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    Looks like you are only running 1gig of ram, just enough for the operating system, so you need upgrade, 4gigs is useful, but I believe that windows only addresses 3 gigs of ram regardless I am finding that SP3 is stable
  2. You could make a symbol of everything, make a 0 extrude copy of what you need to seen then when you view the symbol in 3d you would lose all the text etc
  3. Can you put in your profile? Do you have renderworks? I would just use the saved views command, and then a worksheet for all the necessary information Hope this helps
  4. Why upgrade to 11.5, go to 2008, its not an expensive upgrade.
  5. Yes you can, what is happening is that the keynotes appear out of sight, as the sheet layer is 1:1. Once established and found you can then add to it at will. HTH By the way I found it by doing a fit to objects search!!!!
  6. Just edit the dims class, select your line thickness then tick the use at creation box
  7. This is normally a pc graphics card issue, I've seen it plenty of times, never on a Mac.
  8. You could do 2 viewport sections with projection selected "Oblique Cabinet Projection" or one of the others avialable and match them up to how you want them HTH
  9. Bin that version and buy a new one!!
  10. Just tried what you have done, and no problems. Is the pdf in a hidden class or does the file to print have the VP pdf layer hidden?
  11. Go to File>Document Settings>Document Preferences>Display and deselect black and white only
  12. Export as a 3ds file, and when you import the 3DS file in SU under options select "merge coplanar faces" and you are done!
  13. Just create a viewport with all the design layers and that can be read by Acad
  14. Are you using the Architect Workspace? The pdf import is a specific menu item in the import menu. The pdf import plug-in is in the plugins folder.
  15. In the About VW pane it will state the number of days left
  16. Artlantis Studio 2, with a VW 2008 plug in. Simple interface and also you can update your VW file, without having to redo, as in SMax. Allows you to do renders, animations, QuickTime VR animations, Parallel views (Elevations & Plans) and sections Works on a Mac or Pc, better on a Mac!!
  17. I always click on the pan tool for a force video refresh, if a graphic element has decided not to update. Has one of your classes/layers and symbols managed to get the same name?
  18. Are you on fundamentals or architect, you need at least architect to have the Stack Layers command
  19. I just keep 2 copies of my all my workspaces, as I am often plugging into a projector which completely stuffs the settings. It means when I unplug the proj I just use my second copy workspace. Easy!
  20. 17" MacBook Pro, High resolution screen 512MB VRAM, matt not glossy screen, 7200rpm hard drive, fast external hard drive, 4GB ram This machine will drive upto a 30 inch monitor. Plug in a numeric keypad Just done a cinebench test with my laptop versus a HP workstation laptop and the MBP was 40% faster on the same test series. (My machine is now a year old and this was a brand new HP) The new MBPs are even faster!! An added bonus is that this screen is big enough for 1080 HD video straight from the camera, resolution 1920x1080 Finally the MBP is much lighter than its PC counterparts.
  21. Are you using solid addition and then using the fillet edge tool? I am making a rectangular solid and a slightly smaller rod, using fillet edge tool in the 3D modelling palette seem to work fine, do you want to post your file?
  22. If you go to the menu View>Rendering>OpenGL Options you can improve the resolution. Also go to File>Documents>DocPrefs>Resolution you can also set the quality there HTH
  23. Just think SketchUp 3D dimensioning here
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