to my post & if it is something important I check it when I get the chance. Is there a way to turn this off?
  9. Dubman

    Waht is this ?

    I have not noticed this before on my document screen, in the bottom right hand of the document window, a broken circle with a diagonal red line thru it. When I hold the curser over it I get no info on what it is. See screen capture with red circle around it.
  10. Dubman

    Eye Dropper Tool Not Working

    VW does not crash, it is just what I get in VW when I paste
  11. Dubman

    Eye Dropper Tool Not Working

    spoke to soon, copy & paste just gave me this C:\Users\mjwh5\AppData\Local\Temp\PRODUCT_NAME_UNKNOWN_CrashDumpPRODUCT_VERSION_MAJOR_UNKNOWN-PRODUCT_VERSION_MINOR_UNKNOWN-2018-10-12--08-30-44_.dmp I've contacted Microsoft & they are telling me it is a software issue. This does not happen with any of my other software
  12. Dubman

    Eye Dropper Tool Not Working

    I guess were are to work out the bugs, & so far that is what is happening. Just got the first service pack update, & now, so far Eye Dropper & copy paste is working fine. It is a great Friday !!!!!!!
  13. Dubman

    Eye Dropper Tool Not Working

    Yes, 2019 is much faster with very little lag time in refreshing & zooming. Really liking it, but having to discover the new issues. The Eye Dropper did keep working for the rest of my work day with no problems, but still having issues with copy & paste. I'll be able to keep trying it for the next 3 weeks on the job I have now working 10 hour days in 2D. So far even with the issues I am having I would recommend it over 2018
  14. Dubman

    Eye Dropper Tool Not Working

    Yes I have checked the preferences, thing is it works sometimes & sometimes not, just like my copy & paste. At first I thought it was my Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard. But same thing happens when selecting the command the the menu bar at the top & from Right Mouse Click. Right now the Eye Dropper is working better than copy paste.
  15. Dubman

    Eye Dropper Tool Not Working

    I get nothing no matter what setting I use. Anybody else having this issue ? It is working intermittently.


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