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  1. Thanks, Pat, for weighing in. No, I'm running current hard- and software. Just been a minute since I updated my profile. We've never been able to track the core problem(s) down. Luckily, I'd shared my workspace with a colleague who'd done only minor modications. I had her send me a copy which works as expected. Solved my problem and I'm back in business. Now for the weird part: when I sent her the 'broken' workspace from my system, it works fine on hers. When she sends it back, it's still broken on mine. (yes, we renamed the file each time so we could keep track of it) Maybe somethings are better left a mystery?
  2. Tried all three suggestions and still no joy in 'my' workspace. If I switch to another workspace such as the default Architect, all the pallets work as expected but I'm (nearly) lost otherwise because things/menus/etc aren't where I'm accustomed. I originally customized from one of the default workspaces, but it was probably back in v8 or something. I've modified it to suit my workflow gradually since and hoping to not have to start over. Of course 😉
  3. Suddenly, in my preferred workspace, the OIP has not only disappeared but the menu selection has also gone gray. Perhaps I've accidentally typed some key combination? Help!
  4. I'm running VW20. I duplicate the Framing Take-Off worksheet in the RM, rename it, then bring an image of the duplicated copy right onto the Design Layer (for now). See that it's still counting a 2x10 from the Framing Layer AND all the decking from this layer. I open the Database Criteria and see that it's set to the DeckSurface layer but still counting framing from the Structure layer. (other than the one 2x10, the Structure layer is empty) I click More Choices and further restrict the criteria to Framing Members. Then click OK which closes the Criteria window. I then select Edit-Recalculate Active Worksheet and... nothing changes. I reopen the Database Criteria window to discover the parameters have reverted back to where I started. I'm obviously missing something!
  5. I have a very simple take-off worksheet that counts the number of Framing Member items on a specific design layer. I duplicate the worksheet, rename it, then go into the database criteria to change the Layer to a new design layer. However, the change doesn't seem to stick: the new worksheet still counts the items from the original design layer. If I want to save changes in a spreadsheet cell, I click the green checkmark. Is there something similar I'm missing that triggers a 'save' in the database criteria window?
  6. Did anyone perhaps find a solution to Jeff's 'bug'? I've just had the same thing happen to me. Once it happens in a file, I find it sticks and haven't found a way to drag it to unstuck! I open another file, even during the same session, and fillets/chamfers work. But not on the stuck file. It seems likely there's a setting (did I mistakenly press the wrong combination of keys?) that can be triggered to lock all extrudes. Any help would be wonderful!
  7. Peter, I very much want to do exactly what you describe: have two textures with the wood grain at 90° to each other. I can duplicate a RW texture, but don't see how to rotate the orientation. Help?
  8. I hadn't explored the menu quite deeply enough. I had to turn on the dual plane option so the menu gave me both choices. Thanks for your reply.
  9. How do I change the default Plane for new 2D elements drawn in 3D views? On the Object Info pallet the Plane menu allows (generally) for both 3D and Screen. Surely there's a way to toggle the default so one doesn't have to make the change on the pallet for every new element. I suspect this is fairly simple, but it's eluding me today!
  10. I can confirm that VW2015 runs fine on OS High Sierra (10.12.6). I don't have a copy of VW2014 to test. My copy, however, is not available.
  11. Thanks, both. Yes, VW is quitting normally/successfully. I tried dragging the preferences file out onto the desktop, launched VW (same 2/3 window), resized the window to take up 95% of the screen; quit; relaunched: same 2/3-sized window. (things that make you scratch your head and say choice words) I'll try tech support. Oddly, when I launched VW18 the first time it opened a full-screen window. I thought, 'Great. Problem solved.' Then, I converted a couple files forward from VW17 and the 2/3-glitch came with. To stay. :\
  12. About half way through this year, my default drawing window—regardless what file I open, even creating a new document—is about 2/3 wide across my screen rather than full size. So, I grab the bottom right corner and drag it across and go to work. It's driving me crazy, mostly because it hasn't always been like this. I'm sure I've 'stored' some kind of default somewhere, but I'll be switched if I can figure out where. Perhaps in my custom workspace? If so, I can't seem to figure how to set it back. Any help much appreciated!
  13. Peter sometimes has all the good ideas.
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