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  1. Thanks, but yes I just entered the info, so to use the Database it has to be linked to objects in the drawing file, or that is the way I understand it. I just re did the spread sheet by hand. I even tried to export it into Excel & was not able to sort of numbers there either. Go figure!
  2. I have added unit sizes and & quantities in the VW spreadsheet & now want to sort the units based on unit size. I can select the rows with the info & right mouse click to see the sort option with ascending & descending but those options are grayed out & not available. How is this suppose to work? How can I reorganize the list in ascending order? I can not find anything on this under the spread sheet help nor in the VW help, but I can see the option I want to use and can not select it. Thanks for any suggestion!
  3. Michaelk, who are you asking n example of ? Also, in the examples above the plans do not match the elevations, in plan I see a window sash, frame & some type of trim that looks to be flush with the surface of the brick, this trim coulb be a brick mold, but it would be back at the wall over the window flange it it has one or just to cover the gap between the brick veneer & wall sheathing. I'm trying to find my brick mold at window section detail, once I do it will be posted. See attached PDF for section details from Pella window manufacture, but typical wood or rot resistant brick mold, like from home depot is different, see second attached PDFBrick Mold Details - Pella Windows.pdf EC Moulding Brick Mold.pdf
  4. I'm using a computer at an architects office and am crashing more than the other 4 users, their PC computers are not all built exactly the same. I have made sure the video card driver is updated & all essential windows updates are done & still up to three crashes in a 8 hour day. See attached reliability report screen print. Since it is a very small file I am going to make a new one & copy paste objects from design layer to the new file design layer & remake my view ports to see if this helps. Any suggestions ? Cash report.pdf
  5. I agree, three crashes yesterday & so far before noon two more crashes, and what good is it to save when it does not save what you did after opening the crashed file, It do no good to have auto back up to every second or every operation. I'm in a very small file, two design layers & three sheet layers of a small floor plan & elevations. This is happening with or with out floating panes which I first thought was the cause. Also after opening the crashed file, it opened the floating pane with a different view in each, when I clicked on the main screen it changed the floating pane to the same view, then when I zoomed in it zoomed both panes & constantly changed the view in the floating pane. I am going to rebuild this file in case of corruption. Glad I get paid by the hour & not the job!
  6. With this tool we use to be able to connect multiple lines to a boundary object with out have to click on each line to connect after selecting the boundary line & for some reason I can not get it to work that way. It has been a while I did this & can not remember how to make it happen. Is this possible with this tool ? In VW help it does not show that it is possible any more. With out this option it make you do many clicks. Thanks! We figured it out, go figure you have to select the lines first then select the single line connect option, then select the boundary object. Do they do this on purpose to confuse the user ?
  7. I had his problem before & if I remember correctly it had to do with screen resolution, try different ones & see if that helps.
  8. So far after changing it to Best Performance & Compatibility no problems. Only other problem but have not tried since this change is adding a symbol in a viewport & then flipping it vertically, everything was fine until I reopened the file later I could not see the flipped symbol, after clicking annotation of the viewport I could tell it moved far left way off the sheet size and line and text objects separated. So I converted it to a group to look like the symbol but flipped. I know you should be able to do this in a viewport, not just design layers.
  9. Thanks, I had the computer at the office set at Best Compatibility , I will switch it now.
  10. I'm noticing more VW crashing/stopped working while in floating panes, especially when trying to edit a symbol. Also in floating pane view port, editing grouped objects do not show unless you zoom in & out . But if I ungroup the object to edit it, is works fine. Does the floating pane require two graphics cards ? Also what is a maximum file size that VW can handle with out crashing ? The office I'm in now is having crashing problems with two or three large files open at same time.
  11. Yes our office has had crashing too, most computers have SP1 installed & some do not. I have had a few lockups, when having 3 large files open & using floating Pane, it will not show the Navigation Pallet correctly. That is when I close VW & reboot the PC, afterwards, it works fine.
  12. So you do not use a brick mold on sides & top? If the window has a wall flange for nailing to the face of the wall I usually use a brick mold so if you have to you can replace the window, unlike my house which they have bricked over this flange & will make if more work to cut out the windows for replacement. I always had problems in showing the brick mold using the window tool, for the had no option except to splay the exterior wall finish which I have never done to any building. !Looks great @
  13. Is there a way to disable the Warning Dialog box the required me to select OK each time I copy an annotation object from one file into another when I have the annotation class visible while adding annotation to mu current file. It is doing this each time I copy a call out tool text object from one file into another and both have the annotation class visible. It is a annoying additional click that is not needed. I understand if the class of the object I am pasting is a different class to give the warning, but these are not.
  14. I'm having not flipped text issues, made a 2d symbol of an elevation call out & when I flip it to the other side of the building the text is up side down, this is with the adjust flipped text selected. I did not notice this in 2017. I'll submit it as a bug if I can figure out where to do it. I figured out that it works in design layers but not view ports!
  15. I'm having not flipped text issues, made a 2d symbol of an elevation call out & when I flip it to the other side of the building the text is up side down, this is with the adjust flipped text selected. I did not notice this in 2017. I'll submit it as a bug.