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  1. Whenever I export a vwx file to dwg, it always saves it in a contents folder under vectorworks 8 with a default name of MacOS.dwg even when I give a different name and location. I use Vectorworks 8 on Mac. Has anyone come across a situation like there? Please help. Thanks
  2. Does anyone know how to change the line weight of doors in resouce browser? Do we need to edit a door from door setting/view and create a symbol? Please help. Thanks.
  3. Has anyone come across a problem with scale with pdfs converted from vectorworks file? Whether through pdf export command or a pdf conversion software. I am experiencing this problem, the pdf conversions, when scaled comes out smaller. For exmaple, the dimension stringer shows 12'-6", if I scale it, it scales to 12'-0". I checked the print percentage and all is set to 100%. Please let me know if anyone knows how to fix this. Thanks
  4. I have it checked off. I tried checking in on but doesn't make any difference. The reason its checked off is to view Graphite font. If its checked on than Graphite font appears as Arial.
  5. I am using VectorWorks 2008 on windows XP. Whenever I zoom in and out the drawing looks pixlated for a moment. Has anyone encountered a simmilar problem? Please help.
  6. Thanks a lot....this has solved a lot of issues....
  7. I am having problem viewing GraphMM (its an adobe graphite) front in Vectorworks 2008. It shows up as Ariel. Also while opening a Vectorworks 12 file in 2008 sometimes GraphMM gets converted into random squares and Asterisk. Please help.
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